Slappa's Thongs

Afterpay Australian Fashion Week

“I crave a love so deep; the ocean would be jealous.”

This quote, from Chilean poet Pablo Neruda, captures the spirit of Karla Spectic’s 2022 Fashion Week Collection, Oasis Resort 23.

“The Collection narrative is driven by the desire to escape to an oasis, experiencing tropical bliss in a faraway place,” says Karla. “I want to evoke that feeling you have after a day at a beautiful beach, with aqua water and white sand, you’re dressed for the evening, relaxed and glowing.”

This year, again, we’ll see Australian footwear brand, Slappa’s Thongs adorning the feet of our models.

“I use my moods, feelings and what I’m experiencing in life for inspiration. This collection is about connection and change.”

Right now, I feel really safe, with a sense of nurture, ease, and trust … there’s an abundance of love, light, clarity and new beginnings.

“So ‘Oasis’ works on multiple levels. It’s about a loving oasis I’m experiencing full of emotion and a connection to the ocean. I’m moving away from the ocean soon and that change is bitter-sweet. It makes me so happy that my manifestations are within reach, as I embrace a newfound appreciation for Australia’s coastline” she says.

The Oasis Resort 23 story starts with strong confident, sensual blacks, including a stylised shark silhouette. That progresses into bodycon, clean shapes of shells, in a monochrome and pastel palette.

“Georgette dresses have a body-hugging fluid flow and are reminiscent of anemones, coral and seaweed, refined into simple shapes,” she says.

Sheer bodycon unitards, leggings and bodysuits serve as second skin layers worn underneath more special pieces. Sleeves are long, fitted and cover the hand mimicking a sleek sea creature. Soft tailoring, with organic shapes and cut-outs, are a Karla Spetic signature detail, present in all her work.

“It’s really wearable and easy. I wanted this to be less conceptual and more wearable, although it’s still compatible with individualism.”

“The story moves from black and white into a greeny-grey colour, a washed-out blue, followed by a pop of aqua, which then finishes in an optimistic, soft pink. This year, again, we’ll see Australian footwear brand, Slappa’s Thongs adorning the feet of our models.

“I want to keep it consistent, with colour block stories in cohesive shades, as the models own the runway. It’s quite fluid, with long and short lengths, and an aquatic, sporty vibe. It’s resort, it’s fresh. It’s modern. The hair is going to be natural, fall on the face as if you’ve emerged from the water in the garment.”

Matthew Ashton, Hair Director, is working with the Artègo creative team and products, to execute the look.

The skin will be dewy, natural and prepped by Australian made and results driven brand, Synergie Skin, to ensure our models faces are beautifully fresh for the makeup. Australian makeup favourite, Coral Colours, will be used for the makeup and directed by Makeup Director, Corinna Wilmshurst.

Karla believes beauty comes from confidence, and she is excited to partner with Lovehoney.

“It’s like being in a dreamy calm after the storm, where everything falls into place. That is what I wanted to capture with this Collection. I’m delighted with how it came together and thrilled to be showing it to the world at Fashion Week.”