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Orthopedic Thongs

Let’s face it – everyone loves arch support thongs, and would live in them if they could!

Slappa’s Thongs have been growing in popularity for providing the easy breezy comfort of normal thongs plus the proper arch support of orthopedic shoes.

Unlike normal thongs that contribute to heel pain, overusing muscles and provide zero arch support for the feet, Slappa’s Thongs are all about real arch support that promotes body alignment and relief from plantar fasciitis and many other problems that stem from the feet.

Created from a single mould of Eva foam, each thong perfectly conforms into the shape of your feet in a matter of time. This means that every customer receives the perfect mould that provides the exact arch support each of their foot needs, for both men and women.

Slappa’s Thongs are the best orthopedic thongs, providing the best support for the feet. They can be easily worn on long summer days and come in a variety of colours to match any summer outfit.

Enjoy the beach all day long looking good and feeling great! There is no compromising form or function when it comes to our orthotic thongs. You will love the freedom of breezy toes – and benefit from the stability of the arch support.

Find out why podiatrists are raving about them…

Best Thongs in Australia According to Podiatrists

More and more podiatrists and physiotherapists recommend Slappa’s Thongs to promote optimal foot posture and whole body alignment.

It is the comfiest thongs that one can wear for an extended period without compromising your feet.

In fact, it is recommended for patients suffering from plantar fascia, diabetes, toe clawing and many other foot issues because these orthotic thongs provide the proper arch support for the feet.

Slappa’s Thongs are moulded from high quality materials that conform to the foot arch of each individual user. This means that after the adjustment period, every customer gets the perfect unique mould that their feet needs for support.

The bottom of the two orthotic support thongs form a heel cup to keep feet in place and ensure that orthotic support is optimal.

Why Choose Arch Support Thongs (Flip Flops)

There are many benefits in using arch support thongs aside from the style and all day comfort in the summer.

They are the perfect beachwear that let you walk all day long. They are easy to dry, light thongs that provide extra support just like a typical orthotic footwear.

Slappa’s Thongs come in range with extra grip that protect from slippery surfaces. It truly is the best thongs in Australia.

Super Comfy Thongs with Arch Support

Avoid painful feet by wearing supportive footwear. A pair of Slappa’s Thongs is an investment in fashion as well as health.

These arch support thongs are molded from high quality Eva foam. The soft materials provide cushioning to absorb pressure when walking. The thick straps helps keep the thong in place when walking while the heel cup keeps the feet in the right position at all times.

The material conforms to the arches of the customer’s feet to provide the exact stability needed for support. This means that the arch support of each pair of Slappa’s Thongs form into the feet of every single owner.

Walking in the beach all day long is not a problem for those who love to wear regular thongs. They simply need to switch to flip flops with the best orthotic support – Slappa’s Thongs.

Feet are in the right position with every step

The heels are supported by the heel cup feature which aims to hold the feet in position into the footwear.

This feature helps promote whole body alignment as the thong is kept in each foot ensuring that the arch support is in place with every step.

What makes Slappa’s Thongs so comfy?

Aside from the health features of these orthotic thongs, customers also enjoy all day comfort from the flexible light material that makes walking a breeze.

It is comfy even when worn all day long. There is proper stability from these arch support thongs without the tight constraint from wearing shoes.

The best thongs for the best summers

Your toes are free and your feet are cool. Kick them off to take a dip and slap them back on to enjoy the rest of the day. The material is water proof and can dry easily.

Wearing arch support thongs is the best thing that’s happened for the summer season!

Wearing regular thongs for prolonged period can wear out muscles on your heel causing a lot of heel pain. They provide zero support for the feet so that you can expect to suffer the consequences after a period of time.

Most brands of regular flip flops easily slip off and they are a pain to walk in without any cushioning for support.

Show your feet some love, get a pair of Slappa’s Thongs this summer.

No pop outs because the thong is created from a single mold

Unlike other flip flops, Slappa’s are created in just a single mold so that the straps will not pop out. This means that the whole thong is just a single piece. There are no parts that can come off.


You having nothing to lose by trying on arch support thongs. They are the perfect summer footwear for the beach.

They come in a wide variety of colors, from plain to mixed hues. They match the cutest summer outfits just like sandals do, only with soft cushioning on the arches.

There are hundreds of stockists all over Australia where you can try them on. Check our website to find one nearest to your location.

Happy feet from all over Australia

Slappa’s thongs are a joy for those who love flip flops. Wear a pair of thong all day long without overusing muscles on the legs and foot.

Your feet will thank you for getting a pair of arch support thongs.

Enjoy long summer days in a comfy pair and look forward to comfy light feet.

Kick off each shoe and slap on those arch support thongs!

Arch Pain

Arch pain on the foot is caused by pressure from standing and walking without any arch support.

Arch support thongs work wonders by providing proper supportive cushioning that frees the arches from weight.

Flat Feet

Flat feet is a condition of legs where the arches are very low.

Arch support thongs are beneficial for those with flat feet as the while wearing arch support thongs provides support for the heel comparable to an insole that is recommended to insert in a shoe.

Those with this condition normally complain of foot ache especially in a normal thong.

They require insoles for shoes and sandals – and now they have the option to sign up for arch support thongs to add to their footwear!

Toe Clawing

Tight shoes that are worn for prolonged period can cause tow and toe clawing. This is a condition where the toes are bent to a claw shape.

With arch support thongs, toes wriggle freely and comfortably.

Ball foot pain

Tight shoes and improper support when running may lead to a pain on the foot.

Arch support thongs provide relief for this condition with the soft comfy materials on the heel that provides extra support, as well as softness.

Plantar Fasciitis

Plantar fasciitis is an inflammation of some tissues on the foot. Wearing shoes is very uncomfortable in this condition and a regular thong would also be agonizing.

Arch support thongs provide relief as the cushion softly supports the inflamed area on the foot. The soft rubber mold is the perfect for archies arch support thongs needed for the condition.

What to Expect when wearing orthotic thongs

Look forward to a cool and comfy summer footwear!

Expect real arch support each foot to conform to each of the thong for the most comfortable arch support possible.

These thongs can be worn all day long without worries of foot pains or discomfort on the legs. At the first sign of foot issues, switch to arch support thongs.

Perfect summer fashion

Whatever you fancy, there is a thong for you! Slappa’s come in a wide variety of colors ranging from practical basics to more expressive hues.

Style and comfort meet in one mold. This is a thong that fits any summer fashion from shorts to bathing suits to cute dresses.

The practical choice

Slappa’s can be worn just about anywhere. They are waterproof, light and easily dries so that you can enjoy the rest of your day!

Made from soft and durable Eva foam

The Eva foam is a soft and durable material that is also used in mouth guards and high quality yoga mats.. The material molds into the arches of each foot so that every pair forms the exact shape as your arch, providing the perfect support for your feet.

Where to score the best arch support thongs in Australia

Slappa’s Thongs are available online or through stockists all over Australia. Visit the website to see the one nearest you.

They are available in a number of post offices and market stalls in Northern Territory, Queensland, South Australia, Western Australia, New South Wales, Victoria and Tasmania.

Free shipping

Avail of the free shipping promo by getting $60 worth of Slappa’s Thongs. There is a wide variety of colors to choose from.

Get one (or two) for yourself and for your loved ones so they can also enjoy the summer in comfy and stylish thongs.