A few comments from our happy customers

Sole Therapy has been working closely with Denise and Slappas Thongs for several years now. Sole Therapy is a podiatry-based business that specializes in podiatry, biomechanics, orthoses and footwear since 2008. We pride ourselves in finding and sourcing good value and quality products that we can sell to our clients here at the practice. Slappas Thongs have been a great produce for us to stock. Our practice model is based around helping individuals love their body from the sole up. Most of our clients seek our services because they have foot, leg, knee and back discomfort. Slappas mould to your feet with great arch support and highly recommend them to anyone. In particular those who are experiencing heel pain and those that wear orthoses and looking for a summer alternative.

Nicole Reilly | Director & Accredited Podiatrist, Sole Therapy (NSW)

I just have to say thank you, thank you, thank you.  I’ve just received my (first) pair of Slappas and they’re already on my feet.  Already, my flat footsies are feeling grateful for thongs with arch support again.

But I just couldn’t believe how quickly they arrived!  Being in remote WA, I wasn’t expecting them until next week, but they’ve arrived in time to save me from aching feet when I go camping this weekend.  3 working days is world record time here.

I’ve got to tell you, I was a massive fan of the Ipanema anatomic thongs (mine recently finally died), but your Slappas leave them for dead for comfort.  The fact that they are also made out of recycled materials, you obviously have a social conscience AND you’re an Australian company – tick in every box for me.  Great work.  This will not be my last pair.

Kath Esperence | Customer (SA)

I just wanted you to know that I am absolutely delighted with my new thongs. Very comfortable and they don’t look like granny shoes as does most of the orthotics.

Pat | Customer (WA)

We were skeptical at first how Slappa’s would go. Now after 2.5 years of constantly wearing them, and walking miles both here and overseas in them, we know these are BRILLIANT. Took all this time to get a bit thin, but they are still perfect for home use. Just bought new ones as we will always take these with us when going overseas, and expect many more miles of use. Comfort with support is perfect, and so lightweight. Closest you can get to nothing on your feet. And a great company to deal with as well, you cannot go wrong. Cannot recommend highly enough. Thanks so much Slappa’s

Glynis | Customer (NT)

I thought I would send you a quick report on my new Slappas Thongs They are really good! Much more comfortable than ordinary thongs. The arch support is just about right for my foot and they fit perfectly After I have them on for a while my foot really molds into them and a perfect solution for my Plantar Fasciitis as can wear them with my foot unstrapped (blessed relief). They are easy to slip on around the house and I also wear them out to informal places as they look nice on too. I have recommended them to my friend who also has Plantar Fasciitis. I will come and buy some more colours later.

Rebecca | Customer (NT)

Hi Denise, Thank you very much for the thongs! To Give you little idea of how much I think of your product… Today, they are not only allowing idiots to survive, they are actually creating rules (OH&S) to allow then to thrive. This vexes me highly!

I first came across your product in Darwin at the Mindil Markets. I can’t remember the actual price at the time, but I do remember thinking it was unrealistic – way too expensive! You could go to K Mart and get a set of thongs for $5.00, what were Slappa’s thinking?

As my darling and I wander around the markets, I started to reconsider. The product must be better than the original Japanese Safety Boot. It has arch support, the straps can’t pull out, it is just a matter of how well they last?

I bought a pair; I have not been more impressed with a single product for a long time. It has the extra support and it works, they are much more comfortable than a simple safety boot. The colour combination was/is good. They have lasted – (better than I would ever have believed) – I live in Alice Springs and 2 years later they are thin as, but still working. For anything to survive 2 years in Alice Springs is a statement in itself. I wear them everywhere and I mean everywhere! For anyone who is into Japanese safety boots (and even if you are not) Slappa’s are hard to beat!

Wonderful product.

Rick | Customer (NT)

A Big THANKS for including an extra pair of thongs! Unexpected but appreciated when the express post was delivered today. A happy 2014 and thanks again for supplying a terrific product.

Ben | Customer (QLD)

Thanks for sending so promptly, made it in time for our Queensland Holiday. BEST THONGS EVER!!!! Merry Christmas and a Happy and successful New Year.

Wendy & Geoff | Customers (VIC)

Hi Denise, my name is Toni, I purchased a pair of thongs this afternoon for my self and a pair for hubby. I have been wearing mine since and they are the ants pants……and hubby’s fit perfect. Looking forward to getting some more in different colours.

Toni | Customer (NT)

Thanks for sponsoring our team the “Shorefooted Slappas”, in the “Barra Bass and Bream Digest Harbourmasters Invitational 2013. The bright matching purple numbers certainly got noticed! Rog was most impressed with their grip on the slippery boat ramp and how good his feet felt after a long day on the water. We managed to land 2 barra, 3 bream, 4 catfish, 1 shark, 1 trevally and hooked and lost another 8 barras. Alas, not good enough for a podium finish this year.

Roger and Glenn | Customers (WA)

To Roger and Denise. Yes, the thongs arrived yesterday, thank you very much. They are just great and sizes perfect. Can’t wait to show off to friends and family. We will definitely be getting more once we find out sizes for the rest of the family.

Margot and John | Customers (NSW)

I have not been able to wear thongs since I was a kid and while on holidays in Darwin I had some shoes on that I was getting sore feet from. We stopped at you store at Mindil Beach Markets where I got a pair of Slappa’s. They felt good when I tried them on and seriously I haven’t had them off my feet since. They have travelled to Bali with me (late last year), Fiji with me (this year) and ready to go to Bali again (next week) they are my new travel companion!

Claire | Customer (VIC)

Hi Denise and Roger. Just to let you know we got the Slappa’s and they are so comfortable and a great fit for both Chris and myself.

Lorelei | Customer (NSW)

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