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With a simple switch of thongs, you can transform your entire look from casual to chic in seconds. Whether you’re hitting the beach, strolling around town, or lounging at home, coloured thongs add that pop of personality to your outfit like nothing else can. Get ready to explore the fashion trends of 2024 of coloured thongs and discover how they can elevate your fashion game to new heights!

Seasonal Styling with Coloured Thongs

Summer and Spring Looks

Summer Vibes with Coloured Thongs

When the sun is shining and the temperature rises, it’s time to break out those vibrant coloured summer thongs that scream summer fun! Slappa’s Thongs the best thongs in Australia have lots of fun, bright colours such as Mindal Beach Blue, orange and all-time favourite hot pink to complement your summer outfits. Pair your coloured thongs with flowy sundresses, denim shorts, and cute crop tops for a laid-back yet stylish look that’s perfect for beach days, picnics in the park, or lazing by the pool. Let your toes feel the warmth of the sun as you strut your stuff in these summer thongs essentials!

Spring Fling with Coloured Thongs

Spring is the perfect time to embrace pastel-coloured thongs. Think delicate shades of Misty Lillac, Seafoam green, and baby pinks that add a touch of playfulness to your spring outfits. Pair your coloured dress sandals with flowy skirts, floral blouses, lightweight cardigans and even your favour pair of denim jeans for a look that’s relaxed and comfortable. Whether you’re going for a walk in the park or enjoying a sunny afternoon brunch, these pastel beauties will have you stepping into spring with style and grace.

Autumn and Winter Styles

When it comes to autumn and winter fashion, incorporating darker or mixed thong colours can add a subtle yet stylish touch to your outfits. Here are some suggestions of autumn and winter styling with coloured thongs to complement typical autumn and winter wardrobes:

  1. Silver Grey thongs offer versatility and understated elegance in winter styling. They pair well with both dark and light outfits, providing a sleek and modern touch to your ensemble.
  2. Navy Blue thongs are a timeless choice for both autumn and winter wardrobes. This classic colour exudes sophistication and pairs effortlessly with a wide range of colours, making it a versatile option for any outfit.
  3. Orchid Pink thongs add a touch of femininity and richness to autumn fashion with thongs. This deeper shade complements jewel tones and neutrals alike, making it a versatile choice for both casual and dressy outfits.
  4. Green thongs bring a hint of earthiness to winter styling with coloured thongs. Green pairs beautifully with autumnal shades like rust, mustard, and taupe, adding depth and dimension to your look.
  5. Brown: thongs are a classic choice for autumn and winter wardrobes. This warm, rich colour adds a cozy vibe to your outfit and pairs well with other autumnal hues like burnt orange, deep red, and camel.

Matching Thongs to Different Looks

Beach Bliss: Sun-Kissed Style with Vibrant Coloured Thongs

For a beach bliss look with sun-kissed style and vibrant coloured thongs, let’s dive into some stylish pairings with swimwear, cover-ups, and accessories to create the perfect beach ensemble:

  1. Tropical Paradise Ensemble:
    • Swimwear: Opt for a bright and bold tropical print bikini or one-piece swimsuit featuring vibrant colours like teal, red, and seafoam green.
    • Cover-up: Layer a sheer sarong or a lightweight kimono in a coordinating colour or pattern over your swimwear for added coverage and style.
    • Accessories: Complete the look with fun and colourful accessories such as oversized sunglasses, a wide-brimmed straw hat with a colourful band, beaded bracelets, and a statement beach tote in a complementary shade.
  2. Boho Chic Beach Look:
    • Swimwear: Choose a crochet or fringe bikini top paired with matching bottoms in aesthetic bohemian colours like Misty Lillac, pale pink, silver grey, gold beige, brown or white.
    • Cover-up: Style the look with a flowy, bohemian-inspired maxi dress or a crochet cover-up in a coordinating colour to add a touch of romance to your beach ensemble.
    • Accessories: Add boho flair with layered necklaces, stackable rings, Slappa’s Thongs white crystal flip-flops, and a fringe crossbody bag in a complementary hue to tie the whole look together.
  3. Nautical Glamour Outfit:
    • Swimwear: Opt for a classic navy, white or a red one-piece swimsuit with nautical-inspired details.
    • Cover-up: Layer a crisp white linen button-down shirt or a navy blue striped beach dress over your swimwear for a chic and polished beach look.
    • Accessories: Add nautical-themed accessories such as a straw fedora hat with a navy blue ribbon, red Slappa’s arch support sandals, a navy blue tote bag with rope handles, and gold anchor earrings for a touch of glamour.
  4. Tropical Floral Fantasy Ensemble:
    • Swimwear: Choose a tropical floral print swimsuit with vibrant hues of pink, orange, and green to channel island vibes.
    • Cover-up: Pair your swimwear with a lightweight floral print kimono or a flowy maxi skirt in a coordinating colour for an effortlessly chic beach look.
    • Accessories: Complete the ensemble with floral hair accessories, oversized sunglasses with colourful frames, pink or orange flip-flops/ sandals, and a woven beach bag with floral embroidery for a paradise look.

Collections suitable for the beach that offer a variety of swimwear and accessories include brands like Swimbarre, Karla Spetic and Liandra . These brands often feature vibrant colours, playful prints, and stylish designs perfect for creating beachy looks with coloured thongs.

City Chic: Navigating the Streets in Style with Crystal Thongs

Elevate your city chic style by incorporating crystal thongs to add a touch of glamour and comfort to your everyday looks. For instance, pair Slappa’s Black Crystal dress thongs sandals with dark wash jeans, white fitted top, and a statement blazer for a sophisticated twist. Alternatively, combine them with a midi skirt, cozy knit sweater, and a leather jacket to strike a balance between elegance and comfort. You can also opt for a floral print dress, layered with a denim jacket and accessorized with sleek sunglasses and statement earrings, all tied together with Pink crystal thongs for a mix of feminine and edgy vibes. When it comes to accessories, consider adding a structured handbag to enhance your urban ensemble.

Unique Coloured Pairings

Slappa’s Thongs have partnered with numerous fashion brands to creatively style-coloured thongs. From body-hugging Georgette dresses to sheer bodycon unitards, leggings, bodysuits, wide-legged pants, and flowing skirts featuring prints painted by artists, the combinations are limitless, offering unexpected and vibrant looks for any occasion.

  1. Work Attire: Pair white linen pants with bright red dress thongs for a pop of colour that exudes confidence and professionalism. Collections like Ossom Australia, Country Road or Seed offer stylish workwear options suitable for this pairing.
  2. Special Occasions: Elevate a little black dress with Black Crystal thongs for a touch of glamour and sophistication. Look for collections from designers like Freyzzy or Kate Spade for elegant yet trendy pieces perfect for special events.
  3. Themed Events: For a retro-themed party, embrace the 80s vibe by pairing neon pink thongs or mixed coloured thongs with acid wash jeans and a graphic tee. Brands like Urban Outfitters or ASOS offer collections that cater to eclectic and themed styles.

These unexpected pairings demonstrate how coloured thongs can elevate any outfit, adding personality and flair to your look.

Making a Statement

Make a bold fashion statement by embracing brightly coloured thongs as your focal point. Your personal style is your unique signature, so don’t be afraid to let it shine through. Experiment with different colours, patterns, and styles, and have fun mixing and matching to create looks that truly express who you are. Whether you’re pairing neon pink thongs with a graphic tee or rocking metallic gold thongs with a little black dress, own your style with confidence. Embrace the vibrancy of coloured thongs and let them be the centrepiece of your outfit, turning heads and showcasing your individuality with every step. Try making a statement with fun colours from Slappa’s Thongs the best thongs Australia.

Mix, Match, and Conquer 2024 with Slappa’s Thongs

Mix, match, and conquer 2024 with Slappa’s Thongs! Explore our diverse collection of coloured thongs and unleash your style creativity. Whether you’re making a bold statement or adding a pop of colour, our thongs are your canvas for self-expression and effortless style. Embrace the endless possibilities and let your personality shine through. Denise, Slappa’s Thongs designer and owner, has never been afraid of colours and is often seen wearing her thongs with wearable art from Australian slow fashion brands like Ilma Ali, Ossom Australia, Freyzzy, Black Cat Couture, and Gorman. Visit our website now to discover the perfect pair of thongs for you. Don’t miss out on our ongoing promotions and special offers! Join the vibrant world of coloured thongs with Slappa’s Thongs and step into a year of fashion-forward confidence.

Achilles tendonitis is a condition characterised by inflammation of the Achilles tendon, which is a large tendon connecting the calf muscles to the back of the heel bone. This inflammation can cause pain, swelling, and discomfort in the affected area.

The Achilles tendon plays a crucial role in activities like walking, running, and jumping. When it is inflamed, these movements can become painful and challenging. Achilles tendonitis is often a result of overuse, improper footwear, or sudden increases in physical activity.

It’s important to address Achilles tendonitis symptoms because if left untreated, it can lead to more severe issues like tendon degeneration or tears. Continuous stress on the inflamed tendon may weaken it over time, increasing the risk of more serious injuries. Early intervention, which may include rest, ice, stretching exercises, and proper footwear, is crucial to manage the condition and prevent further damage to the Achilles tendon. Seeking medical advice is recommended for proper diagnosis and a tailored treatment plan.

Types of Achilles Tendonitis

Insertional Achilles Tendonitis

Insertional Achilles Tendonitis is a type of Achilles tendonitis that primarily affects the lower part of the tendon, where it attaches to the heel bone (calcaneus). In this condition, the inflammation and pain occur at the point where the tendon inserts into the back of the heel.

This type of tendonitis is often associated with bone spurs, which are bony protrusions that may develop at the insertion point. Insertional Achilles Tendonitis is commonly seen in individuals who engage in activities that repeatedly stress the tendon, such as running or jumping.

Non-insertional Achilles Tendonitis

Non-insertional Achilles Tendonitis is characterised by inflammation and degeneration of the middle portion of the Achilles tendon. Unlike insertional tendonitis, there is typically no involvement of the insertion point on the heel bone. This type of tendonitis is more common in younger, active individuals and is often related to overuse and microtears within the tendon.

Non-insertional Achilles Tendonitis may be associated with swelling, thickening of the tendon, and pain in the middle portion of the tendon, just above the heel. It is crucial to differentiate between these two types for proper diagnosis and to tailor an appropriate treatment plan for effective management.

Achilles Tendonitis Symptoms

Pain in the Back of the Heel

Individuals with Achilles Tendonitis symptoms often experience pain in the back of the heel, near the tendon. This pain is commonly described as a dull or sharp ache and may intensify during physical activities like walking, running, or climbing stairs. The discomfort may be more pronounced in the morning or after periods of inactivity. It’s essential to pay attention to any persistent heel pain, especially if it worsens with activity, as it could be an early sign of Achilles Tendonitis.

Difficulty Walking

Achilles Tendonitis symptoms can lead to difficulty walking, especially when the affected foot pushes off the ground during each step. The pain and stiffness in the Achilles tendon may cause a noticeable limp, and individuals may find it challenging to engage in activities that require pushing off with the foot, such as running or jumping. Recognising and addressing this difficulty in walking early on is crucial to prevent further stress on the tendon and promote a faster recovery.

Swelling, Tenderness, and Warmth of the Achilles Tendon

Swelling, tenderness, and warmth around the Achilles tendon are common symptoms of Achilles Tendonitis. The affected area may appear visibly swollen, and there could be tenderness when touching or applying pressure to the tendon. The warmth is a result of the inflammatory process.

Monitoring for these signs is important as they indicate an ongoing inflammatory response. Early recognition of these symptoms is vital for prompt intervention, helping to prevent the progression of Achilles Tendonitis and reduce the risk of complications. Seeking medical advice for a proper diagnosis and tailored treatment plan is recommended if these symptoms persist.

What Causes Achilles Tendonitis?

Overuse or Excessive Physical Activity

Engaging in activities that put repetitive stress on the Achilles tendon, such as running, jumping, or intense sports, can lead to overuse and contribute to the development of Achilles Tendonitis.

Improper Footwear

Wearing shoes with inadequate support, insufficient cushioning, or improper fit can increase the risk of Achilles Tendonitis. Footwear that does not provide proper arch support or places excessive strain on the Achilles tendon may contribute to the development of the condition.

Sudden Increase in Physical Activity

Rapidly increasing the intensity, duration, or frequency of physical activity, especially without proper conditioning or warm-up, can strain the Achilles tendon and lead to inflammation.

Tight or Weak Calf Muscles

Imbalances in the calf muscles, such as tightness or weakness, can affect the mechanics of the Achilles tendon. Tight calf muscles may increase the strain on the tendon, while weak muscles may not provide adequate support.

Age & Gender

Achilles Tendonitis is more common in active individuals, and age can be a factor. Middle-aged and older individuals may be more prone to the condition. Additionally, men are generally at a higher risk than women.

Foot Structure & Biomechanics

Certain foot structures or biomechanical issues, such as flat feet or high arches, can alter the normal load distribution on the Achilles tendon, making it more susceptible to stress and inflammation.

Medical Conditions & Medications

Conditions such as arthritis or certain medications, particularly fluoroquinolone antibiotics, may increase the risk of Achilles Tendonitis.

Inadequate Warm-up or Stretching:

Skipping warm-up exercises or neglecting proper stretching before physical activity can leave the Achilles tendon less prepared for the demands of exercise, making it more susceptible to injury.

Identifying and addressing these risk factors can help individuals reduce their chances of developing Achilles Tendonitis. Adopting proper warm-up routines, wearing appropriate footwear, and gradually increasing the intensity of physical activities are essential preventive measures. If symptoms persist or worsen, seeking professional medical advice is recommended for a thorough evaluation and tailored treatment plan.

What are the risk factors for Achilles tendonitis?


Achilles Tendonitis is more commonly seen in individuals as they age. As people get older, their tendons may become less flexible and more prone to injury. The aging process can also lead to decreased blood supply to the tendons, making them more susceptible to inflammation and strain.

Bone Spurs:

Bone spurs are bony projections that may develop at the insertion point of the Achilles tendon on the heel bone. These spurs can cause irritation and inflammation, contributing to the development of Achilles Tendonitis. They are often associated with insertional Achilles Tendonitis, a specific type of the condition.


Men are generally at a higher risk of developing Achilles Tendonitis compared to women. This gender difference may be due to various factors, including differences in muscle mass, strength, and biomechanics. Men often engage in activities or sports that put more stress on the Achilles tendon, increasing their susceptibility to the condition.

High Impact Sports or Activities:

Participation in high-impact sports or activities, such as running, basketball, or soccer, increases the risk of Achilles Tendonitis. The repetitive stress and strain on the Achilles tendon during these activities can lead to overuse, microtears, and inflammation.

Certain Medical Conditions:

Certain medical conditions, such as arthritis and psoriasis, can increase the risk of Achilles Tendonitis. These conditions may affect the health of the tendon or contribute to inflammation. Additionally, individuals with diabetes may be at a higher risk due to impaired blood flow and nerve function.


Excess body weight places additional stress on the Achilles tendon during activities like walking or running. This increased load can contribute to the development of Achilles Tendonitis, especially in individuals who are overweight or obese.

Physical Traits:

Biomechanical factors, such as having flat feet or high arches, can alter the normal mechanics of the foot and ankle, affecting the distribution of forces on the Achilles tendon. These physical traits may increase the risk of developing Achilles Tendonitis.

Poor Stretching or Warming Up Prior to Exercise:

Inadequate warm-up and stretching routines before engaging in physical activity can leave the Achilles tendon less prepared for the stress of exercise. Insufficient flexibility may contribute to strain and an increased risk of tendon injury.

Worn-Out Shoes:

Wearing shoes with worn-out soles or inadequate support can impact the biomechanics of the foot and contribute to Achilles Tendonitis. Proper footwear is crucial for maintaining the stability and proper alignment of the foot during activities.

Identifying and addressing these risk factors can help individuals take preventive measures to reduce the likelihood of developing Achilles Tendonitis. Incorporating proper warm-up exercises, choosing appropriate footwear, and managing underlying medical conditions are essential for maintaining tendon health and preventing injury.

How Arch Support Thongs Can Help

Arch support thongs, also known as orthotic or supportive flip-flops, can be beneficial in preventing and managing Achilles Tendonitis foot support. Providing the necessary support and reducing strain on the Achilles tendon. Here are some key benefits:

  1. Improved Arch Support:
    • Arch support thongs are designed with built-in arch support, which helps maintain the natural alignment of the foot. This added support can reduce excessive pronation (rolling inward) of the foot, which, in turn, minimises stress on the Achilles tendon.
  2. Shock Absorption:
    • Many arch support thongs come with cushioned soles or shock-absorbing materials. This feature helps absorb the impact forces during walking or other weight-bearing activities, reducing the strain on the Achilles tendon and providing additional comfort.
  3. Even Distribution of Pressure:
    • Arch support thongs are designed to distribute pressure evenly across the foot. This helps prevent localised pressure points on the Achilles tendon, reducing the risk of irritation and inflammation.
  4. Stabilisation of the Foot and Ankle:
    • Proper arch support contributes to the stabilisation of the foot and ankle. This stability is crucial in minimising excessive movement that could otherwise place additional stress on the Achilles tendon.
  5. Promotion of Proper Biomechanics:
    • Arch support thongs encourage proper biomechanics by supporting the natural structure and function of the foot. This can help individuals with high arches or flat feet maintain a more neutral foot position, reducing strain on the Achilles tendon.
  6. Reduction of Overpronation:
    • Overpronation, where the foot rolls excessively inward during walking or running, can contribute to Achilles Tendonitis. Arch support thongs help control overpronation, mitigating the associated strain on the Achilles tendon.

Find Relief from Achilles Tendonitis with Slappa’s Thongs

Slappa’s Thongs with arch support stand out as an excellent footwear choice for both men and women seeking relief from Achilles Tendonitis. Their specific features, including arch support, cushioned soles, and stability, make them a supportive and comfortable option for daily wear. However, it’s always advisable to consult with healthcare professionals for personalised advice on managing and treating Achilles Tendonitis and to ensure that the chosen footwear aligns with individual needs and conditions.

Plantar fasciitis is a condition that occurs when the plantar fascia, a thick band of tissue that runs along the bottom of your foot and connects your heel bone to your toes, becomes inflamed. The exact cause of plantar fasciitis is often multifactorial, and several factors can contribute to its development. Here are some common causes and risk factors:

  1. Overuse or Overloading
  2. Foot Structure and Mechanics
  3. Improper Footwear
  4. Tight Achilles Tendon
  5. Occupational Factor
  6. Tight Calf Muscles

For plantar fasciitis, it’s recommended to choose footwear with good arch support and cushioning. Look for sandals, thongs or flip-flops with contoured footbeds and proper arch support. Brands like Birkenstock and Slappa’s Thongs offer supportive options.

If you suspect you have plantar fasciitis or are experiencing heel pain, it’s important to consult with a healthcare professional, such as a podiatrist or orthopaedic specialist, for a proper diagnosis and appropriate treatment. Treatment may include rest, ice, stretching exercises, orthotic devices, and, in some cases, medications or physical therapy.

Why Are Sandals Good for Plantar Fasciitis?

Sandals, thongs, or flip-flops can be beneficial for plantar fasciitis for several reasons, providing relief and comfort. Here are some key benefits:

Arch Support: Quality sandals for plantar fasciitis often come with built-in arch support, helping to alleviate strain on the plantar fascia.

Shock Absorption: Cushioned sandals absorb shock during walking, reducing impact on the heel and offering relief to individuals with plantar fasciitis.

Pressure Distribution: Properly designed sandals distribute pressure evenly across the foot, preventing excessive stress on the plantar fascia ligament.

Comfortable Material: The best plantar fasciitis sandals use materials such as EVA foam which starts firm but softens as you mould into them keeping their shape and support, ensuring comfort while providing necessary support to the foot.

Adjustable Straps: Sandals, thongs or flip-flops with adjustable straps allow for a customized fit, accommodating individual foot shapes and providing a secure hold for better support. Slappa’s Thongs toe piece and straps can be adjusted by supporting and giving them a gentle massage stretch.

Breathability: Plantar fasciitis sandals or orthotic for Plantar Fasciitis often feature breathable materials, promoting air circulation and keeping the feet cool, which can be particularly beneficial during the summer. 

Ease of Use: Sandals are convenient for slipping on and off, reducing strain associated with bending over, making them suitable for those with plantar fasciitis.

When searching for sandals for plantar fasciitis, consider reputable brands like Slappa’s Thongs, which prioritise comfort and support. These sandals cater specifically to individuals with plantar fasciitis, offering a combination of style and therapeutic benefits.

Factors to Consider When Choosing Your Sandals

When selecting sandals or footwear for plantar fasciitis, prioritize comfort and support. Look for orthotic sandals for plantar fasciitis or footwear designed with orthotic features, arch support, and cushioning to alleviate strain on the plantar fascia. Consider adjustable straps for a customized fit and opt for materials that offer both durability and breathability. Taking these factors into account ensures you find sandals that promote foot health while addressing the specific needs associated with plantar fasciitis.

Arch support

Arch support is crucial when choosing sandals, especially for individuals dealing with plantar fasciitis. The arch is a fundamental part of the foot’s structure, providing support and stability. In the context of plantar fasciitis, which involves inflammation of the tissue connecting the heel bone to the toes, proper arch support becomes even more significant.

