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July is racing carnival time in Darwin and it’s one of our favourite times to get dressed up and head out with friends; no matter where you’re headed this Dry Season never leave home without a pair of Slappa’s in your bag!

Or accept our challenge to get “crafty” and you’ll never need to take them off at all…

Dress To Impress

We all loved to get dolled up from time to time and head out with our besties. There’s no shortage of places to go for a fun day out in Darwin in July, especially at the Darwin Turf Club; where there’s Darwin Cup Carnival events nearly every weekend! Other Dry Season events include the recent Dîner en Blanc and upcoming Darwin Festival.

If you’re looking to dress to impress at events like these there’s no better places to visit than The Peal Galleria and Maria Koko Designs who will ensure you have the most en pointe outfit of the day/night!

The Pearl Galleria is home to one of the outstanding designers of jewellery sculpted from precious metals and pearls By Gaynor Beck and is located on the Darwin Waterfront. Maria Koko Designs are handmade to complete your race day headwear and she also design and makes bridal bouquets, bouttonniers and corsages.

Getting Race Day Ready

Of course with all the fun days out, beautiful new dresses, hats and fascinators come the gorgeous, agonisingly high heels which can leave your feet and arches aching for days afterwards!

We always recommend carrying a pair of Slappa’s Thongs in your handbag or purse for the end of the night but who says when you swap out your heels it has to be a step down?! (pardon the pun!)

Here’s a few great ways you can jazz up your Slappa’s Thongs and make sure they hold up your outfit this race season.

Jazzing Up Your Slappa’s

With some well-placed double sided tape, ribbons, lace, buttons and even stick-on pearls your Slappa’s can earn pride of place on your feet at the end of the night. You won’t even need those expensive heels that will only bring you pain – you’ll be the envy of everyone at the party for your glam but pain-less idea!

All of the below are non-permanent additions to a pair of Black, White and Red Slappa’s. Once you’ve picked the dress you’ll be wearing to your event just head to the Craft section of a Spotlight or Lincraft store and get creative; you can find items to match any style and colour!

For a more permanent version of your design you can use PVA glue to help your lace, ribbon or buttons stay in place, but please note these may leave marks when removing, so only do this if  you want the changes to be permanent.

Have an event coming up? There’s no better time to buy a pair (or 4) of Slappa’s Thongs as we are offering FREE Express Shipping on all orders until the end of July!

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Thongs on!

While peak wedding season for most of Australia is between November – March, here in Darwin the majority of couples choose to tie the knot during dry season which is May – October so in the spirit of all things LOVE we thought we’d talk a little about getting married in Darwin…

Getting Married in Darwin

Darwin is the perfect place to get married; it’s unique, spectacular locations ensure your day will be one to remember forever. Dry season weddings are usually outdoors where guests can soak up the beautiful tropical landscapes. Here are just a few of the stunning venues available in Darwin to get married:

Darwin weddings have an unmistakable relaxed, warm vibe and tend to be more casual. For example an invitation we received for a July wedding at the Darwin Ski Club stated: “The celebrations will be outdoors, on grass, we therefore ask for smart casual dress thongs as the minimum standard”

If you’re looking for a place in Darwin to get your wedding rings, bridal gifts or jewellery you must visit our fabulous stockist Pearl Galleria who has the most unique and beautifully custom rings.

Of course, this season will also be the first since the Marriage Equality amendment to the Marriage Act so we’ll be seeing all those Marriage Certificates with the updated “Signature of Parties” replacing “Bride and Groom”. Awesome!

Wedding Must-Have’s

There are few things you definitely want to have with you in your ‘Wedding Day Kit’ for the big day. These include:

  1. Mini sewing kit with scissors, needles, thread, buttons, and safety pins: For those “make it work” moments.
  2. Baby powder: Hot summer days, crowded prep rooms, and nerves can all lead to sweat. A little moisture-absorbing baby powder never goes astray.
  3. Cotton tips & makeup remover: Eyeliner mistakes happen. But they don’t have to stick around.
  4. Tissues: For those happy tears (and any accidental eye pokes with mascara wands).
  5. Mini first aid kit think Band-Aids and Panadol
  6. Super Glue: For fixing shoes, nails, jewelry, head pieces, and more.
  7. White chalk: If something gets on the wedding dress and it just won’t come out, you can usually mask the stain with chalk. No one will be any the wiser.
  8. Portable phone charger(s):Make sure they’re charged! This will be your lifesaver if your phones about to die and you haven’t told the caterer where to put the cake.
  9. Hair elastics and bobby pins: You can never have too many on hand. (Add hairspray and a comb/brush while you’re at it.)
  10. Alcohol: When all else fails, a little liquid courage is the ultimate backup. Have a couple airplane bottles handy… just in case.
  11. Slappa’s Thongs: At the end of the night when your feet are killing you and you just want to DANCE you’ll be so grateful you slipped a pair of arch-support thongs into your bag trust us!

Bridal Slappa’s

We’ve had some wonderful comments, feedback and messages over the years from brides saying how they snuck their Slappa’s into their wedding bag and ended up slipping them on under their dress at the end of the night. It’s a great idea for Mum’s and Bridesmaids to think to do this too!

Of course they’re an absolute must for the Honeymoon as well – “his and hers” Slappa’s are just perfect for travelling – they’re super lightweight, easy to clean and you can wear them anywhere!

Family Weddings

There’s nothing we love more than attending the weddings of family and friends – witnessing the happiness and getting to be a part of the infectious joy of those around us. Last week we saw our dear nephew Troy wed the beautiful Ange and we had a blast. It brought back many memories of when Roger and I got married 22 years ago – how far we’ve come since then!

Top End Wedding

We’re not the only ones who love a good Darwin wedding! In fact a Feature Film called Top End Wedding is being released early next year staring Miranda Tapsell from The Sapphires. According to Screen Australia “The hilarious and heart-warming comedy is the story of successful Sydney lawyer, Lauren, and her fiancé Ned. Engaged and in love, they have just 10 days to find Lauren’s mother who has gone AWOL somewhere in the Northern Territory, reunite her parents and pull off their dream Top End Wedding.” We can’t wait to see it!

To all those couples getting married this season CONGRATULATIONS. Enjoy every minute of your big day and never forget that when you’re standing in front of the one you love, all the other details fade away.

Thongs on!