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We're here to help you get the most from your Slappa's Thongs. See some common questions and answers by using the search feature or browsing through our topics below. If you can't find the information you're looking for send us an email and we'll respond as soon as we can.

Do you offer any other styles or only thongs?

We do get asked often to make other styles. Currently we are so busy with our thongs that we only offer the one style.

We do have lots of customers who buy Slappa’s Thongs when they normally can’t wear this style; our thongs are made from EVA foam which is very soft between the toes and doesn’t cause friction like rubber thongs which can cause rubbing.

What if the colour I want isn’t available in my size?

If your size doesn’t appear in the options on your preferred colour or if the size is disabled (out of stock) it means that we don’t have that colour/size combination available.

We don’t currently allow backorders of products but you are welcome to send us an email letting us know which colour and size you weren’t able to buy and we’ll add this to our list of requests for the next production.

Please note we aren’t always able to produce every size and colour combination, but we appreciate you letting us know what there is demand for.

Will you be phasing out the ‘Original’ Slappa’s?

Yes the moulds for the Originals are too old now which is why we upgraded to the new moulds and higher quality material. We will continue to sell Original Slappa’s until we run out of stock; they are available in limited colours and sizes.

What is the difference between the ‘Originals’ and the ‘Essentials’ Slappa’s?

Our new and improved 'Essentials' range of Slappa’s were released in November 2018 and are slightly longer around the toes and a tiny bit wider allowing us to fit even more people into Slappa’s. We have made sure these adjustments only affect the shape of the thongs not the size though so you can continue to order the same size as before.

Another improvement we made was to the actual EVA material; Slappa’s are now much softer to start with, they don’t feel as tight, and they mould to your feet almost instantly!

I’ve purchased Slappa’s before but can’t remember what size I am?

If you bought your last pair online simply email us: with your first name, last name and email address and we’ll let you know what size you ordered previously.

If you purchased from a stockist we aren’t able to look up your past orders via our system but one trick is to use a wet cloth to wipe over the circle with the size in it on the bottom of your Slappa’s; it will help the numbers appear even if they’ve been faded away.

What is the best way to work out my correct size?

To ensure your Slappa’s Thongs ‘fit like a glove’ we recommend that you download our size chart.

The alternative method is to measure your existing thongs from the Big Toe to the middle of the back of the heel or to where the heel of your foot sits in the thongs (see image below). Our sizes are listed in cms on the website. Please also take the time to read our Terms and Conditions prior to placing your order.

Do you have kids sizes?

Our sizing starts from Size 34, so kids from about the age of 6 can wear Slappa’s Thongs.

What sizes do Slappa’s thongs come in?

Slappa’s Thongs are available in;

  • European Sizes 34 – 47
  • Australian Sizes 4 – 15

They are unisex to suit both women and men. Simply refer to our official Slappa's Thongs sizing chart. These can also be converted to UK & US sizes.