The benefits of arch support in sandals for plantar fasciitis include alleviating strain on the plantar fascia, distributing weight more evenly across the foot, and promoting proper foot alignment. These features contribute to reducing pain and discomfort associated with plantar fasciitis and other foot problems.

Slappa’s Thongs are just footwear for plantar fasciitis. Here some of the other foot problems Slappa’s can help treat.

When searching for the best sandals for plantar fasciitis, look for options specifically designed with orthotic support. Orthotic sandals provide targeted support to the arch, helping to maintain the natural alignment of the foot and reducing stress on the plantar fascia. This can make a significant difference, especially during the summer when lightweight and breathable footwear is essential.

For women with plantar fasciitis, there are specialized sandals tailored to their needs, combining style with effective arch support. These sandals prioritize both comfort and fashion, catering to those with plantar fasciitis without compromising on aesthetics.

Choosing sandals with proper arch support is essential for managing plantar fasciitis. Opting for orthotic sandals designed for this condition ensures a supportive and comfortable experience, making them ideal summer shoes for those dealing with plantar fasciitis.


Comfort is a crucial aspect when selecting footwear, particularly in the case of sandals, thongs, or flip-flops. Opting for comfortable options not only ensures a pleasant walking experience but also enhances versatility for various occasions. Imagine slipping into a pair of well-cushioned sandals – perfect for a casual day out, a beach stroll, or even a laid-back summer gathering.

Whether you’re exploring a new city, relaxing by the pool, or attending a casual outdoor event, comfortable sandals provide the support needed to keep you going. This is especially essential during warmer seasons, where the weather encourages open-toe footwear. For those concerned about conditions like plantar fasciitis, selecting summer sandals or shoes with proper arch support becomes crucial. These options not only prioritize comfort but also contribute to foot health.Now, let’s talk about travel. Imagine embarking on a journey where you need versatile footwear that adapts to different environments. Comfortable sandals become your reliable companions, easily transitioning from sightseeing in urban landscapes to exploring sandy beaches. They are lightweight, easy to pack, and suitable for a variety of settings.

In essence, the comfort of sandals extends beyond mere relaxation – it becomes a practical choice for any occasion, making them indispensable for those who value both style and well-being, especially during the warm summer months.

Material & Durability

The choice of material is crucial when selecting sandals, thongs, or flip-flops, especially for individuals dealing with plantar fasciitis. Opting for supportive materials is essential in providing comfort and alleviating foot pain. EVA foam, known for its lightweight and shock-absorbing properties, is a standout option for those with plantar fasciitis.

EVA foam cushions the foot, reducing impact on the plantar fascia and promoting a more comfortable walking experience. Its flexibility and softness contribute to improved shock absorption, crucial for individuals seeking relief from the symptoms of plantar fasciitis. Additionally, EVA foam is water-resistant, making it suitable for various environments, from beach outings to everyday wear.

Choosing sandals with EVA foam provides a combination of support, comfort, and versatility, making them an excellent option for individuals managing plantar fasciitis. The best brands will start firm but as you mould into them they will soften but not flatten, keeping their shape and support. 

How to Care and Store Your Sandals?

To care for sandals, thongs, and flip-flops, follow these general tips:

Clean Regularly: Wipe them down with a damp cloth or sponge to remove dirt and grime. For fabric or leather, use appropriate cleaning products.

Avoid Moisture: Keep them dry to prevent deterioration. If they get wet, allow them to air-dry thoroughly.

Store Properly: Store them in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight. Avoid leaving them in a hot car or damp environment.

Rotate Usage: If possible, rotate between multiple pairs to reduce wear on a single pair and extend their overall lifespan.

Check for Damage: Regularly inspect for signs of wear, loose straps, or damaged soles. Address any issues promptly to prevent further damage.

Choose Appropriate Activities: Use sandals designed for specific activities. Heavy-duty sandals for hiking, and casual ones for everyday use.

By following these steps, you can maintain the condition of your sandals, thongs, or flip-flops, ensuring they stay comfortable and functional for a longer time.

Why Choose Slappa’s Thongs for Plantar Fasciitis

Slappa’s Thongs with arch support are considered an ideal solution for people with plantar fasciitis due to several key features.

Slappa’s Thongs are designed with enhanced arch support, providing crucial alignment for individuals with plantar fasciitis. This support helps alleviate strain on the plantar fascia ligament. The orthotic design offers a contoured footbed that mimics the natural shape of the foot. This can contribute to improved foot stability and reduced stress on the plantar fascia. They also have a slight ridge around the outside of the thong, this help support and hold your feet in and stop pronation.

The use of high-quality, comfortable materials in Slappa’s Thongs ensures that both men and women with plantar fasciitis can wear them for extended periods without exacerbating their condition. These sandals provide a combination of support and versatility, suitable for various activities. This allows individuals with plantar fasciitis to maintain an active lifestyle without compromising on comfort.

While individual preferences may vary, these features make Slappa’s Thongs a favourable choice for those seeking relief from plantar fasciitis discomfort. Always consult with a healthcare professional for personalised advice based on your specific condition.

Why it’s important and Why Recycle Your Textiles?

Recycling old clothes and textiles is important for several reasons. First and foremost, it helps to reduce the amount of textile waste that ends up in landfills. When textiles are sent to landfills, they can take hundreds of years to break down and release harmful greenhouse gases, contributing to climate change.

By recycling textiles, we can also conserve natural resources such as water and energy that are used in the production of new textiles. Recycling textiles also reduces the demand for new textiles, which can help to decrease the negative environmental impact associated with textile production, such as water pollution, greenhouse gas emissions, and the use of toxic chemicals.

In addition, recycling textiles can create new job opportunities and stimulate the economy by providing raw materials for new products. It also promotes the circular economy, where waste is seen as a valuable resource that can be reused, repurposed, or recycled.

Partnering with companies like UPPAREL can also help to ensure that recycling processes are sustainable and traceable, and that nothing is sent offshore or to landfill. By choosing to recycle your textiles, you can help to create a more sustainable and responsible textile industry and make a positive impact on the environment.

This is why Slappa’s Thongs has partnered with UPPAREL because they share a commitment to sustainability and environmental management.

Partnering with UPPAREL also allows Slappa’s Thongs to take responsibility for their environmental impact and contribute to a more sustainable future. By working with UPPAREL, Slappa’s Thongs can ensure that their textile waste is repurposed or recycled in the most environmentally friendly way possible.

Slappa’s Thongs partnership with UPPAREL is a positive step towards reducing textile waste and promoting sustainability in the fashion industry.

How to recycle clothes

Slappa’s Thongs has made it easy for consumers to recycle their unwanted textiles by building a landing page specifically for this purpose. By partnering with UPPAREL, Slappa’s Thongs can ensure that the textiles are recycled in the most sustainable way possible. And by offering rewards to consumers who recycle with their brand, Slappa’s Thongs is incentivizing consumers to make a positive impact on the environment.

UPPAREL’s approach to recycling is admirable and aligns with the principles of a circular economy. By recycling just about anything and everything, UPPAREL is maximizing the use of resources and minimizing waste. This is particularly important in the fashion industry, where textile waste is a significant problem.

By using recycled textiles to replace synthetics made from virgin materials, UPPAREL is helping to reduce the demand for new textiles and conserve resources. This approach also helps to reduce the environmental impact of textile production, which is a major contributor to greenhouse gas emissions and other environmental problems.

Where to recycle unwearable clothes

Recycling clothes can be done in a variety of ways, and consumers have many options to choose from. Here are a few ways to recycle clothes:

  1. Donate clothes to charity – Many charities accept clothing donations, which can be sold or distributed to people in need.
  2. Swap with friends or family – Organize a clothes swap with friends or family members to exchange clothes that are no longer wanted.
  3. Sell clothes online – Websites like eBay or Depop allow consumers to sell their unwanted clothes online.
  4. Recycle clothes with a brand – Many fashion brands have recycling programs where consumers can send in their old clothes to be recycled. Some of these programs offer rewards or incentives for recycling with the brand.

Recycle clothes directly with a recycling company like UPPAREL is an Australian textile recycling company who have partnered with Australian company Slappa’s Thongs,

Why is it important to recycle clothes

Every 10 minutes, 6,000kg of textile waste is discarded into Australian landfills. 

On average, Australians purchase 27kg of new textiles and discard 23kg annually. About 7% of these items get recycled and the rest is left to decompose in landfills over hundreds of years. 

This needless waste releases greenhouse gases into the atmosphere and leeches dyes into the waterways and the soil – contaminating crops and safe drinking water. It’s clear that the linear fashion economy we currently use is unsustainable, and change is well overdue. 

The world is in a textile waste crisis and the need for a circular economy has never been more important – let’s stop landfills becoming landfilled! 

Reusing clothes

For items that are still fit for wear, UPPAREL have an open-door policy for charities, social enterprises, non-for-profits. They can come to our warehouse and collect as much clothing as they need and go out and make an impact with it.

Every charity/social enterprise we vet to ensure they are Australian or New Zealand based and all activities are onshore.

UPPAREL are providing them with guaranteed wearable goods and can facilitate opportunities for people to come in and make an impact.

Recycling clothes

Where items are not fit for wear, UPPAREL break down the textiles into different materials and different fabrics. From there they begin the recycling process.

Mainly this means taking these textiles and tearing them into a super fine cushion-like fibre material. From there this fibre can be used again in pillows, insulation, furniture etc.

Through their textile reuse and repurposing processes, they are creating innovative changes. Taking what we would normally see as waste, converting it and utilising it as a resource.

Upcycling clothes

Upcycling clothing is the process of transforming old, worn-out or unused clothes into something new and useful, rather than simply throwing them away. It is a sustainable practice that helps reduce waste and minimize the environmental impact of the fashion industry.

There are many ways to upcycle clothing, depending on your creativity and skill level. Some common methods include:

  1. Patchwork: Using fabric scraps to create new pieces of clothing or accessories.
  2. Dyeing: Giving old clothes a new colour or pattern by dyeing them.
  3. Embellishing: Adding buttons, beads, lace, or other decorative elements to spruce up old clothes.
  4. Refashioning: Cutting and sewing old clothes into new styles or designs.
  5. Reusing: Turning old clothes into new items such as bags, pillow covers, or even rugs.

Upcycling clothing is not only environmentally friendly but can also be a fun and rewarding creative project. It allows you to give a new lease of life to old clothes and create unique, personalized items that reflect your personal style.

Recycle your clothes today for Slappa’s Thongs credit

Recycling old clothes is an essential aspect of sustainable living. It not only helps reduce the amount of textile waste that ends up in landfills but also helps conserve natural resources and reduce greenhouse gas emissions associated with the production of new clothes.

That’s why I highly encourage everyone to consider recycling their old clothes instead of throwing them away through the partnership with Upparel and Slappa’s Thongs.

Slappa’s Thongs offers a unique deal when you send 10kg of your old and unwanted clothing you will receive a $20 online store credit to spend online at Slappa’s Thongs.

All you need to do is visit

Please note: Your worn and old Slappa’s Thongs currently cannot be recycled with Upparel. We actively working with Upparel and other recycling companies to find solutions for recycling old thongs. In the meantime, we recommend reaching out to Denise at for guidance on how to properly dispose of your old Slappa’s Thongs for suggestions on alternative recycling or repurposing options.

Let’s face it – everyone loves arch support thongs, and would live in them if they could!

Slappa’s Thongs have been growing in popularity for providing the easy breezy comfort of normal thongs plus the proper arch support of orthopedic shoes.

Unlike normal thongs that contribute to heel pain, overusing muscles and provide zero arch support for the feet, Slappa’s Thongs are all about real arch support that promotes body alignment and relief from plantar fasciitis and many other problems that stem from the feet.

Created from a single mould of Eva foam, each thong perfectly conforms into the shape of your feet in a matter of time. This means that every customer receives the perfect mould that provides the exact arch support each of their foot needs, for both men and women.

Slappa’s Thongs are the best orthopedic thongs, providing the best support for the feet. They can be easily worn on long summer days and come in a variety of colours to match any summer outfit.

Enjoy the beach all day long looking good and feeling great! There is no compromising form or function when it comes to our orthotic thongs. You will love the freedom of breezy toes – and benefit from the stability of the arch support.

Find out why podiatrists are raving about them…

Best Thongs in Australia According to Podiatrists

More and more podiatrists and physiotherapists recommend Slappa’s Thongs to promote optimal foot posture and whole body alignment.

It is the comfiest thongs that one can wear for an extended period without compromising your feet.

In fact, it is recommended for patients suffering from plantar fascia, diabetes, toe clawing and many other foot issues because these orthotic thongs provide the proper arch support for the feet.

Slappa’s Thongs are moulded from high quality materials that conform to the foot arch of each individual user. This means that after the adjustment period, every customer gets the perfect unique mould that their feet needs for support.

The bottom of the two orthotic support thongs form a heel cup to keep feet in place and ensure that orthotic support is optimal.

Why Choose Arch Support Thongs (Flip Flops)

There are many benefits in using arch support thongs aside from the style and all day comfort in the summer.

They are the perfect beachwear that let you walk all day long. They are easy to dry, light thongs that provide extra support just like a typical orthotic footwear.

Slappa’s Thongs come in range with extra grip that protect from slippery surfaces. It truly is the best thongs in Australia.

Super Comfy Thongs with Arch Support

Avoid painful feet by wearing supportive footwear. A pair of Slappa’s Thongs is an investment in fashion as well as health.

These arch support thongs are molded from high quality Eva foam. The soft materials provide cushioning to absorb pressure when walking. The thick straps helps keep the thong in place when walking while the heel cup keeps the feet in the right position at all times.

The material conforms to the arches of the customer’s feet to provide the exact stability needed for support. This means that the arch support of each pair of Slappa’s Thongs form into the feet of every single owner.

Walking in the beach all day long is not a problem for those who love to wear regular thongs. They simply need to switch to flip flops with the best orthotic support – Slappa’s Thongs.

Feet are in the right position with every step

The heels are supported by the heel cup feature which aims to hold the feet in position into the footwear.

This feature helps promote whole body alignment as the thong is kept in each foot ensuring that the arch support is in place with every step.

What makes Slappa’s Thongs so comfy?

Aside from the health features of these orthotic thongs, customers also enjoy all day comfort from the flexible light material that makes walking a breeze.

It is comfy even when worn all day long. There is proper stability from these arch support thongs without the tight constraint from wearing shoes.

The best thongs for the best summers

Your toes are free and your feet are cool. Kick them off to take a dip and slap them back on to enjoy the rest of the day. The material is water proof and can dry easily.

Wearing arch support thongs is the best thing that’s happened for the summer season!

Wearing regular thongs for prolonged period can wear out muscles on your heel causing a lot of heel pain. They provide zero support for the feet so that you can expect to suffer the consequences after a period of time.

Most brands of regular flip flops easily slip off and they are a pain to walk in without any cushioning for support.

Show your feet some love, get a pair of Slappa’s Thongs this summer.

No pop outs because the thong is created from a single mold

Unlike other flip flops, Slappa’s are created in just a single mold so that the straps will not pop out. This means that the whole thong is just a single piece. There are no parts that can come off.


You having nothing to lose by trying on arch support thongs. They are the perfect summer footwear for the beach.

They come in a wide variety of colors, from plain to mixed hues. They match the cutest summer outfits just like sandals do, only with soft cushioning on the arches.

There are hundreds of stockists all over Australia where you can try them on. Check our website to find one nearest to your location.

Happy feet from all over Australia

Slappa’s thongs are a joy for those who love flip flops. Wear a pair of thong all day long without overusing muscles on the legs and foot.

Your feet will thank you for getting a pair of arch support thongs.

Enjoy long summer days in a comfy pair and look forward to comfy light feet.

Kick off each shoe and slap on those arch support thongs!

Arch Pain

Arch pain on the foot is caused by pressure from standing and walking without any arch support.

Arch support thongs work wonders by providing proper supportive cushioning that frees the arches from weight.

Flat Feet

Flat feet is a condition of legs where the arches are very low.

Arch support thongs are beneficial for those with flat feet as the while wearing arch support thongs provides support for the heel comparable to an insole that is recommended to insert in a shoe.

Those with this condition normally complain of foot ache especially in a normal thong.

They require insoles for shoes and sandals – and now they have the option to sign up for arch support thongs to add to their footwear!

Toe Clawing

Tight shoes that are worn for prolonged period can cause tow and toe clawing. This is a condition where the toes are bent to a claw shape.

With arch support thongs, toes wriggle freely and comfortably.

Ball foot pain

Tight shoes and improper support when running may lead to a pain on the foot.

Arch support thongs provide relief for this condition with the soft comfy materials on the heel that provides extra support, as well as softness.

Plantar Fasciitis

Plantar fasciitis is an inflammation of some tissues on the foot. Wearing shoes is very uncomfortable in this condition and a regular thong would also be agonizing.

Arch support thongs provide relief as the cushion softly supports the inflamed area on the foot. The soft rubber mold is the perfect for archies arch support thongs needed for the condition.

What to Expect when wearing orthotic thongs

Look forward to a cool and comfy summer footwear!

Expect real arch support each foot to conform to each of the thong for the most comfortable arch support possible.

These thongs can be worn all day long without worries of foot pains or discomfort on the legs. At the first sign of foot issues, switch to arch support thongs.

Perfect summer fashion

Whatever you fancy, there is a thong for you! Slappa’s come in a wide variety of colors ranging from practical basics to more expressive hues.

Style and comfort meet in one mold. This is a thong that fits any summer fashion from shorts to bathing suits to cute dresses.

The practical choice

Slappa’s can be worn just about anywhere. They are waterproof, light and easily dries so that you can enjoy the rest of your day!

Made from soft and durable Eva foam

The Eva foam is a soft and durable material that is also used in mouth guards and high quality yoga mats.. The material molds into the arches of each foot so that every pair forms the exact shape as your arch, providing the perfect support for your feet.

Where to score the best arch support thongs in Australia

Slappa’s Thongs are available online or through stockists all over Australia. Visit the website to see the one nearest you.

They are available in a number of post offices and market stalls in Northern Territory, Queensland, South Australia, Western Australia, New South Wales, Victoria and Tasmania.

Free shipping

Avail of the free shipping promo by getting $60 worth of Slappa’s Thongs. There is a wide variety of colors to choose from.

Get one (or two) for yourself and for your loved ones so they can also enjoy the summer in comfy and stylish thongs.

“I crave a love so deep; the ocean would be jealous.”

This quote, from Chilean poet Pablo Neruda, captures the spirit of Karla Spectic’s 2022 Fashion Week Collection, Oasis Resort 23.

“The Collection narrative is driven by the desire to escape to an oasis, experiencing tropical bliss in a faraway place,” says Karla. “I want to evoke that feeling you have after a day at a beautiful beach, with aqua water and white sand, you’re dressed for the evening, relaxed and glowing.”

This year, again, we’ll see Australian footwear brand, Slappa’s Thongs adorning the feet of our models.

“I use my moods, feelings and what I’m experiencing in life for inspiration. This collection is about connection and change.”

Right now, I feel really safe, with a sense of nurture, ease, and trust … there’s an abundance of love, light, clarity and new beginnings.

“So ‘Oasis’ works on multiple levels. It’s about a loving oasis I’m experiencing full of emotion and a connection to the ocean. I’m moving away from the ocean soon and that change is bitter-sweet. It makes me so happy that my manifestations are within reach, as I embrace a newfound appreciation for Australia’s coastline” she says.

The Oasis Resort 23 story starts with strong confident, sensual blacks, including a stylised shark silhouette. That progresses into bodycon, clean shapes of shells, in a monochrome and pastel palette.

“Georgette dresses have a body-hugging fluid flow and are reminiscent of anemones, coral and seaweed, refined into simple shapes,” she says.

Sheer bodycon unitards, leggings and bodysuits serve as second skin layers worn underneath more special pieces. Sleeves are long, fitted and cover the hand mimicking a sleek sea creature. Soft tailoring, with organic shapes and cut-outs, are a Karla Spetic signature detail, present in all her work.

“It’s really wearable and easy. I wanted this to be less conceptual and more wearable, although it’s still compatible with individualism.”

“The story moves from black and white into a greeny-grey colour, a washed-out blue, followed by a pop of aqua, which then finishes in an optimistic, soft pink. This year, again, we’ll see Australian footwear brand, Slappa’s Thongs adorning the feet of our models.

“I want to keep it consistent, with colour block stories in cohesive shades, as the models own the runway. It’s quite fluid, with long and short lengths, and an aquatic, sporty vibe. It’s resort, it’s fresh. It’s modern. The hair is going to be natural, fall on the face as if you’ve emerged from the water in the garment.”

Matthew Ashton, Hair Director, is working with the Artègo creative team and products, to execute the look.

The skin will be dewy, natural and prepped by Australian made and results driven brand, Synergie Skin, to ensure our models faces are beautifully fresh for the makeup. Australian makeup favourite, Coral Colours, will be used for the makeup and directed by Makeup Director, Corinna Wilmshurst.

Karla believes beauty comes from confidence, and she is excited to partner with Lovehoney.

“It’s like being in a dreamy calm after the storm, where everything falls into place. That is what I wanted to capture with this Collection. I’m delighted with how it came together and thrilled to be showing it to the world at Fashion Week.”

Thongs play a huge role in Aussies’ daily lives. They, quite literally, direct our steps! After a tiring day at work, there is nothing better than removing our shoes and slipping into comfortable thongs that let our feet breathe and rest to recover for the next day. 

