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The humble thongs found its way into the hearts of beach-loving, easy going Australians far back in history. What was known as the wooden “Japanese sandals” evolved into lightweight thongs that is one of the most beloved footwear in the land down under.

In the early 1900s, early slippers were noted to make a painful “flip flop” sound whenever the wooden material hit the heel. The name stuck everywhere else around the globe, but for an Aussie, they are the good old “thongs’ ‘. And, boy, have thongs come a long way! These days a pair of lightweight orthotic thongs can be worn all day without worrying about heel pain. They are not just preventive but also considered a relief for foot problems such as Plantar Fasciitis, toe clawing, flat foot and many more. Slappa’s Thongs are designed for comfort with arch support that promotes optimal foot posture.

Made from soft and durable Eva foam, the material moulds into the individual form of the foot providing the perfect arch for each wearer.

The thick strap and heel cup hold the feet in position so that every step lands on perfectly cushioned support.

Switching to arch support thongs is an investment in health as well as comfort and style. Contoured arches have health benefits not just for the foot but for overall body posture.

Head to the beach looking good and feeling great in your lightfeet thongs.

Slappa’s come in a wide variety of colours from basics to loud to fun mixes of hues. Flips flops are fashionable in their own right, matching outfits that range from swim wear to party hits.

These arch support thongs embody the Australian vibe – fun, easy going, relaxed and effortlessly fashionable.

The Technology Behind Arch Support Thongs

Slappa’s Thongs is moulded from Eva foam which is the same material used for mouth guards and high quality yoga mats.

It provides soft cushioning for the bottom of the foot so that every step feels super comfy.

The soft material moulds into the feet after the adjustment period providing the exact arch support that each foot needs.

These arch support thongs can be worn comfortably all day long. They can be used for long walks without overusing muscles as the body weight is balanced around the heel area.

The thick straps are designed to keep the feet in position so that every step lands right.

Arch support thongs promote good posture

Aside from the arch support that is perfectly moulded to the wearer’s feet, Slappa’s Thongs are designed to keep feet in the right position with every step.

The strap is thicker than regular thongs to firmly hold the feet while the heel cup feature aligns the heel to the proper position so that every step is evenly balanced. This prevents overusing muscles on one spot of the foot and establishes whole body alignment.

With Slappa’s Thongs, you can walk all day long in comfy thongs that ensure stability with every step. Enjoy Australian summers in the best lightweight, waterproof thongs that easily dries.

Practical and durable

Made with single mould technology, everything is a single piece without chances of parts snapping off. Your arch support thongs will last longer than normal thongs that are prone to breaking when parts detach.

Get great value for your money with a pair of thongs that provide real arch support and lasts for a long time. Buying Slappa’s Thongs feels good for your feet – and your pocket.

After a period of time, every thong follows the contour of the wearer’s feet to provide arch support that perfectly fits your feet.

Effortlessly stylish

Slappa’s Thongs come in a wide variety of colours ranging from classics to mixed hues. They are fashionable without even trying. They are the most volatile footwear in an Australian wardrobe matching outfits from shorts, to summer dresses to swim wear.

Without a doubt, Slappa’s Thongs is everything Australians absolutely love about wearing thongs – and more.

Enjoy all day comfort in style

Comfort never goes out of fashion. Slappa’s Thongs are flip flops you can wear for all day comfort while enjoying the benefits of a typical orthotic shoe.

Just like normal thongs, they are water resistant, flexible and breezy. There is a huge difference in walking around wearing the most comfortable thongs in the market.

Slappa’s Thongs feature the perfect arch to remove pressure from inflamed parts of the heel. It also features softer cushioning that soothes the heel with every step.

These lightfeet thongs are flexible and soft. The heels are always in the right position so your feet do not move around risking overusing muscles in the feet.

Comfiest thongs in Australia

There are many benefits of walking around with proper orthotic functions. Slappa’s thongs don’t just prevent foot problems, they also relieve pain caused by Plantar Fasciitis, toe clawing, flat foot and many more.

It is easy to understand why Australians love wearing thongs. They are the most practical and comfy flip flops for hot summer months.

Kick them off to get in the water, put them on while walking around with wet feet and brush off sand before heading home.

Recommended by podiatrists

More and more podiatrists are recommending Slappa’s Thongs for health issues that cause heel pain.

Some conditions where orthotic support can help relieve pain are Plantar Fasciitis, toe clawing, flat foot and inflammation caused by diabetes.

Arch support thongs help sooth pain from inflammation by providing soft cushioning to absorb protrusions and growth. They are the recommended footwear for the duration of the treatment and even after.

Arch support thongs are great relief for muscle tension by providing extra support to keep feet in position.

Without a thick strap, toes tend to grip the front part of the flip flops to keep them from slipping off. In effect, the tension overworks the muscle and causes extreme foot pain.

