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The Best Laksa In Darwin

The best comfort food you can get in Darwin is “Laska” eat it Breakfast, Lunch or Dinner.

If you don’t know what a Laska is and have been to Darwin well you better get on the next plane back to Darwin! You’ve missed Mary’s famous Laska at Parap Markets.

A laska is a spicy Malaysian soup made from Asian spices, chilli, candlenuts, and coconut milk, served over homemade rice noodles, lettuce and your choice of toppings.

For well over 20 years people have flocked to Parap Markets to enjoy one of Mary’s delicious laskas.

Whatever time you arrive expect a line up. They are usually pretty quick but if you have to wait it’s WORTH IT. My mouth is watering just thinking about it.

Mary has an amazing memory she can remember which soup you order if you want chilli and coriander and even if you haven’t ordered for 2 years or more she rarely gets it wrong.

I have a friend who hasn’t lived in Darwin for 10 years and Mary said when she saw him “Oh I haven’t seen you for awhile? You still want chicken laska, chilli, coriander?”

Which is what he always ordered!

There are many different Laska’s to choose from chicken, beef, veggie, seafood, BBQ pork, wonton or they are happy to create your own personal Laska.

Love it or hate it every laska comes with a piece of tofu which looks like a sponge. This is my favourite part as the tofu collects all the flavours of the rich spicy coconut soup.

Mary does not just serve Laska’s but also noodle soup which you can also choose to have beef, chicken, wontons, seafood, vegies or a combination.

You must also try Mary’s mothers green pawpaw salad made fresh when you order. Paw Paw’s are grated and then pounded in a large mortar and with a wooden pestle. Fish sauce, peanuts, chilli, tomatoes, garlic, lime juice and brown sugar is added and pounded together. The amount of chilli added is how hot you like it. Medium is 2 birds eye chillies.

So what are you doing next Saturday? I’ve talked myself into a Chicken Laska chilli & coriander!!

See you at Darwin’s Parap Markets and in the meantime, let me know your favourite place for a delicious laksa.