Consider your thongs a more comfortable pair of shoes in the comfort of your home or outside. An excellent pair of thongs can heavily influence your overall health and safety, which is why you should pay attention and make sure to choose good ones.

Thongs Material

There is a wide variety of materials available on the market today. You’ll want thongs made of materials that are healthy for your feet and help them recover from the daily grind. It is always good to go for materials that are slightly firm to start with and soften as you mould into them. If they are too soft they will flatten out, lose their shape and support. The thongs will also be more durable and strong enough to withstand many years of walking around just about everywhere you venture. Being waterproof and suitable to wear in the wet is also an advantage as then they are perfect for the beach and all year round. Slappa’s arch support thongs are made from EVA foam just like mouthguards or yoga mats,the material is extremely durable and has the ability to mould to your foot shape, allowing perfect fit for all different shapes and sized feet .

Thongs Sizes

You will be using your slippers on a daily basis; so be sure you find the pair that is right for you and don’t just choose them because that’s what is trendy at the time.

If you are ordering online here’s how you can find the perfect fit: 

  1. Measure a pair of your existing thongs, flip flops or sandals from the big toe to the middle of the back of the heel or to where the heel of your foot sits in the thongs – See illustration. 
  2. Then Compare your measurement to our Slappa’s Thongs size chart.

Note: Make sure that you do not measure your foot itself. It will result in incorrect sizing.

thong size

If you have a pair of runners, check the size on the inside of the tongue of the shoe, if it shows the measurement in cm’s or mm’s this is a good indication of what your thong/slippers/flip-flops will be. It is best not to use the US, UK, EU size on the runners as these can vary with different brands.

However, the best way to get your size is if you have the opportunity to try the slippers on when shopping. This way you can check if the fit is right for you, not too big, not too small, which colour suits you and most importantly they feel comfortable and supportive. We designed our supportive thongs with inbuilt arch support that moulds to the shape of your feet for a tailored fit.

Thongs Quality

Of course, as with any product, you want to pick ones that will last for a long time and save you the hassle and expense of purchasing many times.
Our thongs have no plugs that pop out. Slappa’s single mould design makes them stronger than most other thongs.


We believe we can offer you the best thongs in Australia.

If you are looking for thongs with arch support, turn to Slappa’s Thongs. Treat your feet and rediscover comfort and durability with our top-quality thongs.

The humble thongs found its way into the hearts of beach-loving, easy going Australians far back in history. What was known as the wooden “Japanese sandals” evolved into lightweight thongs that is one of the most beloved footwear in the land down under.

In the early 1900s, early slippers were noted to make a painful “flip flop” sound whenever the wooden material hit the heel. The name stuck everywhere else around the globe, but for an Aussie, they are the good old “thongs’ ‘. And, boy, have thongs come a long way! These days a pair of lightweight orthotic thongs can be worn all day without worrying about heel pain. They are not just preventive but also considered a relief for foot problems such as Plantar Fasciitis, toe clawing, flat foot and many more. Slappa’s Thongs are designed for comfort with arch support that promotes optimal foot posture.

Made from soft and durable Eva foam, the material moulds into the individual form of the foot providing the perfect arch for each wearer.

The thick strap and heel cup hold the feet in position so that every step lands on perfectly cushioned support.

Switching to arch support thongs is an investment in health as well as comfort and style. Contoured arches have health benefits not just for the foot but for overall body posture.

Head to the beach looking good and feeling great in your lightfeet thongs.

Slappa’s come in a wide variety of colours from basics to loud to fun mixes of hues. Flips flops are fashionable in their own right, matching outfits that range from swim wear to party hits.

These arch support thongs embody the Australian vibe – fun, easy going, relaxed and effortlessly fashionable.

The Technology Behind Arch Support Thongs

Slappa’s Thongs is moulded from Eva foam which is the same material used for mouth guards and high quality yoga mats.

It provides soft cushioning for the bottom of the foot so that every step feels super comfy.

The soft material moulds into the feet after the adjustment period providing the exact arch support that each foot needs.

These arch support thongs can be worn comfortably all day long. They can be used for long walks without overusing muscles as the body weight is balanced around the heel area.

The thick straps are designed to keep the feet in position so that every step lands right.

Arch support thongs promote good posture

Aside from the arch support that is perfectly moulded to the wearer’s feet, Slappa’s Thongs are designed to keep feet in the right position with every step.

The strap is thicker than regular thongs to firmly hold the feet while the heel cup feature aligns the heel to the proper position so that every step is evenly balanced. This prevents overusing muscles on one spot of the foot and establishes whole body alignment.

With Slappa’s Thongs, you can walk all day long in comfy thongs that ensure stability with every step. Enjoy Australian summers in the best lightweight, waterproof thongs that easily dries.

Practical and durable

Made with single mould technology, everything is a single piece without chances of parts snapping off. Your arch support thongs will last longer than normal thongs that are prone to breaking when parts detach.

Get great value for your money with a pair of thongs that provide real arch support and lasts for a long time. Buying Slappa’s Thongs feels good for your feet – and your pocket.

After a period of time, every thong follows the contour of the wearer’s feet to provide arch support that perfectly fits your feet.

Effortlessly stylish

Slappa’s Thongs come in a wide variety of colours ranging from classics to mixed hues. They are fashionable without even trying. They are the most volatile footwear in an Australian wardrobe matching outfits from shorts, to summer dresses to swim wear.

Without a doubt, Slappa’s Thongs is everything Australians absolutely love about wearing thongs – and more.

Enjoy all day comfort in style

Comfort never goes out of fashion. Slappa’s Thongs are flip flops you can wear for all day comfort while enjoying the benefits of a typical orthotic shoe.

Just like normal thongs, they are water resistant, flexible and breezy. There is a huge difference in walking around wearing the most comfortable thongs in the market.

Slappa’s Thongs feature the perfect arch to remove pressure from inflamed parts of the heel. It also features softer cushioning that soothes the heel with every step.

These lightfeet thongs are flexible and soft. The heels are always in the right position so your feet do not move around risking overusing muscles in the feet.

Comfiest thongs in Australia

There are many benefits of walking around with proper orthotic functions. Slappa’s thongs don’t just prevent foot problems, they also relieve pain caused by Plantar Fasciitis, toe clawing, flat foot and many more.

It is easy to understand why Australians love wearing thongs. They are the most practical and comfy flip flops for hot summer months.

Kick them off to get in the water, put them on while walking around with wet feet and brush off sand before heading home.

Recommended by podiatrists

More and more podiatrists are recommending Slappa’s Thongs for health issues that cause heel pain.

Some conditions where orthotic support can help relieve pain are Plantar Fasciitis, toe clawing, flat foot and inflammation caused by diabetes.

Arch support thongs help sooth pain from inflammation by providing soft cushioning to absorb protrusions and growth. They are the recommended footwear for the duration of the treatment and even after.

Arch support thongs are great relief for muscle tension by providing extra support to keep feet in position.

Without a thick strap, toes tend to grip the front part of the flip flops to keep them from slipping off. In effect, the tension overworks the muscle and causes extreme foot pain.

Slappa’s Thongs feature the heel cup and thick straps for the purpose of keeping every step into position. Aside from keeping muscles relaxed and weight equally balanced throughout the bottom of the feet, it also promotes overall body alignment.

Enjoy the Aussie summer in comfy arch support thongs

Easy breezy is the way to go during the warm months. There’s nothing like kicking off a shoe and letting toes free.

Walking on the beach feeling and looking good is great. Your Slappa’s provide stability and supported arches for all day comfort.

Arch support thongs is everything you love about flip flops and so much more.

They can get wet, they dry easily, they come in all kinds of colours you could possibly want plus they are the most comfortable flip flops for all day comfort.

Thick straps provide extra support

Slappa’s Thongs feature a thick strap to keep the feet in the right position and to promote optimal foot posture.

This is critical to obtain the benefits of orthotic thongs. Every step places each foot in the right position so that the body weight is distributed across the muscles on the heel.

Enjoy a long walk in a comfy thong with supportive functions. Arch support thongs work wonders for your feet.

The right size of arch support for your feet

Every pair of thongs you will get from Slappa’s will have the perfect foot arch unique to your feet.

The Eva foam material moulds into your arches which eventually lead to your unique size of arch.

If you find that the second pair of thongs you purchase is not the same, it is because it takes time for the contour to fully form. It is only a matter of time to follow your foot arch. You will love the new pair just as much as the first.

Benefits of wearing arch support thongs

There is absolutely no risk wearing arch support thongs even without any foot issues. Arch support thongs are good for preventing foot pain and other issues stemming from poor posture.

On the other hand, there are countless benefits of arch support that shoes or regular thongs cannot promise. The soft cushioning and arch support relieve the feet from pressure which promotes overall body alignment.

At the first sign of foot problems such as Plantar Fasciitis, you can forget about wearing ordinary flip flops. Health experts will recommend orthotic footwear to relieve pain while the inflammation heals.

Podiatrists recommend wearing arch support thongs to help manage pain from inflammation and overused muscles. Arch support thongs are used as both preventive and as relief for foot problems. There are no risks involved in wearing arch support thongs.

For those who simply want to enjoy a long summer day on the beach, arch support thongs look good and stay comfy all day.

Available in wide range of colours you could fancy

Slappa’s Thongs come in basic hues, bright lights and funky mixes. There is a color that matches every mood.

Check out the colour options on the website to pick a pair (or two) – it really is impossible not to want more than a pair of stylish orthotic thongs.

Happy feet even if worn all day

Enjoy the beach in perfect footwear that stays comfy all day long.

While flip flops are known to cause foot pains from prolonged use, arch support thongs are a completely different story. They do not just prevent problems with the feet, they also provide relief for those suffering from foot issues.

You can wear a pair of arch support thongs to enjoy all day comfort. With proper supportive functions, your feet will remain comfy and painless.

Avoid toe clawing with arch support thongs

Normal thongs easily slip during a walk. This causes the toes to tense up and grip hard involuntarily.

With arch support thongs, the feet are effortless in position so that muscles are not overused. Walk around in all day comfort with relaxed feet from heel to toes.

Available in hundreds of stockists all over Australia

Slappa’s Thongs are sold in over a hundred stockists located in post offices and open markets in Australia.

They are also available on the website with a free shipping offer for a minimum purchase requirement (it is impossible to only want one pair anyway!).

Buy now and enjoy the benefits of wearing arch support thongs.

Arch support thongs you will absolutely love

These arch support thongs are a game changer for your feet. You will never look for another brand after trying Slappa’s Thongs.

It is the best value for money with superior supportive features as well as durability. The thick strap does not tear easily even with prolonged wear.

Orthotic support for Plantar Fasciitis, flat foot, toe clawing and many more

Slappa’s Thongs provide real arch support that relieves symptoms of common foot problems. They are recommended by podiatrists to soothe pain from inflamed feet and overused muscles.

Those who are not suffering from any issues concerning the feet still benefit from this arch support thong that will provide all day comfort.

Best arch support thongs in Australia

The best thongs are the ones that provide the best support for the feet. There is no compromise to quality and efficacy.

Our thong promises all day comfort and superior orthotic support for our customers.

With soft cushioning that conforms to the shape of your unique foot arch, you will get ultimate support with every step – and all day comfort with every wear.

The only pair of thongs you will ever want

Try a pair of Slappa’s and never look back! Every step feels right with cushioning and perfect arch support that is unique to your feet.

Wear thongs that provide all day comfort and proper orthotic support. Look good and feel great all summer long.

There’s a Slappa’s for everyone

Slappa’s Thongs are available in a huge variety of colours that would look good with any summer outfit.

All day comfort is never out of fashion. These orthotic thongs with perfect arch support are for kids, teens, adults and super adults. Everyone deserves to be super comfy all day long. Wear Slappa’s and enjoy the long summer days like never before.

With a wide array of available footwear, we tend to first look at the style. Beyond the aesthetics though we must look at our own two feet and prioritise arch support. After all, arch support is essential for both mobility and comfort.

In this quick guide, let’s learn about our foot arch, the dangers of not wearing arch support footwear, and the benefits of wearing footwear with arch support.

The Arch of the Foot

The arch of your foot is designed like a spring that bears your weight and absorbs the shock of each stride. Your feet are made up of two longitudinal arches (medial and lateral) and one anterior transverse arch. These arches are supported by ligaments, tendons, and the metatarsal and tarsal bones.

The arches are essential for optimal movement and cushioning the strain of our bodies on our feet. Furthermore, the arches of the feet allow for flexibility during sports like running and walking. They also help with terrain adaption, movement stabilisation, balance, and weight-bearing. 

Travelling on Surfaces

Our feet are designed to tread on sand and dirt. The dirt and sand curve our feet, filling in all of their contours. Although, this has shifted dramatically in the last thousand years as we’ve moved from walking on soft, pliable surfaces to hard and stiff grounds such as marble, concrete, tile, and hardwood floors. As a result, we now live in a vastly different world from the natural surfaces we once walked on.

While soft surfaces easily adjust to our feet and our natural footprint, harsh grounds impact our feet. With firm and harsh grounds, our feet are strained and cause a chain reaction beginning with pain and discomfort to our feet and moving to our knees and backs. 

To avoid this, proper footwear is required at all times. Whether you’re wearing dress shoes or sandals, be sure they have cushion orthotics and arch support that replicate your natural footprint and adjust to the specific arch of your feet.

Types of Foot Arches: Characteristics and Recommendations

Your foot arches are fundamental in supporting your weight when standing and play a critical role in movement while walking. Along with bones, tendons, and ligaments, arches contribute to propelling you forward with each step. Understanding the different types of arches can guide you in selecting the right support.

Normal Arch

A normal arch adequately supports your body weight and slightly rolls inward as you walk or run. Typically, specialized arch support isn’t necessary for people with a normal arch. Footwear labeled as “neutral” is generally recommended for everyday use.

Flat Arch

A flat arch, or fallen arch, is indicated by almost complete footprints that show no “instep” and is prone to overpronation—where the foot rolls inward excessively. This can lead to pain in the ankles, knees, and hips, which often originates from inadequate arch support. For those with flat arches, stabilizing arch support is essential to maintain proper alignment and prevent discomfort.

High Arch

A high arch can lead to muscle strain and joint stress throughout your body, not just in your feet. High arches may not effectively absorb shock, leading to fatigue during extended periods of walking or running. For individuals with high arches, arch supports with additional cushioning are often recommended to provide relief and support.

Implications of Inadequate Arch Support

Arch pain is a frequent symptom of poorly supported arches caused by structural abnormalities or injuries to the ligaments, tendons, bones, and muscles that comprise the foot’s arch. 

Aging, abuse, weight gain, or physical stress can all cause changes in the structural integrity of the foot arch. Additionally, various common foot illnesses can cause arch pain, which is exacerbated by poor arch support. The following are some of the most common reasons for arch discomfort:

Overpronation is a phrase used to describe how your foot moves when you walk. Overpronation occurs when your heel strikes the ground first, then slides inward over the arch of your foot. 

Excessive pronation can injure the arch’s muscles, tendons, and ligaments, resulting in arch pain. Pain in the knees, hips, and back can come from overpronation.

Plantar fasciitis is an inflammation of the plantar fascia, a ligament connecting the heel to the forefoot. The causes of inflammation occur due to stress, irritation, and discomfort on the foot tissue, such as stretching for a long time. 

Fortunately, wearing plantar fasciitis shoes with enough arch support may help alleviate symptoms by supporting the arch and relieving some of the pressure and tension on the plantar fascia.

Who Needs Arch Supports?

If you work on your feet, live an active lifestyle, or have foot, knee, hip or back pain – you should try thongs with Arch Supports.

Foot Pain

Your feet, a sophisticated assembly of bones, muscles, tendons, and ligaments, carry the significant burden of your body weight. Given their complexity and the load they bear, it’s common for feet to be susceptible to injuries and persistent pain.

Knee Pain

Knee pain often stems from aging, injuries, or continuous stress on the knee joints. Incorrect walking patterns, often due to unresolved foot pain or alignment issues, can further aggravate knee injuries, leading to chronic pain and inflammation.

Hip Pain

Hip pain is frequently a result of injuries or conditions like arthritis that progressively worsen over time. Poor body mechanics or alignment issues can aggravate or even cause hip pain.

Back Pain

The lower back is a complex structure composed of muscles, bones, joints, ligaments, and nerves. Disruptions or injuries to any of these components can result in significant back pain.

Plantar Fasciitis

Plantar Fasciitis involves the inflammation of the fascia at the bottom of your foot, leading to severe heel pain. Using arch support thongs and engaging in specific exercises can significantly reduce the discomfort associated with Plantar Fasciitis.

Benefits of Footwear with Arch Support

There are numerous advantages of wearing supportive, orthopaedic footwear. Orthopaedic footwear not only supports your arch and reduces your risk of acquiring common arch ailments, but it also provides a slew of other advantages. 

They also provide arch support required to cushion your feet. Furthermore, supportive footwear can aid in the reduction of edema, swollen feet, joint pain, stiffness and improves blood circulation by properly aligning your body and preventing damage to your feet with each stride.


Numerous foot aches are caused by footwear that does not provide adequate support for your feet. For this reason, footwear must be cushioned to absorb the stress of each step and have arch support to adjust to your natural footprint and protect your muscles, bones, ligaments, and tendons from damage and strain. 

As you shop for new footwear, invest in supportive footwear that fits tightly around your arch to prevent common foot ailments and arch pain.

Are you looking for thongs with arch support? Shop our collection today!

Oh yes it’s that time of year again!  Santa has something your feet will be forever grateful for.

There are numerous advantages to wearing supportive, orthopedic footwear. Orthopedic footwear not only supports your arch and reduces your risk of acquiring common arch ailments, but it also provides some other advantages. 

Slappa’s thongs provide arch support required to cushion your feet. Furthermore, supportive footwear can aid in the reduction of edema, swollen feet, joint pain, stiffness and improves blood circulation by properly aligning your body and preventing damage to your feet with each stride.

Numerous foot aches are caused by footwear that do not provide adequate support for your feet. For this reason, footwear must be cushioned to absorb the stress of each step and have arch support to adjust to your natural footprint and protect your muscles, bones, ligaments, and tendons from damage and strain. 

So put a pair of slappa’s on your Christmas list and invest in supportive footwear that fits tightly around your arch to prevent common foot ailments and arch pain. Your feet will thank you!

Are you looking for thongs with arch support? Slappa is your go-to source for footwear that provides support, durability, practicality, and quality materials all at once. With our products, you can champion style and comfort through timelessness and affordability. Shop our collection today!

If you’ve ever considered visiting the top end, there has never been a better time than right now.

Whilst the rest of the country, in fact the rest of the world, is in absolute chaos, you will find your oasis in tropical Darwin.

As the territory opens its borders on 17th July, there’s an array of events and things of interest that will take you all the way through to the end of the year.

Reset 2020 has been moved to Saturday 19th September and features artists such as Jon Stevens performing the Noiseworks and INXS collection, Daryl Braithwaite riding high as always and touring his brand new single “Love Songs”, Aussie legend Shannon Noll and unquestionably one of Australia’s finest live acts Thirsty Merc. They will be joined by some of the Northern Territory’s finest artists such as Dr Elephant at one of the most picturesque festival locations in Australia, The Darwin Ski Club.

The event organisers have a COVID-19 Event Safety Plan in place and will follow the guidelines set out by the Department of Health. See the website for bookings and details.

Alternatively, come and soak up the atmosphere and flavours of Darwin’s biggest street market every Sunday, from 4:00pm to 9:00pm!

Bask in the Dry Season glory in true Darwin style by enjoying a picnic dinner on the beach whilst experiencing a spectacular sunset at Mindil Beach Sunset Market – Every Sunday.

See you there!

For the lovers of sport, Darwin has you covered. Check out two of the largest sporting and social events in Darwin, the iconic Great Northern Darwin Cup on Monday 3rd August or the roar of the BetEasy V8 Supercars on Saturday 8th and Sunday 9th August.

For the cycling enthusiasts, the 2020 Sunbuild Top End Gran Fondo will be held on the 30th August.

All events start and finish at the Darwin Waterfront, the traditional Sunbuild Full Fondo will be the same as 2019 and they have added a couple of new events this year: 109km and 10km. The traditional Darwin Family Law Half Fondo has dropped back to 60km, with the 25km Fun Fondo and 3km Mini Fondo being the same. So now there truly is a distance for everyone with 6 rides on offer. I know I’ll be there!

photo source:

For the culture vultures, there’s the Darwin Festival including The Telstra National Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Art Awards, Australia’s longest running and most prestigious art awards dedicated to indigenous artists.

Award winning comedian Amy Hetherington and Settle Down Sisters will also be there for your entertainment.

Go to for more information.


With so much to do, there’s no excuse to be stuck at home in the cold. Darwin has it all.

And of course, what trip would be complete without your ever faithful and comfy Slappa’s Thongs.

Whilst the rest of the world is in a spin, the one thing you can rely on is that Slappa’s Thongs are still as comfortable and durable as they ever have been.

So, before you come to see us (and we hope you do) why not jump on to our new website and pick up ‘An Advanced Australian Pair’?

If you don’t have time to get a pair delivered, you can always come and see us at Mindil Beach Sunset Market or grab a pair from one of our local stockists.

Your feet will love you for it!

Safe travels and stay healthy.

Pregnant and uncomfortable. A pretty familiar story for most women carrying their first child. But for Denise Dunn, this was the motivation for what was to become a revolution in arch support thongs.

