Slappa's Thongs


Will the simple handshake be consigned to a form of greeting and social interaction from a bygone era?  And will the less formal celebratory “high five” meet the same fate?

The Covid-19 pandemic has forced us all to act, think, and live differently.

Yes, we have had to adapt, but us Aussies are a resilient bunch.

It’s some of the small things (and not so small things) that I’m sure many of us are missing and perhaps in the past have taken for granted. But on the other side of this, we do have the opportunity to enjoy and appreciate some of the simple pleasures in life.

There are so many things that I am looking forward to doing; the chance to catch up with friends over a beer or wine at the local looks even more attractive than before. A backyard BBQ with a bunch of mates with some late-night karaoke sounds mighty fine too.

To hang over the fence and cheer my kids on as they pump those legs to exhaustion on their racing bikes, or to simply sit back and kick up my feet (with my Slappa’s on of course) and watch a sporting event on the telly.

I miss watching a movie at the local cinema too, yes of course we have numerous video streaming options, but the cinema is…well, just different.

Markets are so special to us too. The vibe, the joy, the interaction with so many different people; it’s something that we really look forward to.

Appreciate your local market, it offers a communal experience and gathering of an eclectic mix of wonderful people like no other.

The ability to once again socialize more closely with the elderly is something to cherish.

For many of us, the opportunity to have a touch of beauty “maintenance” won’t go astray either.

Group fitness and yoga classes where communal sweat is commonplace will take on a whole new level of sensory enlightenment.

Simply engaging in water cooler “chat” at the office is something that I’m sure many will be looking forward to as well.

Bustling your way through a horde of shoppers at the local mall may just be a nicer experience than the one some of us dreaded previously.

To hug a newborn baby, attend an Anzac Day ceremony, enjoy a meal at our favourite restaurant, a birthday gathering, not having to plan toilet paper and sanitizer usage, getting the laptop and work files off the kitchen table, to enjoy a picnic at the park, ride public transport, jump on a plane and head interstate or overseas for a holiday, there is so much to appreciate and look forward to.

I’m going to take this as an opportunity to “smell the roses”, appreciate what we have and what we will have in the future, remember, us Aussies are tough, we’ll find a way, and make sure we are enjoying ourselves while we are doing it!

Are we allowed to hug yet?