Slappa's Thongs

Find Your Perfect Fit Thongs

Finding the right fit for flip-flops is essential for comfort, foot health, and stability. Properly fitting flip-flops prevent blisters, arch pain, and slips, ensuring your feet are well-supported and comfortable during wear.

Understanding Comfort

Comfort in everyday footwear is vital for preventing foot pain and enhancing overall well-being. If the footwear you are wearing is not fitted correctly for you this can lead to other discomforts and long-term pain. The design of Slappa’s Thongs along with using premium EVA materials allows your feet to mould into the thongs so they take on your foot shape. As you mould into them the arch support in the thongs will push up into the arch of your foot providing the perfect support for your foot shape without causing pain.

Fitting Guide

To ensure you order the correct size measure a pair of your existing thongs, flip flops or sandals from the big toe to the middle of the back of the heel or to where the heel of your foot sits in the thongs – refer to illustration below. Compare your measurement to our Slappa’s Thongs size chart.

Note: Do not measure your foot itself as this will result in incorrect sizing. Slappa’s need to fit firm as they will give a little once moulded to your feet.

Fitting width

Slappa’s Thongs are designed to fit both narrow and wide feet. It’s normal for the outside edge of the foot to slightly overhang. AS you mould into Slappa’s Thongs the thongs will push out around your feet to take on your foot shape. Despite this, Slappa’s Thongs rarely fail to fit, even with bunions as the straps can be moulded to accommodate your bunion. The key is that they are comfortable and the arch support is positioned correctly.

Fitting Length

For the correct size, ensure your feet fit within the thongs without your heel hanging over the edge. A slight gap of 1-2mm at the back is fine, as Slappa’s Thongs will stretch and lengthen over time.

  • A 3-5mm gap at the back indicates the thongs are too big.
  • If your feet push through and hang over the front with a gap at the back, they are too big.
  • If your heel hangs over the back, they are too small.

Slappa’s Thongs Sizing Chart

EU34 | 225mm3
EU35 | 232mm4
EU36 | 238mm5
EU37 | 245mm6
EU38 | 252mm7
EU39 | 258mm86
EU40 | 265mm97
EU41 | 271mm108
EU42 | 278mm119
EU43 | 285mm1210
EU44 | 291mm1311
EU45 | 298mm1412
EU46 | 305mm1513
EU47 | 315mm1614


Slappa’s Thongs have built-in arch support and are designed to support and mould to your feet. In the beginning your Slappa’s may feel a little different to other flip flops; they may feel tighter or firmer than you’re used to, but this ensures proper support. They will soften and mould to your feet and soon you’ll never want to take them off! 

Here are some tips to help you soften and mould your Slappa’s more quickly. 

For more information you can visit the FAQ’s section on our website: 

Wear your Slappa’s in the shower – The hot water will soften the EVA foam and when you move your feet around in them it will gently stretch the material. 

Place your Slappa’s outside in sunlight for 5 – 10mins to warm them up and make the foam more malleable then place on your feet (check they’re not too hot first!) and walk around in them. 

If the toe piece or straps are too tight you can loosen them by gently massaging with your fingers and stretching the foam very carefully (Note: never pull on the straps or toe piece and always support the join areas so you don’t snap/break straps), or wear socks with them at home. The above instructions apply should your Slappa’s feel too firm.

Key Features

Slappa’s Thongs feature thicker straps and a raised ridge for better support, a higher heel-to-toe area for improved alignment, and a strong, molded one-piece toe piece. Built-in arch support ensures comfort as they mold to your feet. Durable and lightweight, they may feel firmer initially but will soon provide unmatched comfort.