“During pregnancy, I craved comfortable and open footwear, and as much as I loved wearing thongs, they provided no foot support,” Denise said. “That’s when I had my light-bulb moment, and Slappa’s Thongs were born.”

Fast forward ten years and the phenomenon that became Slappa’s Thongs has taken the footwear industry by storm. There have been the inevitable imitations, but no other thong has managed to produce the style and ultimate comfort that Slappa’s provide.

As Denise celebrates her birthday, so does the company she formed with husband Roger ten years ago.

“I’ve been selling Slappa’s at Mindil Beach Markets since 2010. It’s a great place to promote our thongs and catch up with new and existing customers who come to the markets every year. However, getting to where we are today hasn’t been easy.”

It’s taken millions of hours of research, almost half a dozen manufacturers and many miles travelled for Denise to finally find the right formula to produce her decade old vision for the perfect thong.

However, support comes in many ways and without family, Denise says none of this would have been possible.

As a visionary designer and entrepreneur, how does it feel to see your product come to life?

“It does feel strange seeing people wearing a product that I designed, manufactured and own. But I’m so proud of what we have managed to achieve, and I love that we get such positive feedback from so many happy customers.

And as for my kids, I hope I’m an example that if you put your mind to it you can achieve things you never thought you could”.

As Slappa’s Thongs celebrates it’s tenth year, Denise and Roger want to thank their loyal following and promise that their commitment to producing a comfortable, supportive and fashionable product will never wane.

Will the simple handshake be consigned to a form of greeting and social interaction from a bygone era?  And will the less formal celebratory “high five” meet the same fate?

The Covid-19 pandemic has forced us all to act, think, and live differently.

Yes, we have had to adapt, but us Aussies are a resilient bunch.

It’s some of the small things (and not so small things) that I’m sure many of us are missing and perhaps in the past have taken for granted. But on the other side of this, we do have the opportunity to enjoy and appreciate some of the simple pleasures in life.

There are so many things that I am looking forward to doing; the chance to catch up with friends over a beer or wine at the local looks even more attractive than before. A backyard BBQ with a bunch of mates with some late-night karaoke sounds mighty fine too.

To hang over the fence and cheer my kids on as they pump those legs to exhaustion on their racing bikes, or to simply sit back and kick up my feet (with my Slappa’s on of course) and watch a sporting event on the telly.

I miss watching a movie at the local cinema too, yes of course we have numerous video streaming options, but the cinema is…well, just different.

Markets are so special to us too. The vibe, the joy, the interaction with so many different people; it’s something that we really look forward to.

Appreciate your local market, it offers a communal experience and gathering of an eclectic mix of wonderful people like no other.

The ability to once again socialize more closely with the elderly is something to cherish.

For many of us, the opportunity to have a touch of beauty “maintenance” won’t go astray either.

Group fitness and yoga classes where communal sweat is commonplace will take on a whole new level of sensory enlightenment.

Simply engaging in water cooler “chat” at the office is something that I’m sure many will be looking forward to as well.

Bustling your way through a horde of shoppers at the local mall may just be a nicer experience than the one some of us dreaded previously.

To hug a newborn baby, attend an Anzac Day ceremony, enjoy a meal at our favourite restaurant, a birthday gathering, not having to plan toilet paper and sanitizer usage, getting the laptop and work files off the kitchen table, to enjoy a picnic at the park, ride public transport, jump on a plane and head interstate or overseas for a holiday, there is so much to appreciate and look forward to.

I’m going to take this as an opportunity to “smell the roses”, appreciate what we have and what we will have in the future, remember, us Aussies are tough, we’ll find a way, and make sure we are enjoying ourselves while we are doing it!

Are we allowed to hug yet?

Anzac Day has a strong meaning for my family and me.

We have attended many dawn services over the years. For us, these occasions honour the brave men and women who served our country and it is a special time of reflection for many Australians.

So, this ANZAC Day we would like to extend our thoughts to all Australians, especially those who served our country to enable the freedom we enjoy today and to say that despite the current COVID 19 pandemic, we will emerge stronger than ever as we always have.

For those who aren’t aware of what ANZAC Day means, here is our quick reminder, plus a delicious recipe for Denise’s ANZAC biscuits and an exciting announcement about one of Australia’s most loved sons.

Lest we forget

From the Slappa’s Thongs family.

When is Anzac Day? 
Anzac Day, 25 April, is one of Australia’s most important national occasions. It marks the anniversary of the first major military action fought by Australian and New Zealand forces during the First World War. The 25th of April was officially named Anzac Day in 1916.

What does ‘ANZAC’ stand for? 
‘ANZAC’ stands for Australian and New Zealand Army Corps. 

On the 25th of April 1915, Australian and New Zealand soldiers formed part of the allied expedition that set out to capture the Gallipoli peninsula. These became known as Anzacs and the pride they took in that name continues to this day. 

Why is this day special to Australians? 
On the morning of 25 April 1915, the Anzacs set out to capture the Gallipoli peninsula in order to open the Dardanelles to the allied navies. The objective was to capture Constantinople (now Istanbul in Turkey), the capital of the Ottoman Empire, and an ally of Germany. 

The Anzacs landed on Gallipoli and met fierce resistance from the Ottoman Turkish defenders. Their plan to knock Turkey out of the war quickly became a stalemate, and the campaign dragged on for eight months. 

The Anzacs were courageous and although the Gallipoli campaign failed in its military objectives, the Australian and New Zealand actions during the campaign left us all a powerful legacy. 

What does Anzac Day mean today? 
With the coming of the Second World War, Anzac Day also served to commemorate the lives of Australians who died in that war. The meaning of Anzac Day today includes the remembrance of all Australians killed in military operations.

What happens on ANZAC Day? 
Anzac Day remembrance takes two forms. Commemorative services are held at dawn – the time of the original landing in Gallipoli – across the nation. Later in the day, ex-servicemen and women meet to take part in marches through the major cities and in many smaller centres. Commemorative ceremonies are more formal and are held at war memorials around the country. 

Why are poppies associated with Anzac Day?
The red poppy, pinned to the breast of Aussies on Anzac Day, is a symbol of war remembrance and of Armistice on November 11, 1918. According to the Australian War Memorial, the red poppy or Flanders poppy, was among the first plants to spring up in the battlefields of northern France and Belgium after the war

The Anzac Biscuit 
During World War One, the friends and families of soldiers and community groups sent food to the fighting men. Due to the time delays in getting food items to the front lines, they had to send food that would remain edible, without refrigeration, for long periods of time that retained high nutritional value; the Anzac biscuit met this need. 

Although there are variations, the basic ingredients are: rolled oats, sugar, plain flour, coconut, butter, golden syrup or treacle, bi carbonate of soda, and boiling water. 

The biscuit was first known as the Soldiers’ Biscuit. The current name, Anzac Biscuit, has as much to do with Australia’s desire to recognise the Anzac tradition and the Anzac biscuit as part of the staple diet at Gallipoli. 

The Anzac biscuit is one of the few commodities that are able to be legally marketed in Australia using the word ‘Anzac’, which is protected by Federal Legislation. 

See Denise’s version of the Anzac Biscuit, recipe below.

Denise’s ANZAC Biscuits (Inspired by Australian Cricketer Matthew Hayden’s recipe). 

A friend gave me Matthew Hayden’s recipe book years as one of my favourite things were Cricket and Cooking.

So here it is:

1 cup rolled oats
1 cup plain flour
1/2 -3/4 cup white sugar
3/4 cup desiccated or shredded coconut
125g butter
2-3 generous tablespoons golden syrup (you can use honey or a mixture of both)
1 1/2 teaspoons bicarb soda
2 tablespoons boiling water 
200g dark or milk choc chips

I double the mixture for a bigger batch – as one batch is not enough 😀

Preheat oven to 140 degree Celsius 
Line baking trays with non-stick baking paper.
Place oats, flour, sugar and coconut into a large bowl, stir and combine.
Melt butter and golden syrup in a medium saucepan.
Put bicarb into a cup, add the boiling water, stir to dissolve.
Take the butter & golden syrup mixture of the heat or turn down, stir in until frothy (the reason for taking off the heat or turning down is so the mixture doesn’t boil over as once you add the hot bicarb the causes the mixture to rise)
Add the butter/golden syrup mixture to the dry ingredients and mix well until evenly combined.
Let mixture cool for 5-10 minutes then mix in choc chips. (Choc chips are optional you can also use sultanas or not put in at all)

Roll level tablespoons of mixture into balls, flatten out slightly with fingertips and make sure you leave room for spreading.
You may need tow trays.
Cook for 16 minutes until golden brown
Leave on trays until firm around 5-10mins, then transfer onto a wire rack to cool completely. Hopefully not too many disappear before storing in an airtight container.
They can be put in the freezer, but you must put baking paper between the layers, so they don’t stick together.

Makes between 28-36 biscuits depending on how big you roll them.

I add the choc chips to my Anzac biscuits as these make great energy snacks for when cycling. Put a couple in a snap lock bag to take on your ride.

Great for Kids school lunches and delicious with a cup of coffee or tea. 

These biscuits do travel! I have also been known to send to friends’ interstate who loved them.

A Tribute in Song – Shannon Noll

Multi-award-winning Australian artist Shannon Noll together with his brothers (The Noll Brothers) are releasing their version of the stirring and emotive Redgum hit “Only 19”.

If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it, the old saying goes, and as we all know there’s nothing about Shannon Noll’s gutsy voice that warrants first aid. Just give him a song to sing and he will take it to where only he can.

The release of this new version of “Only 19” is on the 24th of April in conjunction with @soldieronaust to bring some awareness to the struggle so many returned service men and women face after returning home.

We had a listen through a recent Facebook Live performance and absolutely love this version, we’re sure you guys will as well!

So, make sure you grab a copy on the 24th of April!

The single will be available on iTunes, Spotify and other music platforms.


Hey guys, my brothers and I have recorded a version of ‘Only 19’ from Red Gum and we are releasing it on the 24th of April in conjunction with @soldieronaust to bring some awareness to the struggle so many returned service men and women face after returning home. We luv the version we’ve recorded and hope you guys do as well! So make sure you grab a copy on the 24th of April! Hope you are all safe and taking care of one another! #lookafteryourselves #anzacday

Posted by Shannon Noll on Wednesday, 1 April 2020


Denise Dunn’s Recipe drawer

Australian’s all let us rejoice, our thongs make us feel free!

Yeah OK, maybe that’s a bit corny but hey, we are talking about some seriously comfortable and locally designed foot hugs here.

Why ‘An Advanced Australian Pair’? We often get asked are our Slappa’s Thongs manufactured here in Australia… well unfortunately, no they are not.

Why? Because there isn’t a single manufacturer on shore with the machinery capable of producing EVA foam thongs.

So, why is EVA foam so important and how is it different to rubber?

Well, foam manufactured with EVA resins has many physical benefits. Unlike a sponge, foams from this process are closed-cell, meaning it’s waterproof and resists mould, mildew and bacteria from entering the material.

It is also cross-linked, which means that the cells are connected in a way that makes the foam strong and durable with high tear and tensile strength.

All polyolefin elastomers are also resistant to most chemicals, which allow the products to not only be used in a chemical environment, but also very cleanable with most household cleaners.

You see, the quality and durability of your Slappa’s can only be guaranteed through this manufacturing method and we are committed to producing the highest quality, most durable and comfortable thongs you will ever wear.

Slappa’s Thongs are designed here for Australian conditions and founder and Managing Director, Denise Dunn, hails from Fannie Bay in the NT.

You don’t get much more Aussie than that!

Our family-owned and operated business started at the Mindil Beach Sunset markets in 2010 and has been servicing Australia from Darwin ever since.

So, when you are looking to wear the most comfortable, durable and Aussie designed thongs on the market, do yourself (and your feet) a favour and Wear an Advanced Australian Pair!

Saint Patrick was a fifth-century Romano-British Christian missionary and bishop in Ireland. Known as the “Apostle of Ireland”, he is the primary patron saint of Ireland.

Patrick was never formally canonized. Nevertheless, he is venerated in the Catholic Church, the Anglican Communion, the Lutheran Churches, the Old Catholic Church, and in the Eastern Orthodox Church as equal-to-the-apostles and Enlightener of Ireland.

The dates of Patrick’s life cannot be fixed with certainty, but there is broad agreement that he was active as a missionary in Ireland during the fifth century.

Saint Patrick’s Day is observed on 17 March, the supposed date of his death. It is celebrated inside and outside Ireland as a religious and cultural holiday.

According to the autobiographical Confessio of Patrick, when he was about 16, he was captured by Irish pirates from his home in Britain and taken as a slave to Ireland, looking after animals; he lived there for six years before escaping and returning to his family. After becoming a cleric, he returned to northern and western Ireland. In later life, he served as a bishop, but little is known about the places where he worked. By the seventh century, he had already come to be revered as the patron saint of Ireland.

He explains that the Lord had mercy on his youth and ignorance and afforded him the opportunity to be forgiven his sins and convert to Christianity. While in captivity, he worked as a shepherd and strengthened his relationship with God through prayer, eventually leading him to convert to Christianity.

After six years of captivity he heard a voice telling him that he would soon go home, and then that his ship was ready. Fleeing his master, he travelled to a port, two hundred miles away, where he found a ship and with difficulty persuaded the captain to take him. After three days’ sailing, they landed, presumably in Britain, and apparently all left the ship, walking for 28 days in a “wilderness” and becoming faint from hunger.

So, whilst we celebrate St. Patrick’s Day with our Irish stew, leek and potato soup or shamrock veggie skewers; washing it all down with a pint of black velvet Guinness consider this…

If you had to walk through the wilderness for 28 days, becoming faint from hunger, not even knowing that there was a Sainthood in it for you at the end; what would you want to be wearing on your feet?

Now, far be it from us to presume, but maybe the course of history would have changed significantly if only good ol’ St. Paddy wore a comfy pair of Slappa’s for his journey.

Slappa’s Thongs weren’t available to St. Patrick, but as you can see, they are now available to us and the Anglican Archbishop, Northern Territory; he has a white, purple and of course a green pair!

So, this St. Patrick’s Day why not Wear an Advanced Australian Pair?

On February 16th to 26th, the South Australian streets come alive in the city and hills for the Santos Tour Down Under.

There will be more lycra and saddle sores than you can shake a spoke at… and if you own a coffee shop; well, all your Christmases are about to come at once!

Jokes aside though, the Santos Tour Down Under is Australia’s greatest cycling race, with a rich history as the highest-regarded and most popular bike race in the southern hemisphere.

The event was first staged in 1999 with local rider Stuart O’Grady taking the win. Since then, numerous internationally renowned cyclists have joined the Honour Roll. The event has grown year-on-year to become the biggest cycling race in the southern hemisphere.

Proficient cyclists and amateurs alike will don the skins and saddle up whilst many will spectate in awe of the speeds some of these guys achieve in what can be gruelling conditions.

Now, whilst we love our Slappa’s Thongs, we are the first to admit they are probably not totally appropriate for mounting the deadly treadly and we would highly recommend a suitable cycling shoe.

So, if you’re going to splash out on a professional pair, what should you look out for?

The key features when it comes to cycling shoes are the fastening system, the sole, the cleat style and of course the fit.

Here is some more information:

Of course, even with the best cycling shoe money can buy, you will still look forward to the dismount so you can head home and slip on your super comfortable and personally moulded Slappa’s Thongs.

Because, as we all know, they are so comfy, you’ll never want to take them off!

Happy Tour Down Under!

We all know it’s crucial to be sun smart at this time of year in Australia.

However, melanoma skin cancer was the fourth most commonly diagnosed cancer in Australia in 2015 and it’s estimated that it will remain the fourth most commonly diagnosed cancer in 2019. 

It’s also estimated that 1725 people died as a result of melanoma cancer in 2019 in Australia and over 15,000 new cases were diagnosed. These are staggering statistics; especially given the amount of education we now have about this devastating disease.

So, what can we do to prevent it? Glad you asked!

Well, the SunSmart website has some great tips;

But here are a few tips on how to choose the best and most appropriate clothing:

Not all clothing fabric is equal. Consider:

So, whilst you are loving life and having fun this summer, kicking around on the beach in your ultra-comfy Slappa’s Thongs, just remember to slip, slop, Slappa’s!

Slip on a shirt, slop on plenty of sunscreen (and don’t forget to do your feet and particularly in between those toes!), slap on your hat and Slappa’s.

Your body, skin and feet will love you for it!

Bruce Munro: Tropical Light is a free outdoor exhibition featuring eight illuminated sculptures across Darwin’s CBD by world-renowned artist Bruce Munro.

The display will include a collection of new and existing work that reflects Mr Munro’s experiences in Australia and the Territory, including Darwin’s natural beauty, distinct wildlife, welcoming locals and spectacular sunsets.

Bruce Munro is internationally renowned for his site-specific light-based sculptures and installations.  

Tropical Light is a development with a collection of eight works, marking his largest city-wide exhibition in Australia.

The artist based the concepts of these works on his personal history of visiting Darwin, allowing the viewers to discover a blend of Darwin experiences, nature and history in each one.

Bruce Munro: Tropical Light provides a fantastic range of opportunities for local Darwin artists.

Tropical Light also showcases five Darwin artists with their art featuring along the Activated Path, a 2.5km arts trail throughout Darwin’s CBD.

Spectacular murals and amazing street art from local artists make this trail a must-see experience.

Other local artists have been involved in the marketing and graphic design of this event, photographic exhibitions by Darwin’s talented photographers, and spectacular artistic shopfront window displays in Darwin’s CBD add to the vibrancy of the City.

There is also the Tropical Light Mobile App – as you explore the Activated Path you will hear about the inspiration behind the artworks and seasonal stories by the Larrakia people celebrating the Tropical Summer.

It’s a new event for Darwin that runs for 6 months across the tropical summer (1st November- 30th April) that creates great new experiences for locals and visitors to enjoy. 

Whilst meandering the streets of Darwin, enjoying the array of food choices and taking in the sights and delights, comfortable footwear is paramount.

Let’s face it, no one wants sore feet spoiling their artistic immersion!

So why not blend comfort with style and enjoy this unique cultural and culinary melting pot wearing your favourite pair of Slappa’s Thongs?

They’re so comfortable, you won’t want to take them off.

Bruce Munro: Tropical Light is held each night during Darwin’s Tropical Summer from 7pm – 10:30pm.


Did you know that in our lifetime the average person will walk over 150,000 km? (that’s about 216,262,500 steps), each foot takes 1.5 times our body weight while we walk, so it’s important to take good care of our feet.

OCTOBER 14-20, 2019 is National Foot Health Week, it’s a week to say ‘Thanks’ to your feet for all the support they provide you with each and every year!

One of the key factors for a happy and healthy lifestyle is mobility. Being able to move around freely and comfortably is a must to overall health and sense of well-being.

The arches of the foot play an important part in supporting our body weight, that’s why any relief we can give them goes a long way to putting a smile on our face.

If your feet are comfortable then you’re comfortable which encourages a more active lifestyle. Painful feet = a painful life.

By understanding the impact of your feet and legs on your health, you can be more physically active, and there is nothing more important than that!

Some tips to remember for keeping our feet healthy:

Keep your feet clean and dry

Examine your feet regularly

Wear the appropriate footwear

If you are diabetic, get regular foot checks

Get periodic foot exams by a health professional

 “ The human foot is a masterpiece of engineering and a work of art. “   
                                                        – Leonardo da Vinci

Remember to take care of your feet, and they’ll take care of you!

Did you know?

Download the Foot Health Fact Sheets

The Australian Podiatry Association provides these fact sheets to help you learn more about your foot health and take better care of your feet! Please understand that they do not replace clinical advice, and we strongly advise you to see your podiatrist if you have any concerns.


“Sole Therapy has been working closely with Denise and Slappa’s Thongs for several years now. Sole Therapy is a podiatry-based business that specializes in podiatry, biomechanics, orthoses and footwear since 2008.

We pride ourselves in finding and sourcing good value and quality products that we can sell to our clients here at the practice. Slappa’s Thongs have been a great produce for us to stock. Our practice model is based around helping individuals love their body from the sole up. Most of our clients seek our services because they have foot, leg, knee and back discomfort.

Slappa’s mould to your feet with great arch support and highly recommend them to anyone. In particular those who are experiencing heel pain and those that wear orthoses and looking for a summer alternative.”

Nicole Reilly | Director & Accredited Podiatrist, Sole Therapy (NSW)

1. Plantar Fasciitis

Did you know 1 in 10 people suffer from Plantar Fasciitis?!

The plantar fascia is a piece of strong and thick tissue that runs along the bottom of the foot. It connects the heel bone to the toes, creating the foot’s arch. Plantar Faciitis is inflammation for the plantar fascia, either through overstretching, overuse or a medical condition.

If you or someone you know suffers from Plantar Fasciitis we highly recommend you give Slappa’s Thongs with arch support a try.

High arches is a common contributor to Plantar Fasciitis, Slappa’s plantar fasciitis thongs offer great arch support, made out of material that moulds to your feet for that perfect fit.

A good tip for Plantar Fasciitis sufferers is to leave your Slappa’s next to your bed at night so they are the first thing you put on your feet in the morning. This will help protect the ligaments and tendons from stretching which is how PF starts.

“I wear Slappa’s every day of the year. I have Plantar Fasciitis and Slappa’s are the only shoe/thong that gives me relief. I just love them!” – Jen

2. Morton’s Neuroma

Morton’s neuroma is a painful condition that affects the ball of your foot, most commonly the area between your third and fourth toes. Morton’s neuroma may feel as if you are standing on a pebble in your shoe or on a fold in your sock.

