Slappa's Thongs

Wear an Advanced Australian Pair

Australian’s all let us rejoice, our thongs make us feel free!

Yeah OK, maybe that’s a bit corny but hey, we are talking about some seriously comfortable and locally designed foot hugs here.

Why ‘An Advanced Australian Pair’? We often get asked are our Slappa’s Thongs manufactured here in Australia… well unfortunately, no they are not.

Why? Because there isn’t a single manufacturer on shore with the machinery capable of producing EVA foam thongs.

So, why is EVA foam so important and how is it different to rubber?

Well, foam manufactured with EVA resins has many physical benefits. Unlike a sponge, foams from this process are closed-cell, meaning it’s waterproof and resists mould, mildew and bacteria from entering the material.

It is also cross-linked, which means that the cells are connected in a way that makes the foam strong and durable with high tear and tensile strength.

All polyolefin elastomers are also resistant to most chemicals, which allow the products to not only be used in a chemical environment, but also very cleanable with most household cleaners.

You see, the quality and durability of your Slappa’s can only be guaranteed through this manufacturing method and we are committed to producing the highest quality, most durable and comfortable thongs you will ever wear.

Slappa’s Thongs are designed here for Australian conditions and founder and Managing Director, Denise Dunn, hails from Fannie Bay in the NT.

You don’t get much more Aussie than that!

Our family-owned and operated business started at the Mindil Beach Sunset markets in 2010 and has been servicing Australia from Darwin ever since.

So, when you are looking to wear the most comfortable, durable and Aussie designed thongs on the market, do yourself (and your feet) a favour and Wear an Advanced Australian Pair!