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Slappa's Thongs

Meet the Slappa’s From Mindil Beach

Slappa’s were born at Mindil Beach Darwin, a place where locals and tourists get together to eat, shop and be entertained.

It really is the soul of the Territory, multi-cultural, relaxed, friendly and fun.

From the moment the sun goes down over the Timor Sea like one huge fireball, Mindil Beach comes alive with colour, sounds and the most delicious smells.

Mindil Beach is a comfortable walk from Darwin City Centre, providing of course you have the right footwear. In Darwin we wear thongs. They suit our warm, often humid, always casual life style. Darwin work boots we call them.

But wearing thongs all day can get hard on the feet. That’s why Slappa’s came about. They’re no ordinary thong. They’re from Darwin. Slappa’s are smart because they’re comfortable. So comfortable you won’t want to take them off.

That’s because unlike other thongs, they have built in arch support that cradles and cares for your feet. And you know that you’ve gotta look after your feet.

Slappa’s are also smart because they are made of recycled foam which not only makes them extremely comfortable, but environmentally friendly too.

They come in a range of colours that suit our colourful lifestyle.

There you have it! Slappa’s. A genuine product of Darwin’s lifestyle.

So do your feet a favour a slap on a pair of Slappa’s today. Your feet will thank you and they’ll look good too.
Of course you can find them for sale on Thursday nights at Mindil Beach markets between April and October. But if that’s not convenient, you can also…

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