Slappa's Thongs


Last year I did a special blog to give you a sneak peek behind the scenes, talking about the production of Slappa’s and my choice to have them produced in China.

Doing business with China means entering a totally different world, and it’s one I have been a part of for the last 8 years.

It’s been a very steep and interesting learning curve for me!  And one of the biggest hurdles was coming to understand our cultural differences.

Tomorrow, 16th February heralds in the Chinese New Year of the Dog, and in Australia, our Chinese community does offer some wonderful celebrations. Being in Darwin we’re blessed to have the Chung Wah Society that promotes Chinese culture, including the traditional blessings of the homes and shops, exchange of red packets along with lion and dragon dancers.

However, it was only when I started to manufacture Slappa’s in China that I realised the enormity of the festival. Understanding the impact of Chinese festivals is essential to planning the production of Slappa’s – and I have been caught short a few times!

Chinese New Year is HUGE.

It’s the most important holiday in China. The factory where I manufacture closes down for a month and all the workers travel back to their villages to celebrate with family.

It’s a compulsory government holiday and in some factories, even the electricity gets turned off so production has to stop and everyone gets to go on holiday.

This of course means over the years Chinese New Year has become one of the most important dates on my calendar. In order to provide timely orders and keep stock to date, it has to be!

So as Chinese New Year is upon us, I wish you gong hei fat choy.

Thongs On!


P.S. This is the Year of the Dog – if you want to look up your Chinese Zodiac year you can find it here.