Slappa's Thongs

Happy Slappa’s

Oh yes it’s that time of year again!  Santa has something your feet will be forever grateful for.

There are numerous advantages to wearing supportive, orthopedic footwear. Orthopedic footwear not only supports your arch and reduces your risk of acquiring common arch ailments, but it also provides some other advantages. 

Slappa’s thongs provide arch support required to cushion your feet. Furthermore, supportive footwear can aid in the reduction of edema, swollen feet, joint pain, stiffness and improves blood circulation by properly aligning your body and preventing damage to your feet with each stride.

Numerous foot aches are caused by footwear that do not provide adequate support for your feet. For this reason, footwear must be cushioned to absorb the stress of each step and have arch support to adjust to your natural footprint and protect your muscles, bones, ligaments, and tendons from damage and strain. 

So put a pair of slappa’s on your Christmas list and invest in supportive footwear that fits tightly around your arch to prevent common foot ailments and arch pain. Your feet will thank you!

Are you looking for thongs with arch support? Slappa is your go-to source for footwear that provides support, durability, practicality, and quality materials all at once. With our products, you can champion style and comfort through timelessness and affordability. Shop our collection today!