Slappa’s comfortable thongs provide great support for your feet and can help relieve the pain and tingling that Morton’s Neuroma sufferers battle with. Wearing normal shoes will put extra pressure on your feet and don’t leave enough room for your toes to stretch out like they should. 

“Mortons neuroma and Friberg Disease are painful. I’ve been wearing my Slappa’s and they are so comfortable. Today I actually stopped and thought “wow. I have no pain at all”. First day in a long time.” – Mrs White

3. Arthritis

Arthritis is a medical condition that damages the body’s joints, causing discomfort and pain. It can range from mild to severe and can affect people of all ages.

According to our stockist, My Podiatrist, pain from arthritis may change the way you walk, making you more susceptible to other conditions such as bunions.

Slappa’s Thongs with arch support are designed to increase comfort and add stability – as well as decrease pressure on overworked joints and muscles. Many of our customers have reported a noticeable reduction in arthritis-caused pain by wearing our arch support flip flops.

“I wear Slappa’s Thongs all day every day except for work with socks in winter! They are the best thongs for Osteo, Rheumatoid Arthritis and Plantar Fasciitis!” – Sharon

4. Achilles Tendinitis

Achilles tendinitis, also known as Achilles tendonitis, is inflammation of the Achilles tendon. The Achilles tendon connects your calf muscles to the back of your heel bone. It allows extension of your foot downward, away from your body, which lets your heel lift off the ground as you move forward when walking.

“This pair was for my husband. I have 3 pairs and have introduced Slappa Thongs to members of my family who all love them. I have Achilles Tendinitis and wearing Slappas has improved my life considerably” – Christine

5. Complex Regional Pain

Complex regional pain syndrome (CRPS) is a painful condition of a person’s arm, hand, leg or foot, which occurs after an injury, such as a fracture. Symptoms can range from mild to severe, and may last months or years. Most people recover fully, but the condition can recur and for a small group of people with CRPS, symptoms may be severe and persist for years. Females are three times more likely to be affected than males.

“I have complex regional pain syndrome in my right foot tried every other thong on the market Slappa’s has given me hope once again in wearing a thong thank you so much.” – Colin

6. Diabetic Neuropathy

We do have quite a few customers with diabetic neuropathy and our podiatrists that stock our product also recommend it for this condition due to the arch support. The raised ridges around our thongs are especially good for protection also. 

7. Back Pain

Our stockist, Sole Therapy, says in their guest blog here that there are several ways that lower back pain can impact the foot. Nerve root issues in the lower back such as bulging discs or compressed nerves can radiate along the sciatic nerve and into the foot. Differences in hip levels can contribute to foot pain through jarring in the joints or increased pressures when the foot lands.

With Slappa’s Thongs with arch support, you’ll find the heel is higher than the toe area which is good for alignment, good posture, good for back, knees and Sciatica.

“I first purchased my Slappa’s a few years ago after seeing them at markets in Darwin. I’ve suffered with PF for years and had instant relief. My last purchase was for my husband… he found his back pain has disappeared since becoming a convert. Can’t recommend highly enough!” – Deb

8. Recovering From Fractures/Sprains

Broken bones (also called fractures) in the foot are very common. Feet are very vulnerable to slipping and twisting. Our feet and toes lead us around when we walk and are on the receiving end of dropped objects. About one out of every 10 broken bones occurs in the foot.

Our stockist, Lara Physiotherapy, says recovery time after an ankle sprain or fracture will depend on the severity of your injury and can be anywhere between 3-12 weeks. A health professional will be able to identify the severity of your ankle sprain, screen for a fracture and provide you with expected recovery time. They will progress you through the rehabilitation process, reducing your risk of ongoing instability, pain and spraining your ankle again.

If you’re given crutches or advised to wear a “moonboot” wearing a Slappa’s Thong on your non-injured foot can help with alignment while your foot/ankle heals. You’ll also find Slappa’s are one of the easiest footwear to get your foot into and provide the most support when you are able to walk on your injured foot again.

“Stability for previous fractures to both ankles and being classed as legally blind they allow me to feel safely supported thank you!!”Denise

9. Foot, Knee and Back Issues During Pregnancy

Alice Thorn an Acupuncture and Physiotherapist from Darwin says of our product;

In my profession as a physiotherapist, I am concerned about the “foundation” of my patients. In other words their feet, the arches and the surface on which they stand and walk. Slappa’s Thongs are ideal in the tropics where many people walk barefooted on tiles in the heat. Collapsed arches are very common under these environmental conditions and many patients complain of foot pain from the hard tiles.

Slappa’s Thongs are soft yet supportive of both the medial and transverse foot arches. The outer raised edge of the Slappa’s Thongs keeps the foot exactly where the arch support is required.

“I personally undertook rigorous testing to make sure the product delivered on their claims and I now recommend her thongs to most of my patients who include pregnant women and patients with foot, knee and back issues.” – Alice

Explore Our Range of Arch Support Thongs for Men and Women’s Arch Support Thongs, in a Variety of Colours!

Slappa’s Thongs & Cystic Fibrosis

Cystic Fibrosis (CF) is a cause very close to our hearts and this month we are proud to be joining the #CFArmy to help spread awareness of CF by donating $5 from every pair of Slappa’s purchased online plus to help cure CF.

What Is Cystic Fibrosis?

Cystic fibrosis (CF) is the most common inherited disease affecting the developed world, with one in every 2,500 children affected. It is a multi-organ disease, affecting the lungs, gut, liver, pancreas and reproductive tissues. At present, about half of those with CF will die before they are 50 from lung disease. Lung disease is the cause of death in over 90% of CF patients.

Although there has been recent advancement in treatments, these treatments do not work for everyone with CF.

To learn more about CF and what its like living with CF – head here:

Who are Cure4CF?

Cure4 Cystic Fibrosis (Cure4CF) have one purpose – to find a cure for CF.

Cure4CF raises funds for world-leading CF research through inspiring engagement and genuine partnerships, because cystic fibrosis is a solvable problem and together, we can be a part of the cure. As individuals they are relentless and passionate in their fight, and together they form a remarkable force.

We are closer to a cure than ever before, but until the day comes when no lives are lost to this disease, Cure4CF vow to remain steadfast in their pursuit. They share stories of hope, and demonstrate their immediate impact on the advancement of this cure to inspire others to join the fight.
This year they have committed to investing a minimum of $750,000 to support cure focused translations research. That’s they type of research that has the best chance of making it into the hands of those who need it most. Our CF Warriors.

How Can You Help?

Together, and only together, are we able to take the action necessary to pursue a future free of this disease.

Head to the Cure4CF website for some ways you can help join the fight against Cystic Fibrosis:

You can also help us to help them by purchasing a pair of Slappa’s this May.

Thongs on!
The Slappas Team

ANZACs and Allies

We have always been great allies with America be it through trade, politics or war, and with ANZAC Day being next week we wanted to take a moment and honour just how special that history of friendship has been.

For this subject we’re pleased to have a Guest Contributor that has not only lived on both continents but is one of very few military personnel to have served for both America and Australia not via inter-service transfer. Former Private Erik Bibaeff has served in both the US Navy (4 years) and Australian Army (5 years) during Operation Iraqi Freedom, Operation Enduring Freedom and Operation Slipper. He shares with us a little about how our two great countries have and continue to, work side by side.

Australians have fought alongside Americans in every major US military action of the last century, including World War I, World War II, Korea, Vietnam, the Persian Gulf, Somalia, East Timor, Afghanistan and Iraq.

We first fought together at the Battle of Hamel in France in July of 1918 under the command of one of Australia’s most revered military leaders, General Sir John Monash. This was marked last year by both countries in what they called “The First 100 Years of Mateship”. It was a really special celebration for both countries.

In 1951 America, Australia and New Zealand formalised our relationship in what is called the ANZUS Treaty; it was an agreement to protect the security of the South Pacific. See, when World War II began, because Australia and New Zealand were members of the British Empire, when Britain entered the war so did Australia and New Zealand.

For the first time in our history Australia and New Zealand were under direct threat of an attack. And the attack came, in the form of over 100 air raids from the Japanese in 1942 and 1943 the worst of which, as we know, was The Bombing of Darwin.

The Bombing of Darwin on 19th February 1942 was the single largest attack ever mounted by a foreign power on Australia and along with at least 243 Australian lives, there were at least 10 US sailors from the USS William B Preston killed as well.

It was after the Darwin bombing and the preceding fall of Singapore (which was also a British colony at the time) that Australia and New Zealand realised that the British Government had their hands full with the war in Europe and weren’t able to focus on protecting their other colonies. They began to look to the United States to help ensure their safety and security.

Since then, Australian and American soldiers, sailors, marines, airmen and women have served alongside one another in every theatre of war.

Today, US marines are stationed in Darwin and will be every year until 2040 under the terms of the force posture agreement between the USA and Australia.  We also have servicemen and women working together in Afghanistan, Iraq and Syria.

Just last year The Prime Minister of Australia met with United States President Donald Trump at the White House to discuss an Australia-United States partnership for the 21st Century, including how we can strengthen our economic links to create more jobs, and expand our national security cooperation.

America and Australia’s deep and enduring bond, mutual respect and close co-operation exists today not only because of our history together but because of our similar hopes and dreams for the future ahead.

Erik Bibaeff

For those of you in Darwin for ANZAC Day you can see information on Commemoration Events here.

For other cities and states you can find information on services near you here.

There are also many ANZAC Day services and events in the USA so if you’re currently located in America click here.

Lest We Forget.

The Slappa’s Team

PS. We are very excited this year to announce that Slappa’s Thongs will soon be available on in the United States of America!

Reflexology is an old technique that aims to increase blood flow to certain parts of the body to relieve pressure and pain. These points, often found on your feet and hands, are connected directly to the body’s glands and organs. Every person’s experience with reflexology is a little bit different.

With reflexology, you may experience cold or hot sensations, the need to breathe deeply, sweating of the hands and feet, tiredness, relaxed muscles, and feeling freed of stress and tension.

You can go to a reflexology therapist to have work done, but you can also do it at home with a partner or yourself.

What better treat this Valentine’s Day than a reflexology foot massage from the one you love? But don’t waste the effect – make sure you wear your Slappa’s to maintain that comfy relaxed feeling. Your feet will love you for it!

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Especially in Australia where they become the standard footwear for 90% of the country! In fact, our beloved thongs even make it onto’s list of Summer Holidays in Australia: 13 Things That Shock Foreign Visitors where according to them.

We Really Like Wearing Thongs: Yes, thongs. Not flip-flops or jandals. Thongs. Get used to it. And in summer we’ll wear thongs pretty much everywhere. We’ll wear them to the beach, to barbecues, to the cricket, to the pub, to dinner, and to anywhere else we might happen to end up. It’s a stereotype, and it’s kind of daggy, but it’s true. After all, thongs come in handy – you might need to kill a cockroach.

So this month we thought we’d share some of our favourite Aussie Summer Eats, Summer Drinks and Summer Reads with you.

Summer Eats

Nothing says Summer in Australia like freshly caught seafood and burgers on the barbie!! Our Summer Eats recipe comes from Bernie Dunn, Denise’s eldest, who is as good as his Mum in the kitchen – see Denise’s Mudcrab Recipe here and Chicken Noodle Veggie Soup Recipe here.

Bernie’s Gourmet Burger Recipe

  1. Start with good quality mince for your burger patties and add grated zucchini and carrot, some finely chopped onion, cumin and coriander powder. Instead of eggs, bind your patty mixture together with Quinoa Flakes. Finish with salt and pepper.
  2. Use damp hands to shape your mixture into burger patties and cook on a BBQ for 5 -7 mins each side or until cooked through.
  3. To serve, use Turkish rolls instead of hamburger buns; it gives it a more gourmet feel. For fillings try caramelised onion, rocket instead of lettuce and finally, Beerenberg “Scotty” Hamburger Relish.

Summer Drinks

We all know beer and champers are synonymous with an Aussie Summer but we’re mixing it up this year (literally) and trying a new icy-cold cocktail that can be made with or without the alcohol.

Watermelon Spritz Recipe

  1. Squeeze 6 limes (save two quarters) into a large jug. Top with 1.5kg of watermelon juice and give it a good stir. Place in the fridge until guests arrive. Chill the glasses.
  2. Just before the guests arrive, run the remaining lime quarters around the rim of each chilled.
  3. Fill each glass with ice and the pour over the watermelon taking care to restrain the lime wedges from dropping into each glass. Using a sieve or a wooden spoon to help you achieve this. (Add the wedges if you want their green in the glass).
  4. Garnish with a little plume of mint, a skewer of olives and two cubes of fetta.

Slip, slop, slappa’s on

So that’s our recommendations of the hottest Summer Eats, Drinks and Reads for 2019! Be sure wherever you are and however you’re enjoying your Summer that you Slip, Slop, Slap to avoid sunburn and get your Slappa’s on for amazing arch support whether you’re walking along the beach, stoking the barbie or out and about at the Australian Open.

Like our Facebook Page and Instagram to be kept up to date with all the latest news and events this Australia Day. And don’t forget to sign up to our VIP Newsletter at the bottom of this page

Christmas Competition at Slappa’s Thongs

Slappa’s Thongs has always been a family business; anyone who has come to see us at the Mindil Beach Markets in Darwin or has called past our house in Fannie Bay to pick up a pair while they’re in town will know that we all eat, sleep and breathe Slappa’s Thongs and have tens of pairs each from over the last 8 years. They are the perfect family footwear.

We’ve had so many customers over the years write in to say that they bought their first pair of Slappa’s years ago and since then have ended up loving them so much that their entire family own a pair. We love that Slappa’s are bringing comfort and joy from our family to yours each year and this Christmas we wanted to reward everyone who purchased more than one pair online, be it for themselves or for their family members.

So on the 7th of December we started a competition which runs until midnight on Sunday 16th December and every person who buys 2 or more pairs goes in the draw to WIN a $250 Coles/Myer gift card. To help one lucky family have an extra special Christmas.

Furthermore we’ve made all shipping for 3 pairs of more FREE! Yes Express Shipping (less than 3 business days to your door) is FREE on all orders of 3 pairs or more PLUS you get an extra entry into the Christmas draw.

We can’t wait to draw and announce the winner on Monday 17th December.

We want to thank each and every one of you who has shopped with us online or in-store this year. We wish you the merriest Christmas and the happiest New Year.

All About The New & Improved Slappa’s

You may have seen, read or heard about the “New Slappa’s Thongs” these are a new production run that we have just recently manufactured and they’ll be arriving in most size and colours over the next few weeks.

These new Slappa’s have been years in the making. We have listened to each and every customer’s feedback (good and bad) and worked tirelessly with our manufacturer to ensure our New Slappa’s are the best we’ve ever made.

Slappa’s Thongs are now slightly longer around the toes and a tiny bit wider allowing us to fit even more people into Slappa’s. We have made sure these adjustments only affect the shape of the thongs not the size so you can continue to order the same size as before.

Our final improvement was to the actual EVA material which we now feel we’ve perfected; your Slappa’s will be much softer to start with, not feel as tight, and mould to your feet almost instantly!

They’ve also not got an awesome new tread on the bottom with Slappa’s Thongs branding and are more non-slip perfect for wearing around the pool this Summer.

The New Slappa’s Thongs are available in Navy Blue as well as Mindil Beach Blue and the newly re-stocked Black Army right now online.

Next week they’ll also be available in Black, Black/White and White as well as our NEW Frangipani Pink ——————>

which is similar to, but slightly “fresher” than, our current Magenta Pink.  *UPDATE: These are all now available! Shop online now.

By the end of the month we’ll have received a final shipment containing Brown, Black/Purple, Fuschia/Pink and Red. We also have new waterproof beach bags coming in Aqua !

Thongs on! And Merry Christmas!

The Slappa’s Thongs Team

Travelling with Slappa’s

We often receive emails with wonderful feedback from our customers who have been travelling all over the world saying how they were so glad they purchased Slappa’s Thongs before leaving on their trip.

Recently our founder and owner Denise Dunn trekked the Inca Trail and explored the wonders of Machu Picchu in Peru, so we sat down with her to find out how Slappa’s had helped her on this trip of a lifetime and what advice she has for those about to travel…

Q. How long before you left did you start breaking in your Slappa’s ready for the trip?

Denise: My best advice for those buying new Slappa’s Thongs before a trip or holiday is to allow 2 weeks to properly mould into them; especially if you are flying to a hot climate as your feet may possibly swell. Giving your Slappa’s a bit of extra time to mould and stretch will allow them to not feel too tight or give you a blister.

If you plan on doing a lot of walking we all know new footwear can rub so better to break them in for a few weeks especially since your feet are softer having just come out of winter.

On my Peru trip I actually took my old Red Slappa’s which are my favourites and also a new pair of black which I had only worn for a couple of days before I left. My new black are from our new production you will find they will mould to your foot shape almost instantly. We did a lot of testing with the EVA material and have now been able to produce Slappa’s so they will mould quicker.

Q. How many pairs did you take with you?

Denise: I actually had 3 pairs!!! My favourite Red which I find goes with most colours, the new black for our newest production and a new pink colour which we will be launching next month. It was easy to pack three pairs as they are super light and fit easily in any bag. I tend to take a few colours when I go away as it is a great opportunity for me to take some photos in some wonderful holiday spots in my Slappa’s. Yes occasionally I come home with less than I took as there is always someone wanting a pair haha!

I could only take one pair on the actual Inca Trail as we had limited luggage; as you can see later in the photos I chose to take the new pink. We haven’t named this shade/colour yet – perhaps you have a suggestion? Email us at if you do!

Q. How did Slappa’s help you while you were travelling?

Denise: Travelling in Peru and on the Inca Trail we needed to wear our hiking boots all day and as much as my Scarpa Hiking Boots that I bought from MacPac  were super comfy it was always great to let the feet breathe and relax in my Slappa’s. My friends would say the same and in actual fact one of my friends said stuff it I just need to put my Slappa’s on as she just loves the comfort and support she gets all the way to the back.

The new friends we made on the trip were wishing I had a few more pairs for them to wear. They said they would definitely get on the website and order so we should see some orders from London, Belguim and Sydney coming through!

Q. How often did you clean your Slappa’s while away?

Denise: It’s easy to keep your Slappa’s clean while you are away – just wear them in the shower! The other great reason to do this is to protect your feet from contracting any fungal skin infections, especially if using in communal showers.

Keeping Slappa’s clean also reduces the chances of sweating, if you find your feet are sweating in your Slappa’s it’s usually due to a built up of dirt either on your thongs or on your feet (so might be time for a pedicure!)

Q. Tell us about running Slappa’s as a family business and the importance of taking vacations like this one?

Denise: Anyone that owns a small or family business knows how difficult it is to maintain a work/life balance. Especially when you first start out as you really need be hands on in the business so you understand everything that happens; you can see where changes need to be made, learn from your successes and mistakes, and it definitely helps keep expenses down so the business can survive those first crucial years.

As we pack all our online and wholesaler orders ourselves it is really hard for us to be able to coordinate a family holiday together. In the early days if we needed to go away for a few days we would fly up my sister or a friend to keep the orders happening and I would still monitor emails, social media and answer phone calls.

As the business grew we were then able to support employing a part time person to pack the orders which then allowed us to have a quick break away but I still had to do the office work.

Quite often one of us would go away with the kids and the other one stayed home to manage the business. But this was not ideal.

Eight years on and the business turned into a company and we experienced huge growth extremely quickly so we had no choice; we had to employ. This was the best thing we ever did. Though looking back I still think we made the right decision to watch and wait until the time was right and felt comfortable to us.

Now we have amazing staff who are very capable at keeping the business running and in April this year we had our first holiday as a family in 5 years where we didn’t have to work whilst on holidays.

Last year I was asked by my lovely friend if I would like to join her on a once in a lifetime adventure walking the Inca Trail in Peru. This trip broke all my rules of going away in a busy part of the year but to be able to do it I had 12 months to put everything in place and with the help of our great staff and the support of my family I was able to achieve this amazing experience.

As much as I would have loved to have my family with me it was a very healthy decision to go independently, as when your work is based at your home and with your family – in a nice way – we need to have time away from each other, learn to not become dependant on each other and take on responsibilities that you are not used to doing.

The trip has also taught me that the business can still run without me and I quickly learnt it was best not to reply to emails as it sometimes created more work for the staff back at the business. I trusted my staff so just let them look after things.

All in all I had an amazing trip and returned refreshed and renewed just in time for the arrival of our first shipment of new Slappa’s!! Order our new Mindil Beach Blue, Navy and Black Army online today.

Thongs On!

The Slappa’s Team

Slappa’s Goes Pink For Breast Cancer

This month is Breast Cancer Awareness Month and as a cause close to our hearts we want to take this opportunity to share some information and help raise awareness.

We are excited to announce both our Magenta Pink and Fuschia & Pink Slappa’s will be discounted to $32 for the rest of October and $5 from every sale we will be donating to the National Breast Cancer Foundation!

Important Fact! While the colour “pink” is associated with Breast Cancer because 99% of all sufferers are women – please remember that men can also be diagnosed! Over 140 Australian males were diagnosed with breast cancer in 2014 and 28 men have died from it so far this year already.

From Terminal to Treatable by 2030

Breast cancer is the most commonly diagnosed cancer in Australia, with eight women dying from the disease every day.

