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Postage Deadline 2021

We’ve made shopping for Christmas gifts for men this year super easy. Our men’s arch support thongs come in a variety of sizes and colours and will make the perfect gift for this year’s stockings or for under the Christmas tree.

The thing about men’s thongs is that most men only care about their thongs being comfortable. That’s where we come in. Waterproof and suitable to wear in the wet, they are perfect for the beach, fishing, boating or just about anywhere else. And as Santa will be in charge of picking the style you will never have to be embarrassed for him 🙂

Slappa’s thongs are durable and many of our customers have commented on how long they lasted for them. This makes them great value for money in comparison to cheaper thongs you can pick up at your local store. Unlike cheap thongs, Slappa’s thongs plugs don’t pull out. With all of that being said, as you consider asking Father Christmas to bring a pair of thongs this upcoming Christmas season here are the three main things to look for:

  1. The Shoe Size

Obviously getting the shoe size right isn’t just limited to buying arch support thongs for men. You also have to consider this when purchasing other types of footwear such as boots and sneakers but it is even more important for thongs. Slappa’s Thongs are made firm, but as you mould into them they will soften and mould to your foot shape. The straps will loosen and the thongs will give a little in length. So we recommend you fit Slappa’s firm to allow for this and then they will be a perfect fit and give you the best comfort, fit and support.

  1. The Colour

What colour do they like? Is he the type that doesn’t care or only accepts that specific colour? What do they wear on a regular basis? Keep an eye on our shop because soon we will add more colours to the collection.

  1. Underlying Conditions

Perhaps most crucial in your decision to gift arch support thongs this year has to do with his health. Slappa’s arch support thongs can help relieve pain for people with ankle, heel or foot problems as well as pains in the back or knees. It has brought customers relief with alignment issues and brought comfort to people suffering from conditions such as diabetic neuropathy, morton’s neuroma and plantar fasciitis.

Be considerate about your choice of thongs and go for the therapeutic variants that will support the foot arch and lessen any chronic pain. 

In summary, before buying a pair, consider the shoe size, the colour, and the possible therapeutic benefits.

A pair of men’s thongs would probably be one of the best gifts that you can give this holiday season. Not only is it a practical and timely gift with summer around the corner, but he will love the comfort that our arch support thongs provide.

Wait…. Our thongs aren’t just for Men! They have been designed so everyone can wear them. Perhaps Santa or Father Christmas can bring you and your partner, friend or family members a matching pair and you’ll qualify for free parcel post shipping Australia wide. 

If you are looking for the best arch support thongs for men in the market today, look no further than our selections here at Slappa’s Thongs.