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The Slappa’s Thongs packing list for a family day at the Darwin Waterfront

I’ve written before that a favourite past time for my family is to spend a lazy day chilling at the Darwin Waterfront.

While it is possible to get all your needs from the shops, cafes and restaurants all around you, in the true spirit of Slappa’s Thongs culture, I want to share with you the packing list we use for days of self-contained bliss.

For our days at The Waterfront, we pack:

Shady car park with a view of the beach
Swimming bags
My giant Bean Bag
Sun screen
Slappa’s Thongs
Some people take two eskies, one for drinks, one for food, I guess that all comes down to how much space you have in your transport.

That’s it.

As you finally start ‘chillaxing’, you can watch tourists in the parklands enjoying the warm weather and backpackers frying themselves.

The only thing missing from my checklist, however, is a Mango Daiquiri!

But, we all need goals, so that will be mine for next visit.

What would you add to the list?