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Spend Easter in Darwin it’s Eggcellent!

Easter for me is a special time of the year spiritually but just being able to stop work, no rushing, spend time with family and friends and be happy is very important. But for most in Darwin the excitement does not stop here!

Firstly the Dry Season is not far away or has already arrived, so it is the first opportunity for most people to go out camping, the run off season has just started so there is some great fishing to be had and of course plenty of Easter goodies to eat.

This Easter we plan to make the most of spending time in our own backyard as it is not long now before our busy market season starts at Mindil Beach and we will be fitting many people into our famous Slappa’s Thongs.  The opportunity to spend some time in the garden, having a dip in the pool, kicking the footy or a bit of backyard cricket with the kids is always good for the soul.

It is still tradition in our house to have a seafood feast on Good Friday and sometimes we tend to make this last all weekend. Our kids adore smoked salmon so at Easter and Christmas as a special treat we buy a huge slab and literally we just eat smoked salmon all different ways and no one ever complains. (Until it runs out!)

I do have to feel for the Easter Bunny, Darwin is not an easy place to hide the eggs without them melting! So it is never to hard to find them and I’m sure the kids are not too fussed about this.

Would be great to hear how you will be spending your Easter!