The National Breast Cancer Foundation (NBCF) is Australia’s leading national body; they work to fund game-changing breast cancer research that will help detect tumours earlier, improve treatment outcomes and ultimately – save lives.

50 women in Australia are diagnosed every single day but NBCF receive no government funding so they need our support to change the statistics.

How Our Support Helps

This month $5 from every pair of Magenta Pink Slappa’s and Fuschia & Pink Slappa’s will be donated to the NBCF. The money raised goes directly to help them achieve their goal of Zero Deaths by 2030.

When we support NBCF we’re supporting targeted breast cancer research across the spectrum:

Thanks to donations the NBCF have recently awarded $11 million into 20 cancer research projects, supporting a total of 73 Australian researchers.

The Importance of Early Detection

Early detection of breast cancer gives the best possible chance of survival. The earlier an abnormality is found, the greater the number of effective treatment options.

In Australia, free routine mammographic screening is available in each state for women aged 50 to 74 through BreastScreen Australia.

It’s important to know how to check for cancer symptoms. Read the NBCF’s Detection and Screening Methods here.

Friends, Family & Customers

Unfortunately incidence is on the rise – meaning, more mothers, sisters, daughters, wives, friends and families will be impacted.

The Slappa’s Team have a number of family and friends who have been affected by the disease and some have even told us how much Slappa’s have helped with their recovery;

“Hi Denise, thinking of you… the chemo has given me sore joints… mainly legs, feet and hands, after going for a walk this morning everything felt even worse. Just put on my Slappa’s and feel so much better. Thank you ❤️”

We also had a customer purchase 4 pairs of pink Slappa’s for himself after his wife was diagnosed. He was a truckie and vowed to wear pink clothes and shoes as much as possible even at work to spread awareness. What a legend.

Our good friend Michelle Hanton OAM is also a breast cancer survivor and helped found Dragon’s Abreast a national organisation that is celebrating it’s 20th anniversary this year.

How Can You Help?

Spread The Word – Help us spread the word about Breast Cancer – share this article, send it to your friends, tell people about it, update your social media

Donate Directly – If you’d like to donate directly NBCF have a donation page on their website. Just visit

Volunteer – Volunteers assist NBCF’s business units, events team & promote awareness to the public if you’d like to volunteer visit

Buy A Pair of Slappa’s! – Spread awareness and help us raise money buy buying a pair of Magenta Pink Slappa’s or Pink & Fuschia Slappa’s

Pink Thongs On!

The Slappa’s Team

Flip Flops On The Runway

We at Slappa’s Thongs have always felt flip flops were catwalk worthy but this year they were officially debuted on the runway at New York Fashion Week!

Marie Clare stylist Monica Russell predicted in July this year;
According to our fave street style stars the casual footwear once reserved for the dash from the car to the beach has now made it’s way to the fashion circuit!

Then just this month InStyle’s Senior Digital Fashion Editor, Isabelle Truman, confirmed it in online article. She wrote; “Despite thongs (flip flops, sandals, slip-ons) being a wardrobe staple Down Under, the humble rubber shoe is often reserved for beach days or quick dashes to the supermarket. But when fashion girls Olivia Palermo and the Olsen Twins were spotted wearing flip flops with every day outfits it was clear a trend was born. Of course it was only a matter of time before thongs would hit the runway with Dion Lee taking it upon himself to ensure an Aussie Designer was first.

We for one are so excited that our fashion-forward footwear are gracing the feet of celebs.

Recreate The Look

With flip flops having made the successful transition from streets to runway we thought we’d take a closer look at the catwalk models and celebrities who are blazing the path and show you how to recreate their style with clothes and accessories from local and online retailers. Enjoy!

The Look: This gorgeous colour-pop look featuring the former fashion faux pas was shown off at Dion Lee’s New York Fashion Week show, where the designer’s spring/summer 2019 collection was revealed to homegrown attendees such as Bambi Northwood-Blyth and Jess Gomes.

To Recreate: Pair a bright blue jacket like this one from (great options also available from and with a black leather backpack – we love this one from Kate Spade – and a pair of Black Slappa’s Thongs.

The Look: This is another striking look from Dion Lee who said of the collection; “The Australian lifestyle has always been a strong source of inspiration for me. We integrated such a quintessential Australian footwear style in with the overall collection. They are such an iconic Australian look, we loved being able to include them in our NYFW show.”

To Recreate: You’ll need a classic white summery dress such as this gorgeous Chantilly Dress from ShowPo then add a few elegant jewellery pieces like a bracelet or necklace from The Pearl Galleria. Finish with a pair of White Slappa’s Thongs.

The Look: Straight from the streets of  New York this funky modern animal print look features bold yellow accessories with a subtle splash of colour in the form of a clutch.

To Recreate: Any eye catching animal print will work; we love this stylish Leopard Print Wrap Front Maxi from The Iconic for example, add a pair of yellow sunglasses, a “moc croc” embossed clutch from Pearl Galleria and pop on a pair of Yellow Slappa’s to complete the look.

The Look: We love the way fashionista Hillary Duff pulls off this effortless look while out and about in between filming her latest show. Navy is a popular colour this season; try mixing it up with statement pieces in bold colours like red or yellow.

To Recreate: Find a 3/4 sleeve navy dress you love (this one pictured from The Iconic) then add a black oversize crocodile bag like this one from David Jones. Finish with a pair of Navy Slappa’s.

No matter where you’re headed this Spring/Summer season slip on a pair of Slappa’s and make every street your own personal runway!

And don’t forget all orders over $100 get FREE express post shipping Australia wide.

Thongs on!

July is racing carnival time in Darwin and it’s one of our favourite times to get dressed up and head out with friends; no matter where you’re headed this Dry Season never leave home without a pair of Slappa’s in your bag!

Or accept our challenge to get “crafty” and you’ll never need to take them off at all…

Dress To Impress

We all loved to get dolled up from time to time and head out with our besties. There’s no shortage of places to go for a fun day out in Darwin in July, especially at the Darwin Turf Club; where there’s Darwin Cup Carnival events nearly every weekend! Other Dry Season events include the recent Dîner en Blanc and upcoming Darwin Festival.

If you’re looking to dress to impress at events like these there’s no better places to visit than The Peal Galleria and Maria Koko Designs who will ensure you have the most en pointe outfit of the day/night!

The Pearl Galleria is home to one of the outstanding designers of jewellery sculpted from precious metals and pearls By Gaynor Beck and is located on the Darwin Waterfront. Maria Koko Designs are handmade to complete your race day headwear and she also design and makes bridal bouquets, bouttonniers and corsages.

Getting Race Day Ready

Of course with all the fun days out, beautiful new dresses, hats and fascinators come the gorgeous, agonisingly high heels which can leave your feet and arches aching for days afterwards!

We always recommend carrying a pair of Slappa’s Thongs in your handbag or purse for the end of the night but who says when you swap out your heels it has to be a step down?! (pardon the pun!)

Here’s a few great ways you can jazz up your Slappa’s Thongs and make sure they hold up your outfit this race season.

Jazzing Up Your Slappa’s

With some well-placed double sided tape, ribbons, lace, buttons and even stick-on pearls your Slappa’s can earn pride of place on your feet at the end of the night. You won’t even need those expensive heels that will only bring you pain – you’ll be the envy of everyone at the party for your glam but pain-less idea!

All of the below are non-permanent additions to a pair of Black, White and Red Slappa’s. Once you’ve picked the dress you’ll be wearing to your event just head to the Craft section of a Spotlight or Lincraft store and get creative; you can find items to match any style and colour!

For a more permanent version of your design you can use PVA glue to help your lace, ribbon or buttons stay in place, but please note these may leave marks when removing, so only do this if  you want the changes to be permanent.

Have an event coming up? There’s no better time to buy a pair (or 4) of Slappa’s Thongs as we are offering FREE Express Shipping on all orders until the end of July!

Shop Slappa’s Thongs Now!

Thongs on!

While peak wedding season for most of Australia is between November – March, here in Darwin the majority of couples choose to tie the knot during dry season which is May – October so in the spirit of all things LOVE we thought we’d talk a little about getting married in Darwin…

Getting Married in Darwin

Darwin is the perfect place to get married; it’s unique, spectacular locations ensure your day will be one to remember forever. Dry season weddings are usually outdoors where guests can soak up the beautiful tropical landscapes. Here are just a few of the stunning venues available in Darwin to get married:

Darwin weddings have an unmistakable relaxed, warm vibe and tend to be more casual. For example an invitation we received for a July wedding at the Darwin Ski Club stated: “The celebrations will be outdoors, on grass, we therefore ask for smart casual dress thongs as the minimum standard”

If you’re looking for a place in Darwin to get your wedding rings, bridal gifts or jewellery you must visit our fabulous stockist Pearl Galleria who has the most unique and beautifully custom rings.

Of course, this season will also be the first since the Marriage Equality amendment to the Marriage Act so we’ll be seeing all those Marriage Certificates with the updated “Signature of Parties” replacing “Bride and Groom”. Awesome!

Wedding Must-Have’s

There are few things you definitely want to have with you in your ‘Wedding Day Kit’ for the big day. These include:

  1. Mini sewing kit with scissors, needles, thread, buttons, and safety pins: For those “make it work” moments.
  2. Baby powder: Hot summer days, crowded prep rooms, and nerves can all lead to sweat. A little moisture-absorbing baby powder never goes astray.
  3. Cotton tips & makeup remover: Eyeliner mistakes happen. But they don’t have to stick around.
  4. Tissues: For those happy tears (and any accidental eye pokes with mascara wands).
  5. Mini first aid kit think Band-Aids and Panadol
  6. Super Glue: For fixing shoes, nails, jewelry, head pieces, and more.
  7. White chalk: If something gets on the wedding dress and it just won’t come out, you can usually mask the stain with chalk. No one will be any the wiser.
  8. Portable phone charger(s):Make sure they’re charged! This will be your lifesaver if your phones about to die and you haven’t told the caterer where to put the cake.
  9. Hair elastics and bobby pins: You can never have too many on hand. (Add hairspray and a comb/brush while you’re at it.)
  10. Alcohol: When all else fails, a little liquid courage is the ultimate backup. Have a couple airplane bottles handy… just in case.
  11. Slappa’s Thongs: At the end of the night when your feet are killing you and you just want to DANCE you’ll be so grateful you slipped a pair of arch-support thongs into your bag trust us!

Bridal Slappa’s

We’ve had some wonderful comments, feedback and messages over the years from brides saying how they snuck their Slappa’s into their wedding bag and ended up slipping them on under their dress at the end of the night. It’s a great idea for Mum’s and Bridesmaids to think to do this too!

Of course they’re an absolute must for the Honeymoon as well – “his and hers” Slappa’s are just perfect for travelling – they’re super lightweight, easy to clean and you can wear them anywhere!

Family Weddings

There’s nothing we love more than attending the weddings of family and friends – witnessing the happiness and getting to be a part of the infectious joy of those around us. Last week we saw our dear nephew Troy wed the beautiful Ange and we had a blast. It brought back many memories of when Roger and I got married 22 years ago – how far we’ve come since then!

Top End Wedding

We’re not the only ones who love a good Darwin wedding! In fact a Feature Film called Top End Wedding is being released early next year staring Miranda Tapsell from The Sapphires. According to Screen Australia “The hilarious and heart-warming comedy is the story of successful Sydney lawyer, Lauren, and her fiancé Ned. Engaged and in love, they have just 10 days to find Lauren’s mother who has gone AWOL somewhere in the Northern Territory, reunite her parents and pull off their dream Top End Wedding.” We can’t wait to see it!

To all those couples getting married this season CONGRATULATIONS. Enjoy every minute of your big day and never forget that when you’re standing in front of the one you love, all the other details fade away.

Thongs on!

National Family Week

This week is National Family Week in Australia; an annual celebration of families that aims to recognise and appreciate the vital role that families play in Australian society. They ask us to take time this week to reflect on the critical role that families play in teaching, supporting and nurturing children, especially as they grow.

Since Slappa’s Thongs is a proud family owned and run business, I thought I’d take time this week to do just that; reflect on how our family unit supports and encourages each other and those in our community.

A Family Business

Our family consists of myself (Denise), my husband Roger, and our two children Bernie (13) and Kaylee (11). Then there’s our gorgeous little daschund Frankie who is nearly 8 now.

When I first started Slappa’s Thongs I never imagined how much a part of the family it would become, but over the years it has not only played an integral part in our family’s livelihood but in our growth as individuals and a family unit.

It began in 2010 with me juggling a new business and two small children. By 2015 the business and workload had grown so much that Roger joined the company full-time as well. And as they got older Bernie and Kaylee began helping out in small ways to earn a bit of pocket money, usually so they could save up and buy things for their bike.

Even our doggie Frankie joined the crew as head of security!!!

Bernie and Kaylee are now on the payroll working a few hours a week learning how the business runs, getting vital skills and understanding how employment works.

They both now have their own Tax File Number which will be with them for life. They are learning how to fill in a time book, read their payslip and best of all learning how to save their money. The biggest learning curve for them both is the commitment they need to make, being responsible, time management, making sure they do the job efficiently and correctly.

They really enjoy being a part of the business and we love being able to share the ups and downs with them and provide so many opportunities to grow and learn. In fact we’ve often found that they are even able to teach us a few things!

It’s a great feeling having us all involved and working towards a common goal making it truly a “family business”.

Our Family And The Cycling Community

As a family we all love cycling. We all ride socially and race road and mountain bikes. Cycling is our way of doing something together, exercising and having fun. We have all made many new friends and our cycling groups are like one big extended family.

Now that the kids are older and at competition age it’s become quite common for us to travel for cycling and the kids race interstate a few times a year. Recently we had a family holiday in Queensland to see the Track Cycling at the Commonwealth Games it was extremely exciting and the kids learnt a lot from watching the athletes from all other Commonwealth countries.

Last year, Roger participated in the Tour de Timor which was a gruelling race through East Timor mountains. Roger needed to train 4-5 times a week for 12 months to be fit enough to compete. As a family we needed to make some allowances so he had the time to be able to work and get his training done. While he was there he donated hundreds of Slappa’s Thongs to Encouragement House.

The Cycling community is a fantastic group to be involved with and it is great for us to know the kids will be looked after well when they go away for racing. Bernie (aged 13) competed in a Road Race in the Barossa Valley, South Australia this April. It was the first time he had flown on his own, and he handled it very well. A lovely family in Adelaide picked him up from the airport and he stayed with them for the 4 days of competition. They made him feel like one of their family and made sure he felt comfortable and supported. As a mother it meant a lot to me that my son was being well cared for while away from his family. It was a good opportunity for him to learn to do things on his own without Mum and Dad’s help. These trips have definitely boosted his confidence and prepared him for when he leaves home for work or further studies.

My family’s next challenge will be to help me make time to train for the Katherine to Darwin Ride I am doing soon! And in October I will be walking the Inca Trail in Peru.

Teaching Family Values

Growing up in a big family and in a country town my parents always had extra kids staying over and they were always the first ones to put up their hands to take someone in.

Roger and I have always done the same and have offered a place to stay for many people over the years (include Terra Roams; the first woman to walk solo and unsupported around Australia, and 18 year old Jack Totino; who rode around Australia in 2017 raising money for FightMND).

We’ve made some amazing friends doing this and it gave us an opportunity to instil the value of helping others in Bernie and Kaylee too.

National Families Week is a time to celebrate with your family, make contact with your extended family and friends, and share in the enjoyment of family activities within the wider community. It is a time to celebrate the meaning of family and to make the most of family life.

Take some time this week to reflect on your family. Thank you for reading about mine.

Thongs on!


The holiday season has passed for the moment, what a relief! Don’t get me wrong, I love spending time with the family and enjoying the Christmas and New Year celebrations. But, it’s a bit overwhelming at times and I’m eager to get back into the business.

Of course, that said, there is another Public Holiday on the horizon and it’s a biggie….

Australia Day

Being an Aussie girl, born and raised I love enjoying a good Australia Day Barbecue and time at the beach. And, I also love that while it’s a big day it isn’t a break-the-bank holiday, it’s a simple holiday about coming together as a community.

Sure, it’s about National Pride but more than that Australia Day is about embracing our differences. And, nowhere in Australia is that more evident than in Darwin!

Call it bias, but in my opinion, Darwin is Australia’s best melting pot. Sure, we don’t have a China Town like most other Australian Capital Cities do but we do have a huge array of markets. In Darwin you can find a number of restaurants, you can eat food from a different culture every night if you want – it’s amazing!

That intercultural experience of people coming together, no matter their difference in background – that’s what Australia Day is all about to me.

Aussie, Aussie, Aussie, Oi, Oi, Oi

As an Australian Business Owner, it’s important to me to support my fellow Australians when I can. However, as an Australian, I also believe it’s important to embrace what the world has to offer, which is why Slappa’s are manufactured in China (check out the Glimpse Behind the Scenes Blog).

Working the local Mindil Beach Markets every Dry Season, I know that no matter a person’s cultural background they can be exemplary. There are stallholders from a variety of backgrounds at the markets and they all do an amazing job. Of course, as far as I see it they’re all just like me- Australian Business Owners.

Celebrating Australia Day

Now for this Australia Day, I fully intend on enjoying time at the beach (unless it rains). But, mostly I look forward to getting together with everyone and celebrating what makes our country great.

No matter where you are from, I hope you have a terrific Australia Day. And, for those Aussies travelling abroad, I hope you enjoy your Australia Day too.

Thongs On!


Summer is in full swing, the holiday season is upon us, and it’s definitely the season for thongs!

Here in Darwin, we’re hoping for a dry Christmas but we’ll still have fun even if it does rain.

I’ll admit, sometimes I’m a bit of a bah-humbug over the holiday. But, it does give me extra time with the family and for that reason alone I cherish this annual holiday.

Tradition, Tradition, Tradition

In our household, we’re very ordinary in our celebrations. We’ll celebrate with friends and/or family, whoever is around.

The kids leave out beer and biscuits for Father Christmas plus some carrots for the reindeer. In fact, that’s probably one of the only things out of the usual we do – we never call him Santa, no in our household it’s strictly Father Christmas.

On Christmas morning Roger and I usually end up having to wake the kids. Yes, it’s amazing – they must be the only kids that ever sleep in on Christmas!

A cricket game outside and enjoying some quality time in the pool is all the typical norm on Christmas Day in the Dunn household.

What’s your Christmas tradition? Anything out of the ordinary?

It’s the thought that counts

For presents, we like to do a blind Kris Kringle with our adult family and friends. Everyone buys something that is unisex, usually, the budget is between $30-$50, and all the gifts go under the tree.

On Christmas Day your name gets drawn out of a hat and you pick out a present. It adds a little fun and excitement because you never know what you’ll get.

For Mum and Dad, who are both 80 years old, we deposit money into their bank account. This allows them to buy themselves some nice seafood which they actually appreciate more than a gift.

Of course, we buy the kids individual gifts as they are all different ages! But, for the most part, it isn’t about the gifts.  Truly the best gift of all is just getting to be together for the holiday.

Food for Thought

As for the big feast, we do it the Aussie way. A nice variety of seafood; oysters, prawns and smoked salmon, as well as a lovely roast ham. For those of you from outside Australia I’m sure it’s a little different, but this time of year the seafood here is at its best.

My mum, of course, loves to keep up the tradition and always makes a Christmas pudding. She even puts the old money in it; threepence, pennies, shillings and sixpence.

For us, Christmas is about gratitude and generosity, being with our family and enjoying time together.

What kind of thong-ventures are you planning this Christmas? I’d love you to share on our Facebook page how you celebrate.

Thongs On!


PS – Order your Slappa’s Thongs online  – choose from our fabulous range of colours to suit every member of the family.

We’re halfway through November, and that means December is fast approaching so I’ve got one thing on my mind – gifts!

Gift shopping is a fun activity for me.  I know it can be troublesome and stressful but it’s  a great way to focus on those who mean the world to us.

Every year I like to get my family gifts I think they’ll love because I love them.

Ghosts of Giftmas Past

These days it can seem like the only point to the holidays is gifts, which of course is completely untrue.

Gifts are just a small part of Christmas, but they’re a great way to embrace the spirit of the holiday and show appreciation for those around us.

One of the most memorable gifts I ever received is Frankie. He’s my extra-adorable dachshund and was actually a gift for the whole family. We love him to bits and he’s very much part of Team Slappa’s.

Hot Tips for gift buying

Over the years I’ve perfected my knack for gift shopping, working out the best ways to buy great gifts for everyone without going over budget. This skill has served me well considering every year we celebrate with friends and family, doing a bit of a blind Kris Kringle.

So, if you dread gift shopping I have some tips on how to be a great gift buyer:

  1. Know your audience – if it’s for close family or friends think about what they like. If it’s for a work Kris Kringle and you don’t know the person well try asking other co-workers about what they’re getting. If you really can’t come up with any ideas go for something practical; headphones, diary planners, coffee mugs, or in a pinch chocolates.
  2. Set yourself a budget – for each person you’re buying for, set yourself a specific budget. It doesn’t have to be the same amount for each person, but it will help restrict your spending and keep you focused.
  3. Start a present box – this is one of my favourites because it can be used for any occasion. Not just at Christmas time. The basic principle is to keep a big box that’s filled with possible gifts. Gifts can be small knick-knacks or fantastic items. You don’t have to splurge on filling the box either. The idea is to just fill it slowly over time. If there’s a great deal on buying multiples of an item you’re already getting then take advantage of that and place the extra into the box.
  4. Remember “it’s the thought that counts” – At the end of the day it doesn’t matter if you got someone the perfect gift, what matters is you were thinking of them.

