Slappa's Thongs

A Decade Of Support

Pregnant and uncomfortable. A pretty familiar story for most women carrying their first child. But for Denise Dunn, this was the motivation for what was to become a revolution in arch support thongs.

“During pregnancy, I craved comfortable and open footwear, and as much as I loved wearing thongs, they provided no foot support,” Denise said. “That’s when I had my light-bulb moment, and Slappa’s Thongs were born.”

Fast forward ten years and the phenomenon that became Slappa’s Thongs has taken the footwear industry by storm. There have been the inevitable imitations, but no other thong has managed to produce the style and ultimate comfort that Slappa’s provide.

As Denise celebrates her birthday, so does the company she formed with husband Roger ten years ago.

“I’ve been selling Slappa’s at Mindil Beach Markets since 2010. It’s a great place to promote our thongs and catch up with new and existing customers who come to the markets every year. However, getting to where we are today hasn’t been easy.”

It’s taken millions of hours of research, almost half a dozen manufacturers and many miles travelled for Denise to finally find the right formula to produce her decade old vision for the perfect thong.

However, support comes in many ways and without family, Denise says none of this would have been possible.

As a visionary designer and entrepreneur, how does it feel to see your product come to life?

“It does feel strange seeing people wearing a product that I designed, manufactured and own. But I’m so proud of what we have managed to achieve, and I love that we get such positive feedback from so many happy customers.

And as for my kids, I hope I’m an example that if you put your mind to it you can achieve things you never thought you could”.

As Slappa’s Thongs celebrates it’s tenth year, Denise and Roger want to thank their loyal following and promise that their commitment to producing a comfortable, supportive and fashionable product will never wane.