Slappa’s Thongs feature the heel cup and thick straps for the purpose of keeping every step into position. Aside from keeping muscles relaxed and weight equally balanced throughout the bottom of the feet, it also promotes overall body alignment.

Enjoy the Aussie summer in comfy arch support thongs

Easy breezy is the way to go during the warm months. There’s nothing like kicking off a shoe and letting toes free.

Walking on the beach feeling and looking good is great. Your Slappa’s provide stability and supported arches for all day comfort.

Arch support thongs is everything you love about flip flops and so much more.

They can get wet, they dry easily, they come in all kinds of colours you could possibly want plus they are the most comfortable flip flops for all day comfort.

Thick straps provide extra support

Slappa’s Thongs feature a thick strap to keep the feet in the right position and to promote optimal foot posture.

This is critical to obtain the benefits of orthotic thongs. Every step places each foot in the right position so that the body weight is distributed across the muscles on the heel.

Enjoy a long walk in a comfy thong with supportive functions. Arch support thongs work wonders for your feet.

The right size of arch support for your feet

Every pair of thongs you will get from Slappa’s will have the perfect foot arch unique to your feet.

The Eva foam material moulds into your arches which eventually lead to your unique size of arch.

If you find that the second pair of thongs you purchase is not the same, it is because it takes time for the contour to fully form. It is only a matter of time to follow your foot arch. You will love the new pair just as much as the first.

Benefits of wearing arch support thongs

There is absolutely no risk wearing arch support thongs even without any foot issues. Arch support thongs are good for preventing foot pain and other issues stemming from poor posture.

On the other hand, there are countless benefits of arch support that shoes or regular thongs cannot promise. The soft cushioning and arch support relieve the feet from pressure which promotes overall body alignment.

At the first sign of foot problems such as Plantar Fasciitis, you can forget about wearing ordinary flip flops. Health experts will recommend orthotic footwear to relieve pain while the inflammation heals.

Podiatrists recommend wearing arch support thongs to help manage pain from inflammation and overused muscles. Arch support thongs are used as both preventive and as relief for foot problems. There are no risks involved in wearing arch support thongs.

For those who simply want to enjoy a long summer day on the beach, arch support thongs look good and stay comfy all day.

Available in wide range of colours you could fancy

Slappa’s Thongs come in basic hues, bright lights and funky mixes. There is a color that matches every mood.

Check out the colour options on the website to pick a pair (or two) – it really is impossible not to want more than a pair of stylish orthotic thongs.

Happy feet even if worn all day

Enjoy the beach in perfect footwear that stays comfy all day long.

While flip flops are known to cause foot pains from prolonged use, arch support thongs are a completely different story. They do not just prevent problems with the feet, they also provide relief for those suffering from foot issues.

You can wear a pair of arch support thongs to enjoy all day comfort. With proper supportive functions, your feet will remain comfy and painless.

Avoid toe clawing with arch support thongs

Normal thongs easily slip during a walk. This causes the toes to tense up and grip hard involuntarily.

With arch support thongs, the feet are effortless in position so that muscles are not overused. Walk around in all day comfort with relaxed feet from heel to toes.

Available in hundreds of stockists all over Australia

Slappa’s Thongs are sold in over a hundred stockists located in post offices and open markets in Australia.

They are also available on the website with a free shipping offer for a minimum purchase requirement (it is impossible to only want one pair anyway!).

Buy now and enjoy the benefits of wearing arch support thongs.

Arch support thongs you will absolutely love

These arch support thongs are a game changer for your feet. You will never look for another brand after trying Slappa’s Thongs.

It is the best value for money with superior supportive features as well as durability. The thick strap does not tear easily even with prolonged wear.

Orthotic support for Plantar Fasciitis, flat foot, toe clawing and many more

Slappa’s Thongs provide real arch support that relieves symptoms of common foot problems. They are recommended by podiatrists to soothe pain from inflamed feet and overused muscles.

Those who are not suffering from any issues concerning the feet still benefit from this arch support thong that will provide all day comfort.

Best arch support thongs in Australia

The best thongs are the ones that provide the best support for the feet. There is no compromise to quality and efficacy.

Our thong promises all day comfort and superior orthotic support for our customers.

With soft cushioning that conforms to the shape of your unique foot arch, you will get ultimate support with every step – and all day comfort with every wear.

The only pair of thongs you will ever want

Try a pair of Slappa’s and never look back! Every step feels right with cushioning and perfect arch support that is unique to your feet.

Wear thongs that provide all day comfort and proper orthotic support. Look good and feel great all summer long.

There’s a Slappa’s for everyone

Slappa’s Thongs are available in a huge variety of colours that would look good with any summer outfit.

All day comfort is never out of fashion. These orthotic thongs with perfect arch support are for kids, teens, adults and super adults. Everyone deserves to be super comfy all day long. Wear Slappa’s and enjoy the long summer days like never before.