Thongs On!


PS – Remember, a pair of Slappa’s also makes a great gift for anyone 😉

August in the Top End is always awesome!

I thought I’d share some of the amazing awesomeness that the Dunn family get up to at this time of year …

Bike Bonanza

You probably know that our whole family is bonkers about bike riding.

What’s really special, is when you’re riding for a close-to-your-heart cause.

Earlier this month, it was a pleasure to welcome an inspiring young man to Darwin and into our home.

Jack Totino, began his bike ride around Australia (including Tasmania) on February 26th, 2017 to raise awareness and funds for The Cure For MND Foundation. His valiant ride is motivated by his friend Saverino’s father, John, who lost a 3 year battle with Motor Neurone Disease in 2014.

At the time of reaching Darwin, Jack had raised $45,000 for the foundation Fight MND. We were delighted to be able to put him up while he took a few days of well deserved of rest in Darwin.

Check out his Facebook page and if you’d like to support him and this important cause too, you’ll find the details here.

Top End Gran Fondo

On the 20th we’ll be taking to our bikes too, to join this competition for the first time as a family.

Gran Fondo, which means “big endurance”, is a tradition in the Italian cycling world and in the Top End this an annual event on the Australian cycling calendar.

We’re pretty excited to be participating and to have the chance to ride through some of our stunning NT landscape.

We’ll be needing to slip on our Slappa’s after this long-distance bike challenge!

You can still register if you’re quick.

Tour de Timor

We’ll also be sending over our Slappa’s for the Tour de Timor five day race.

There are about 50 riders from Darwin registered and Roger (aka my husband) will be representing Team Slappa’s and proudly distributing approximately 600 pairs of FREE Slappa’s to the Timorese people.

Definitely going to need some thong therapy for that one!

The race mission statement is “Timor-Leste-ASEAN Peace Bridge” – another great cause, I reckon.

There’ll be racers from every ASEAN nation, including us Aussies, in Timor next month.

Slappa’s Slappa’s Slappa’s, Oi Oi Oi!

Darwin Festival

If biking isn’t your thing, then maybe we’ll see you at this fantastic 18-day festival.

Another chance for us Territorians to show off the spirit of the NT in a celebration of music, theatre, visual art, dance, cabaret, delicious food and drink stalls, with free performances Festival Park.

Did you know that this annual event started up due to Cyclone Tracy’s devastation of Darwin Christmas Eve 1974?

Things were so bad in the aftermath that abandoning the city was a real possibility. Thankfully, enough Territorians had the grit to rebuild Darwin. Now that’s worth a huge festive celebration, isn’t it?

Whatever you’re up to this month, remember …

Thongs On!

Work life balance is very important to me. My passion is my family, friends and Frank, my dog –  you’ve seen him starring in our 7th birthday video.

Life changed for our family when I took a simple idea – thongs with arch support – and built it into a successful business that now allows our family to have financial freedom.

I had a young family at home when I decided to chase my dream of being my own boss.  Who knew that starting a market stall would become our livelihood. A family business that is now employing both myself and my husband full time.

Adapting  to new roles

My husband became Mr Mum combining looking after the kids, working part time and making sure we got through every day. My children had to learn to adapt to Mum not always being home.

We have managed to bring our children up with no childcare or grandparents (as they live 3000km away) which doesn’t give you much time to yourself, but these are the things you need to do and hey, there are many families doing just the same.

Self-care is a priority

Walking Frank each morning is great exercise and my thinking time.

As a family, we go bike riding every week and we now all ride competitively. I’m actively involved in the Darwin Cycling Club and Cycling NT as a Board Member and Team Manager for Junior Development.

Although life is not without its challenges, I consider myself to have been very fortunate and so always seek to pay it forward;  to give back wherever and whenever possible. Community spirit is very important to our business and our family.

My recipe for success

Learning to be patient, planning your vision and following your business plan is a great way to achieve the growth of the business while also maintaining your sanity at home.

Through sport and business, we’ve learnt that as a team, we can achieve so much more when we are all pulling together for a common goal. Each has a part to play in reaching the goal and then we all get to celebrate the win together. The same goes for your family, no teamwork means there’s no win to celebrate.

In both business and family life, we need to encourage and develop each other to achieve their own potential. This is best done by listening, setting clear expectations, providing the tools and then trusting your team to get on with the job or your family to maintain a normal and healthy lifestyle.

The proof is in the pudding

I now have the social (and financial) proof that my careful and methodical approach was not only strategic but highly successful for my business whilst maintaining a good family bond.

Sharing my business journey via the Telstra Business Women’s Awards was about showing other women that they can achieve whatever they set out to do, and without sacrificing their family life (most of the time).

It hasn’t all been rosy but it was what we decided was best for our family and we have been successful.

I am a woman who had no tertiary education, experience or expertise in manufacturing and importing.  I can now say I have fulfilled my dream and become a successful Entrepreneur or Mompreneur.

Life Rewards The Courageous


Thongs On!


This is the time of year the Northern Territory starts to bloom. The Wet Season has ended and the Dry is in full swing. Darwin is lush and full of life, kicking off with heaps of happening, fun stuff in July. Making it the perfect time, especially for those of you who don’t live in Darwin, to come on up and see the sights.

I’m giving you the heads up in June so you’ve still got time to slap on your Slappa’s and hoof our way 😊. Because if there’s one thing I know (other than fantastic thong-wear), it’s Darwin! So, for a Slappa’s Good Time, check this out …

We’re known in the Top End for being a pretty cruisy crowd. There’s nowhere I’m going to tell you about, that you can’t jump in and enjoy wearing your favourite thongs. Seriously, we invented the phrase laid back up here! So, when I say you can have a Slappa’s Good Time, I mean it, literally.

Magical Mindil Beach Sunset Market

This market is iconic and will be in full swing by July. It’s a favourite spot with Territorians and visitors alike. There really is something for everyone: fantastic food, tropical refreshments, world class stalls selling everything from art to thongs.

Guess who’ll be there with her Slappa’s Thongs? Be sure to pop by and say hi. I’d love to meet you! Plus, I’ll have some thrilling new thong colours arriving, as well as many of our classics.

What makes Mindil so magical is the location right on the beach. You can watch the sensational sunset, before browsing and basking in the cooler evening atmosphere on a Thursday and Sunday evening.

Top Tip

Get there early to bag a perfect sundowner spot for you and your esky; kick back and enjoy happy hour on the beach. It’s BYO only; no alcohol is sold at Mindil.

If you can’t make it down early, you can pre-book a VIP area. The Mindil team will set up a private area with tables, chairs and an esky with ice, that overlooks the beach and markets. VIP areas are $15 per head (or a little more per head if you want to arrange some added extras).

Slappa’s Go Bush

One thing my family loves, is the treasure trove of breathtaking natural beauty and our rich indigenous culture.

The Dry is the time to head out to some of these world-famous beauty spots, which are often impassable during the worst of our Wet Season. Stunning waterways, crystal-clear rock pools and spectacular waterfalls are all begging to be explored in places such as Kakadu, Litchfield and Katherine Gorge. There are many other equally gorgeous destinations you can visit from Darwin.

Slappa’s Sensational July recommendations

Territory Day on July 1st marks the Northern Territory’s anniversary of self-government.

The occasion is marked all across the Territory with fireworks displays, concerts and celebratory events.

If you happen to visit Mindil Beach Markets on Territory Day, you’ll enjoy a fantastic fireworks display, lighting up the Timor Sea. Truly magical!

The Beer Can Regatta has been hosted by The Lions Club since 1974. You don’t want to miss this hilarious, unique, utterly Territorian experience!

Let me tell you, there is nothing quite like watching as these beer-can-crafts (soda cans for the minors) are tested on the water. It’s a day for everyone and always draws a big crowd to Mindil Beach. Check out the video clips on their site – they put the F in Fun!

There’s more than just testing these preciously crafted vessels involved; you can always get involved in portage races, kayak races, sandcastle comps, iron man events and take part in some of the silly competitions – like thong-throwing! A special activity sponsored by Slappa’s Thongs. 😉

Come join us Sunday 9th July 2017

10am to 5pm Mindil Beach, Darwin.

Most Mindil Beach Sunset Market stalls will be set for the whole day.

Get your formal thongs on for Darwin Cup Carnival

Whilst we love our (sometimes) capsizing beer-can-vessels, beach and bush activities, we’ve got our classy side.

This is Darwin – of course, we have formal thong-wear!

If you want to get really dressed up and feel quite posh then why not spend a day at the horse races? There’s heaps happening and a great opportunity for posh-frocking. Ladies Day is an awesome day to dress up in your killer heels and dress-to-die-for. And when those heels start killing your still fun-fueled feet, swap them out for a pair of colour coordinated Slappa’s Thongs.

What’s more fun than spending the day with your besties, enjoying a flutter, admiring the fashions, dancing and drinking bubbles (a little too much for some)?

Part of the carnival celebrations is The Darwin Cup Ball, the biggest outdoor ball in the southern hemisphere, an opportune event for rubbing shoulders with celebs. And the very last event of the carnival is, of course, The Darwin Cup which is always held on the 1st Monday of August, so if you’re in Darwin then make sure you don’t miss it!

Slappa’s Lounging About

Now Darwin can involve a lot of stimulating activity, but if you prefer to just kick back and relax…

Then have I got the perfect Darwin activity for you!

The Deckchair Cinema is open 7-days a week, with the box office open from 6pm. It’s the perfect opportunity to just chillax, sit beneath the stars and soak up some cinematic sensation.

This is all just the tip of the iceberg, of ways to enjoy tropical Darwin and our stunning surrounds in the Dry.

Did I mention the other good thing is you can be comfortable and wear thongs (preferably Slappa’s) at all these events? (Yeah, I know I did 😉).

And there’s more. A lot more! Don’t take my word for it. Check it out for yourself at the Tourism Top End Site.

Thongs On!


I am a huge supporter of Australian made, both clothing, footwear and produce for the table.

From when I first started buying my own clothes and footwear I’d more often than not, choose to buy items made in Australia.

I’m not sure if it had something to do with being brought up on a farm. Or I just felt it was important to support Australian businesses.

But one thing I know, it was worth paying a bit more for the quality.  I continued to do this for many years until it almost became impossible.

Now that I am manufacturing my own product I can see why the majority of clothing and footwear are made overseas.

Do you ever think about how things are made when you buy clothing or footwear?

Why are Slappa’s manufactured overseas?

Manufacturing in China takes me away from my family a lot. The flights are long, I rarely see another westerner, living in a hotel is not glamorous and not being able to speak the language makes it even more of a challenge. (This isn’t by choice. I started to learn Mandarin but was told it was a waste of time as most people in this part of China don’t speak the Mandarin dialect!)

It can be lonely and damn right frustrating but I am learning every day and I’m not the only one out there doing this. There are many more entrepreneurs just like me.

It’s not by choice that I, and many others, manufacture in China or other parts of the world. The simple fact is there is no manufacturer in Australia. People just don’t seem to want to do these jobs anymore.

So what do you think when you see “Made in China”?

Well, I use to think cheap, mass produced, sweatshops and poor quality. This is still true in some cases, but not all of the time.

These days most Chinese factory workers are well paid and looked after. Their wages are almost equivalent to Australian factory wages.

The Hard Miles

You might think making a pair of thongs is simple. Wrong.

While it might be true for some thongs, it’s definitely not for Slappa’s. It’s really hard work. We need to make sure the size, firmness and support are correct. Comfy and supportive is not simple to achieve (we take footcare seriously).

Getting the right people behind you, creating good relationships, finding the right factory that can make your product to your standards and doing your own quality control are just some of the ways we guarantee a quality product.

For me, achieving all of this can be a nightmare. A small change to the materials, temperature and a different worker can make a huge difference to the end product.

This is why my manager and I are hands on at the production runs in China. Keeping an eagle eye on the production lines means we can pinpoint any changes and rectify problems straight away.

We have changed factories a number of times, for many reasons. Finding a new one is extremely difficult as most manufacturers won’t even consider making our product as we produce smaller quantities than the likes of the European, Russian or Middle Eastern countries. I try to explain we are a smaller country too!

So why do I do this?

I ask myself this question every day. Some days I think I have rocks in my head, other days my customers make it so rewarding and worthwhile. Plus it’s pretty exciting to see so many people all over Australia and the world wearing my thongs.

It’s great to be able to say I now feel so confident in our current factory that I’m currently producing the biggest order ever. That’s right, it’s the largest production run in our 7-year history.

I’m very nervous, but also very excited.  It’ll be a relief to not keep running out of stock in some sizes and colours after the summer season. Mind you, when our customers keep telling everyone “they are the best thongs I have ever owned”, there is a big chance we’ll still run out.

At Slappa’s, we pride ourselves on the quality of our product and the customer service we offer. We like to think we are a niche product.

Sure there are some things you can’t keep doing yourself and need to outsource but in our case, we want to try and continue to give that personal touch for as long as we can.

So next time you’re buying a product think about the people behind the product and the processes it has gone through to be made.

Thongs On!


One of the things that we Territorians love about living in the Top End is our outdoors lifestyle unique to this terrific tropical Territory.

We have some of the most un-spoilt natural beauty spots in Australia, many of which are ocean and freshwater locations which provide some of the best fishing you could hope for.

And Slappa’s make great fishing footwear!

Slappa’s Thongs have been sponsors of the Darwin Flyrodders running two of Australia’s premier Fly fishing competitions the Freshwater Open and the Saltwater Challenge and this year will be no different – Slappa’s is on board 😊!

Sadly, I can’t say the same of one of the Darwin Flyrodders during a recent fishing expedition ☹. Thanks, Matty & BC, and sincere condolences to you BC, for sharing this tragic lost at sea story …

R.I.P. Green/Blue Size 12 Slappa

… a small story sent in by one of our guys that unfortunately lost a Slappa …

This I can do with one slapper.

Unfortunately, there was a major catastrophe with the other falling overboard somewhere around the Croker Islands, (Slapper Overboard, Missing In Action SOB MIA).

Searched all over the sea with a number of boats looking for a Green/Blue size 12 Slapper, little Slapper in a massive ocean, only after many hours of searching I had to admit the worst and call of the search. Burial at sea ):

Cheers, BC

As you can see, they’re a fun bunch, check out their Facebook page – some spectacular photos there like this one below of Corroboree.

The DFRs are hosting the 2017 Territory Freshwater Fly Fishing Open in the scenic Mary River System on the 29th & 30th April 2017.

There’s a great Early Bird special for bookings paid before 3rd April.

The nomination form is here.

Besides great fishing in a spectacular spot you get this with your entry fee:

For anyone who’s lost a Slappa’s overboard, you can reorder here 😉 …

Thongs On!


Did you think I had illusions of grandeur with that title?

Have those Slappa’s folk invented some way to morph the humble thong into an actual shoe?   The kind you can wear for any occasion … well yes, we have, pretty much!

That may sound ambitious, since an occasion can be anything from fine dining, race day, clubbing, a wedding, Christmas Day, Valentine’s Day …  Oh, here’s some V day love from us to you since I am writing this blog on Valentine’s Day …

We girls like to dress up to look our best on a special occasion and for most of us that means slipping off our feet-lovin’ Slappa’s and shoe-horning our tootsies into a pair of killer heals.   Killer being the operative word!   Cos not too many hours later, we’re weary of wearing them and our feet are killing us.   How many occasions have you thought of cutting short, or spent sitting the dance out, just because your feet are screaming get me out of here! As in, out of these here heals.

So, have we got a Slappa’s solution for you?


A reminder that our ripper rainbow selection really does have an awesome alternative to tootsie torture for every occasion. Like Race Day. You don’t want to flag before the finish line!

Here’s how you can colour co-ordinate any outfit with a pair of Slappa’s, right down to the fine detail of all your accessories, including your handbag and headgear.

If you’re dressed up in your wedding guest finery and flagging after a long reception, just lose the hat and heels and party on through the night in a set of stylish Slappa’s.

You’ll still look – and feel – amazing.

Dancing Queen here I come!

Speaking of weddings, what about the Bride?

Slappa’s bridal white thongs can carry off the most exciting day of your life in complete comfort once you’re ready to ditch your heels.

You’ll look just a perfectly pretty on your day of hearts and flowers …

If you’re opting for a less formal beach wedding, you want to sear your soul to your soul-mate, not sear the soles of your feet!

Barefoot is romantic.   Hopping across hot sand like a lobster on a barbie – not so much 😉

Whether you’re after wedding white or fancy frock fabulousness, there’s a pair of Slappa’s waiting to get loved-up with your feet.

Hope you’re having a fantastic Feb!


January – the peak of our Aussie summer and so, peak thong fashion time. It’s hot, hot, hot and there’s no better way to keep those twinkle toes feeling cool and better still – looking cool!

Take a peak at some of these pretty as a picture fashioned-up feet rockin’ their Slappa’s …people are so clever! Pretty polish, anklets, a bit of bling or a ribbon and viola!

How you decorate your Slappa’s is limited only by your imagination and creative talent. Popular in the fashion stakes are the brown and white Slappa’s being colours that women say they wear with dresses and skirts as they are more dressy.

Tassie Report

Well the Slappa’s crew had a great Christmas and New Year – hope our seasonal wishes for you came true and that you had a wonderful time.

Tassie was great for our family and I loved the R & R time. Both our kids were competing in the Under 13’s Cycling and unlike many other sports, boys and girls compete together.

This was Kaylee’s first year in the Under 13’s.  She was one of the youngest in her age group and the only girl. It was pretty hard going but she placed 3rd in 2 events and will be one to look out for next year. Bernie placed 2nd or 3rd in most of his races, just pipped at the post a couple of times for 1st place.

There is money to be won in the races and all money won by the kids goes into a kitty shared by all the team.

There were 8 in our team from Darwin and on their day off the winnings paid a trip to Tazmazia and bought us all lunch at Banjo’s Bakery.

The team was very successful and after our fun day out they still have enough money to buy 2 aero helmets for all the kids to use when competing in sprint competions. They are also going to put some money towards buying sporting goods to give to the kids in Timor.

Back on Deck

We all came back ready to hit the ground running and we’ve had to burn rubber to keep up with the deluge of orders from our customers and wholesalers.

If you’re anywhere near Slappa’s HQ you might see some multi-coloured Ethylene Vinyl Acetate (EVA) foam on the bitumen – that’s how fast we’re moving – leaving Slappa’s tracks! (Not rubber – we don’t make the comfiest thongs out of that stuff!)

So, what’s next?

Yeah, Australia Day! Yay!!

If you haven’t got yourself thonged up ready for the legendary Aussie Day barbie, you know who to call!

Lime Green and yellow Slappa’s are currenty on sale for the bargain price of $30 per pair.

Have a great one!

Warmest wishes,


PS If you need thongs for Australia Day order now and get them in time for your Aussie celebration! You can view all the zany colours we have featured on this blog here

COME ON! Darwin Darwin Darwin Oi Oi Oi here we go, here we go, here we go, and here we GO to Darwin for the Davis Cup 2015!

The Northern Territory Chief Minister Adam Giles and Sport and Recreation Minister Gary Higgins were joined by Tennis Australia’s Todd Woodbridge to make the historic announcement in Darwin.

“This is huge for the Territory and great news for local tennis fans, Mr Giles said.

“We have worked hard to secure one of the world’s most widely watched and highly anticipated sporting events and I’m confident there will be a huge turnout at Marrara for some first-class tennis.”

Wow! I am so excited about hearing the Davis Cup is coming to Darwin in July. A big fan of tennis I was lucky enough to get tickets and see the Aussies win the Davis Cup against Spain at Rod Laver Arena in 2003 it is one of the most exciting sporting events I have seen and I have my tickets to go see the Aussies play Kazakhstan.

A purpose built grass stadium court and two practice courts are looking fantastic for the July 17-19 tie and the Aussie’s have said that they are very excited to be playing in Darwin and this will give us the best chance to progress to the semi finals.

So why wouldn’t they be excited about playing in Darwin? We all know Darwin is the best place to be in winter as the weather is perfect, the lifestyle is great and you get to wear your shorts and thongs everyday! Plus Northern Territorians just love our sport and dressing up for an event like the Tennis is easy, it just comes naturally.

The Aussie’s are looking to reach the Davis Cup semi-finals for the first time since 2006 in Darwin, Australia’s squad will consist of Nick Kyrgios, Bernard Tomic, Thanasi Kokkinakis, Sam Groth and veteran Lleyton Hewitt. Such great talent to choose from and possibly the best squad produced for Davis Cup since 2006 or even 2003.

“This major international event will showcase our great sporting facilities, highlight our fantastic outdoor lifestyle and promote the Territory as a great tourism destination.”

Yours Warmly,



Easter for me is a special time of the year spiritually but just being able to stop work, no rushing, spend time with family and friends and be happy is very important. But for most in Darwin the excitement does not stop here!

Firstly the Dry Season is not far away or has already arrived, so it is the first opportunity for most people to go out camping, the run off season has just started so there is some great fishing to be had and of course plenty of Easter goodies to eat.

This Easter we plan to make the most of spending time in our own backyard as it is not long now before our busy market season starts at Mindil Beach and we will be fitting many people into our famous Slappa’s Thongs.  The opportunity to spend some time in the garden, having a dip in the pool, kicking the footy or a bit of backyard cricket with the kids is always good for the soul.

It is still tradition in our house to have a seafood feast on Good Friday and sometimes we tend to make this last all weekend. Our kids adore smoked salmon so at Easter and Christmas as a special treat we buy a huge slab and literally we just eat smoked salmon all different ways and no one ever complains. (Until it runs out!)

I do have to feel for the Easter Bunny, Darwin is not an easy place to hide the eggs without them melting! So it is never to hard to find them and I’m sure the kids are not too fussed about this.

Would be great to hear how you will be spending your Easter!



I’ve written before that a favourite past time for my family is to spend a lazy day chilling at the Darwin Waterfront.

While it is possible to get all your needs from the shops, cafes and restaurants all around you, in the true spirit of Slappa’s Thongs culture, I want to share with you the packing list we use for days of self-contained bliss.

For our days at The Waterfront, we pack:

Shady car park with a view of the beach
Swimming bags
My giant Bean Bag
Sun screen
Slappa’s Thongs
Some people take two eskies, one for drinks, one for food, I guess that all comes down to how much space you have in your transport.

That’s it.

As you finally start ‘chillaxing’, you can watch tourists in the parklands enjoying the warm weather and backpackers frying themselves.

The only thing missing from my checklist, however, is a Mango Daiquiri!

But, we all need goals, so that will be mine for next visit.

What would you add to the list?




In Darwin one of the lucky things we get to do is to take the tinny out into the rivers just off the Darwin Harbour to catch some giant mud crabs. There’s nothing better than coming home with a feast of Darwin “Muddies” to cook up and enjoy.

Darwin mud crabs have a very sweet, delicious taste and can be enjoyed many different ways. Most times we just eat them fresh straight from the pot. Spread out plenty of newspaper over the outdoor table, a few water bowls, hammers and go for it.

But for a special occasion and when we have time we all love “My Magnificent Chilli Mud Crabs.” The flavours just explode in your mouth and if you can’t eat it all it just gets better the next day.

There are a few fishing charters in Darwin who can take you mud crabbing or you can buy them live from MR Barra or sometimes at Parap and Rapid Creek markets.

So when visiting Darwin, take the opportunity and experience catching, cooking and eating delicious Darwin Mud Crabs. As a special gift to readers of my blog, here’s my secret recipe which is easy to make and can be changed to suit your taste buds.

4 mud crab, cut into sections

6 tablespoons peanut oil or any oil you have

6-8 cloves garlic, chopped

4 tablespoons ginger, julienned or crushed (use to your taste)

2 tablespoons coriander root

4-6 red chillies, chopped

1 red capsicum sliced

2 tablespoons fish sauce to suit your taste

Juice of 2-3 limes

2 tablespoons sugar

Sprinkle of sea salt to taste

½ cup of your favourite sweet chilli sauce or chilli sauce

1-2 cups chicken stock

4-6 whole green spring onions chopped

1/2 cup chopped coriander

Coriander sprigs, for garnish


For this recipe we use live mud crabs which we freeze to kill them humanly. You can use crabs which have been cooked but the flesh will not be as juicy.

Remove the top head shell and gills and throw away.

Rinse lightly to clean out

Cut crab in into 4 pieces and pull off big claws.

Crack the claws slightly with a cleaver or hammer so they allow the sauce to get in.

Heat wok and add oil.

Add garlic, ginger, coriander root and chilli. Be careful not to burn ingredients.

Add sliced red capsicum

Add crab tossing for 1-2 minutes

Add fish sauce, chilli sauce, lime juice, chicken stock, sugar and salt

Toss ingredients then cover with lid and cook for 10-12 minutes.

Toss spring onions and coriander through.

Serve straight from the wok
I hope you all enjoy my magnificent chilli mud crab recipe as much as we do and feel free to share it with your friends and family.



After long delays with getting the final building permit,  the new tavern at Berry Springs has finally opened. “It has been a Berry long wait for a beer!” quoted the NT News.

Berry Springs is about a 40-45 minute drive from Darwin if you go via Finn Road or about an hour if you take the Stuart Highway. We opted for Finn Road as our friends had never driven that way before so a bit of a scenic drive and something new for them.

There is not much out at Berry Springs, it’s just a little town which you pass through to get to Litchfield Park, Dundee Beach, Bynoe Harbour and Mandorah. The Territory Wildlife Park is the main attraction which is definitely worth spending the day at. A couple of tourist parks which Tumbling Waters is very popular with tourists and locals, a few service shops, the school and now the Pub.

So with no markets to go to now on Sunday at Mindil Beach, our friends took us on a Sunday drive to check it out.

The verandah was full of people, families and a few motor bike enthusiasts. We walked inside and it was the same, the place was packed. Good thing we booked a table as everyone must have had the same idea or have been thirsty for a very long time.

The line up was about four deep but the service was good so you didn’t have to wait long and the beer was nice and cold when it arrived.

But while we waited for our husbands to get the drinks my friend and I both spotted the same thing. This place was thong city. Everyone was wearing thongs, mainly black, except a few guys who must know comfort and how to look after their feet. They had lime green and blue/green Slappa’s Thongs on.

We had a bit of a wait for lunch but that is understandable as the tavern had just opened a few days again so we can’t be too hard on them. Worth the wait the food was delicious and the table service polite, friendly, constantly giving us updates on when our food would be ready and keeping the place tidy.

With our bellies full and a pleasant day had by all it was off back to the big smoke and back to reality.

It was great to see good old traditions are still allowed in little country pubs. If you want to fit in with the locals wear your thongs, preferably Slappa’s Thongs of course!

I recommend that you get out to Berry Springs Tavern yourself and check it out. I’d love to hear your thoughts ( and your Slappa count!)










In Darwin, our kids get four weeks holidays in the dry season in the middle of the year and six weeks holidays for the Christmas break.

You’ll understand why Darwin is the home capital to the best thongs in the world, when you learn that during our dry season the temperature is a glorious 30-32 degrees Celsius every day and the wet season is hotter.

In the Slappa’s Thongs household, we exploit this to the full – and plan a few school holiday days – by chilling at the Darwin Waterfront.

Surrounded by lush, green parkland, the Waterfront has a fantastic wave pool lagoon, along with a safe recreation beach that is free from crocodiles and stingers (jellyfish).

The beach is half natural and half man-made and it’s my preferred choice when I’m entertaining four kids.

The Waterfront features a large hotel car park where you get two hours free or pay $2 for three hours.

However, when its school holidays and our plan is to stay as long as possible, my tip is to park under the Darwin Convention Centre which costs $5 for the whole day. Bargain!

There are restaurants, bars and cafes all around the parkland but you can also bring your own provisions and have a picnic.

In my experience, this is the easiest way to organise school holiday days, get some peace of mind, keep the kids occupied, and road test some new Slappa’s Thongs out under the glorious Darwin sky.


“Who said Melbourne has the best coffee?”

The pace has certainly picked up over the last few years when it comes to great coffee shops in Darwin. Having lived in Darwin for over 20 years I can say The Cool Spot at Fannie Bay, Duck’s Nuts in the City and The Groove Café in Nightcliff now have some serious competitors.

Here’s my list of the top 8 coffee shops in Darwin. Is yours amongst them?

The Cool Spot in my mind has to be the most consistent and reliable coffee maker in Darwin. Some may say I am bias as it is my local coffee shop but why has no other coffee shop opened in the same complex? It speaks for its self.

They use the ever popular and I also say almost fail proof Vittoria Oro Coffee even a bad barista can produce good coffee. My coffee is also being made by the same barista’s for over 10 years.

A fantastic place to meet friends or take the kids after school for a milk shake or locally made Locastro ice cream. They also have a divine selection of locally made cakes and Greek deserts.






Duck’s Nuts boasts they have the best barista in town! So you would expect a great coffee which I am happy to say they do know how to make a great coffee. Currently using Di Bella coffee from Fremantle, it has a smooth, balanced and refined flavour. My experiences have been memorable and the quality is consistent.

One thing to note about Duck’s Nuts is it is also a Bar, although separated expect on some occasions it may be a bit noisy.  But don’t let this stop you having a great coffee, you can always take away, wander across the road and enjoy the views along the Esplanade. Don’t forget to grab one of the raw cheese cakes or bliss balls they sell. The Jaffa Bliss ball was like eating a really Jaffa.






If you prefer to drink organic coffee The Groove Café serves Fair Trade coffee from East Timor one of Darwin’s local neighbours.  They make the most amazing muffins which change daily. Predominately vegetarian there is also meat dishes on offer.  Has a hippy kinder atmosphere but they are always friendly and very relaxed.





Another old favourite is The Roma Bar in Cavenagh Street. Probably one of the oldest cafes in Darwin and a great breakfast venue. It is busy first thing in the morning because of the take away coffee rush but worth the wait. A perfect place to chill and read the newspaper over a few coffees, as one is never enough.  If you stay long enough lunch is also a well worth option, the food is extremely fresh.






Eat at Martins located at Coconut Grove just off Dickward Drive (you will see his VW Kombi out the front) is a vegetarian café using mostly organic produce.  A quite little place with a real community feel. They make the best raw juices along with their coffee. My friend also recommends the Chai Latte’s too. A great place to catch up with a friend.






Java Spice on Bennett Street in the City is the coffee shop you go to if you want morning or afternoon tea. They have great cakes and serve Illy coffee. When you walk into the coffee shop the air is filled with a mixture of spices, vanilla and of course coffee. The décor is Asian art deco if there is such a thing, mixed with eccentric art work. Once seated they offer you a cold towel to refresh yourself and take your order.






So a couple of newbie’s which have recently opened are Eva’s at the Botanical Gardens and the Laneway Café in Parap.

Eva’s has the ideal setting amongst the Botanical Gardens and operates from the heritage listed Wesleyan Church. It is beautiful in the Dry Season but not sure how it will go in the Wet season as most of the seating is outside. It is dog and kid friendly you can even have your dog sit next to you at the table, not sure if everyone likes this idea but works for me as my little Frankie is a mummy’s boy and likes to be close by. The café uses mostly organic produce and the prices reflex this. They serve Petra’s Raw Cakes which are delicious and coffee by Botanica which I enjoyed. Service is a little slow and disorganised but I’m sure this will improve.  A point of difference is they do offer many different types of milk to have in your coffee, such as coconut and almond milk so probably a good spot for coffee lovers with allergies.






My final review is on the most recent café/coffee shop to open The Laneway Café in Parap. If you can get a table and seat you are lucky. This place from day one is packed all day. I have managed to get a seat a couple of times and other times I have chosen not to wait outside in the line up to get a table. Yes people line up outside waiting for a table. It is not a huge café and a lot of room is taken up by a big table which you need to share. Expect it to be noisy but I don’t think anyone cares. Besides that the menu offers a fresh alternative menu different from others, coffee (Campo) is good and you also get table service so don’t get too relaxed and walk out without paying.






It sounds like all I do is go out and drink coffee (in my dreams) however it is important to me to make the time to catch up once a week with a friend to have a coffee or two and is always great to check out some new places and keep going back to my local.

I’m keen to visit Alley Cats along Mitchell Street they also have Campos coffee but their specialty is their homemade sourdough bread. If you have been there or want to tell me your favourite coffee place I would love to hear.

“you’ll never want to take them off!”





Ladies, I design Slappa’s Thongs to be comfortable and fashionable but there are some times and places where we need to sacrifice comfort for glamour.

On the dance floor at the Ladies Day event in Darwin, I’m sure I caught a few expressions from other women which I read as saying, I wish it were fashionable to swap the high heels for some comfortable thongs or orthotic friendly shoes!

Sadly, I think traditions like these will change very slowly, so in the meantime I have five tips to help you get the most enjoyment and least pain from your stiletto ordeals.

  1. Line your heels with second skin to avoid blisters – it works a treat
  2. Take a neurophen or panadol 30 mins before you go, this will help numb the pain in your feet and repeat about 2-3 hours later possibly before you can feel your feet burning.
  3. Don’t drink too much champagne, this step is very hard for some
  4. Pack your thongs and hide them under the table until the end of the day
  5. If you can’t do any of these steps sit down all day.

Thankfully, one tradition does survive in my beloved Darwin. At the end of the races when the band fires up, it is now appropriate for kicking off those heels and dancing with bare feet.

Everybody did that, bar one; me.

I followed step number 4 and packed my Slappa’s Thongs for the last leg of the day. Joy!

“you’ll never want to take them off!”

If you have a love for flowers and trees October is definitely a great time to visit Darwin. The air is filled with the sweet smells of trees blossoming. Rain trees, flame trees and frangipani’s are a mass of magnificent flowers and also attract plenty of native birds.

The flame tree has a striking red/orange flower which is so beautiful and bright. Such a happy tree with so much character and can be seen a mile away.

There are a few rain trees, one has a pretty pink flower with a very fluffy stamen and another with small yellow flowers. The flowers don’t last long as they tend to blow off with the wind. A great example of these trees can be seen along Gardens Road along the golf course not far from Mindil Beach and the Botanical Gardens.

My favourite tropics tree is the frangipani. These trees thrive in Darwin and there are many Darwin species that are now grown all over the world. The flowers form in bunches and come in many different colours ranging from white, several shades of pink, orange, burgundy, yellow and mixed shades. The white with a yellow centre is probably the most common and has a beautiful fragrance. Many people pick the flowers to put in their homes. You will see a lot of these also along the median strips of the roads.

It was rumoured that an Australian celebrity couple had florists pick flowers from people’s backyard frangipani trees all over Darwin,  just to make sure they had only the best and freshest flowers for their wedding.

I often find my children up one of our frangipani trees in our backyard, picking the flowers to decorate the house and my daughter always comes home with a bunch whenever we are on a walk or riding our bikes.

The frangipani does flower all year around, however is at it outstanding best in October.

So forget all the other things people say about Darwin’s Build Up and come and visit Darwin to see the mass of colour and freshness it provides this time of the year.

You will also have the chance to catch the last few Mindil Beach Sunset Markets, where you can find many of these beautiful trees, plenty of entertainment, food, gifts and the amazing sunset. Book a table from the Mindil Beach Sunset Market office to make sure you have a prime spot.


Mindil Beach Sunset Market is a great supporter of home grown music. Every Thursday and Sunday from the Sound Shell you can sit down at the tables set up by the markets, enjoy your dinner and a few drinks while listening to something different each week ranging from Reggae, folk, rock, jazz and country. Some of the local bands and musicians that have performance this year are Bridey Rose, Dave Garnham and his band The Reasons to Live, Reggae Dave, Skarett, Kormilda College Band, Darwin Army Band, After The Rain and recently brother’s Livi & Aaron VanderAa who have just returned from 2 years touring overseas.

min music korIt was great to listen to The Kormilda College band which was only created this year and is made up of talented junior music students, performing modern, classic soul and r’n’b inspired songs. Featuring upcoming diva Stevie Kyriacou, winner of the Darwin Schools Pitch Perfect singing competition, the band exhibits some of the most exciting young musicians in Darwin. So great to see so many young talented people in Darwin!

Performances from the Australian Air force Jazz Band, Darwin Army Band and the Australian Army Band draw in the crowds and are always extremely popular.

But the music which is best known at Mindil Beach is eMDee who play each week at the Casino End of the markets. You will experience the amazing sounds of extremely fast drum and didgeridoo laying at its best. They have even performed at the Sydney Opera House!

So if you are coming up to Darwin for a holiday or moving to Darwin this is just a taste of what is on offer when it comes to live music.

To see where all the live music is happening, you can look up the local Gig Guide either in the NT News on Thursday or the website or their face book site.

Pictures courtesy of Mindil Beach Sunset Market

Fast becoming known for producing great music and bands, Darwin has come a long way since Yothu Yindi released ‘Treaty” in 1991 and it just keeps getting better and better.

Triple J’s Home and Hosed, Dom highlighted some of the amazing and talented musicians in the Northern Territory, dedicating an hour of his show to bring the wide variety on offer.

One of the bands GREEN STONE GARDEN are a relatively new Indie Rock band formed in 2011 have been symbolic in the Darwin music scene. The band was a Triple J Unearthed spotlight artist in May 2013 which their song ‘The Island’ gained airplay around the nation and also reached a top ten position in the AMRAP charts.

The band also won the rock category of the ‘2013 Northern Territory Song of the Year Award’ ‘The Island’ and was a finalist this year for two of their new tracks, Steam and ‘Just a Spark’.

When home in Darwin, Green Stone Garden are always happy to perform free at the Mindil Beach Sunset Market.

Green Stone Garden have supported the likes of Boy and Bear, Cat Empire and Gomez and are now embarking on their second interstate tour.

A Darwin band definitely worth seeing if they tour your state.


Wow what an amazing year it has been for Slappa’s Thongs. New colours, New website, New branding, New stockists and lot’s, lot’s, lot’s of New Slappa’s clients.

The year started with a very quick trip to China to see the new shipment be produced, packed up and sent to Darwin ready for the start of the Mindil Beach Sunset Market season. I was very excited as the new colours Red, Orange, White, Olympic Blue and Purple/White looked fantastic and I couldn’t wait to sell them and of course wear them.

The first market of the season was on ANZAC Day, so it was an early start for us as the kids and I always attend Dawn Service. The markets fittingly started with one minute’s silence and the Last Post was played to remember all of those who serviced our country and fort for what we have now. There was such a great vibe to the market as I think everyone was so excited that Mindil Beach Sunset Markets were back on for another year of food, fun, entertainment and new things to buy. The crowds were fantastic and it was so good to see all my market friends again. The night ended with fireworks and lots of cheers to mark the opening of the 2013 season.

The year saw lot’s of travel for me to Sydney, Melbourne and Adelaide to meet potential stockists, trade fairs and arranging the New Website.

I teamed up with Janette (Dusty) Symonds from Squiggle Graphix and Phil Peet from Phil Boss Designs to design & implement the new website and branding for Slappa’s Thongs. What a huge job for all of us especially Dusty and Phil. We managed to get it launched just in time for the Christmas rush. What was even more exciting was the site was not even fully launched and we started getting orders. I would like to thank Dusty and Phil for all the hours, late nights and patience on achieving such a wonderful result. The website is so professional, easy to navigate and works a treat. Just perfect, perfect, perfect. I would also like to thanks my photographer Mark Hamilton from Mark Hamilton Photography in Darwin and Laura Bradley – model for the fantastic photo shoot. The photos are what makes this website. Also Donna and Ashley for being brave and enduring their first ever modelling experience and Darwin Waterfront for allowing us to photograph in such a great location.

Slappa’s Thongs were also very proud and happy to announce new locations where Slappa’s could be purchased. Slappa’s can now be found in South Australia, Victoria, Tasmania and New South Wales.

In South Australia Slappa’s Thongs are located at The People’s Markets West Lakes Shores Friday, Saturday and Sunday. In Victoria I have three people selling from markets in Echuca Moama, Bendigo, Geelong, Laverton, Docklands, Oceangrove, Torquay and Portalington. All dates of markets are posted on Facebook. Indulgence Gifts in St Helen’s, Tasmania is the newest stockist and I am very excited to say Sole Therapy, podiatrist’s at Ramsgate Beach a suburb in Sydney are stockists.

Slappa’s Thongs has also teamed up with Barefoot Fishing Safaris, The Fish Grips Australia and 2nd year sponsors to the Waratah’s Juniors Football Club.

We have also donated over 1000 pairs of thongs to the refugees at the Darwin Airport Lodge and over 500 pairs to the Filipino Australian Association of the NT to help the people affected from Typhoon Haiyan in the Philippines.

Slappa’s Thongs is a continued supporter of Cystic fibrosis SA with donations of thongs and money.

So a very successful and busy year for Slappa’s Thongs in 2013 and with lot’s of new things on the drawing board we are certainly look forward to 2014.

Thankyou everyone who has supported Slappa’s Thongs. It is great to meet lot’s of new people at the markets and see familiar faces who keep coming back with their friends and family to buy Slappa’s.

Special thanks to my lovely friend Jeannie from Natural Wonders Darwin and her family for looking after Slappa’s Thongs for 2 weeks while we were away in December. You are amazing!

A very Happy, Happy New Year and may 2014 be a wonderful, prosperous year for us all.











Slappa’s were born at Mindil Beach Darwin, a place where locals and tourists get together to eat, shop and be entertained.

It really is the soul of the Territory, multi-cultural, relaxed, friendly and fun.

From the moment the sun goes down over the Timor Sea like one huge fireball, Mindil Beach comes alive with colour, sounds and the most delicious smells.

Mindil Beach is a comfortable walk from Darwin City Centre, providing of course you have the right footwear. In Darwin we wear thongs. They suit our warm, often humid, always casual life style. Darwin work boots we call them.

But wearing thongs all day can get hard on the feet. That’s why Slappa’s came about. They’re no ordinary thong. They’re from Darwin. Slappa’s are smart because they’re comfortable. So comfortable you won’t want to take them off.

That’s because unlike other thongs, they have built in arch support that cradles and cares for your feet. And you know that you’ve gotta look after your feet.

Slappa’s are also smart because they are made of recycled foam which not only makes them extremely comfortable, but environmentally friendly too.

They come in a range of colours that suit our colourful lifestyle.

There you have it! Slappa’s. A genuine product of Darwin’s lifestyle.

So do your feet a favour a slap on a pair of Slappa’s today. Your feet will thank you and they’ll look good too.
Of course you can find them for sale on Thursday nights at Mindil Beach markets between April and October. But if that’s not convenient, you can also…

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