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Berry Springs Tavern’s Dress Code: Thongs

After long delays with getting the final building permit,  the new tavern at Berry Springs has finally opened. “It has been a Berry long wait for a beer!” quoted the NT News.

Berry Springs is about a 40-45 minute drive from Darwin if you go via Finn Road or about an hour if you take the Stuart Highway. We opted for Finn Road as our friends had never driven that way before so a bit of a scenic drive and something new for them.

There is not much out at Berry Springs, it’s just a little town which you pass through to get to Litchfield Park, Dundee Beach, Bynoe Harbour and Mandorah. The Territory Wildlife Park is the main attraction which is definitely worth spending the day at. A couple of tourist parks which Tumbling Waters is very popular with tourists and locals, a few service shops, the school and now the Pub.

So with no markets to go to now on Sunday at Mindil Beach, our friends took us on a Sunday drive to check it out.

The verandah was full of people, families and a few motor bike enthusiasts. We walked inside and it was the same, the place was packed. Good thing we booked a table as everyone must have had the same idea or have been thirsty for a very long time.

The line up was about four deep but the service was good so you didn’t have to wait long and the beer was nice and cold when it arrived.

But while we waited for our husbands to get the drinks my friend and I both spotted the same thing. This place was thong city. Everyone was wearing thongs, mainly black, except a few guys who must know comfort and how to look after their feet. They had lime green and blue/green Slappa’s Thongs on.

We had a bit of a wait for lunch but that is understandable as the tavern had just opened a few days again so we can’t be too hard on them. Worth the wait the food was delicious and the table service polite, friendly, constantly giving us updates on when our food would be ready and keeping the place tidy.

With our bellies full and a pleasant day had by all it was off back to the big smoke and back to reality.

It was great to see good old traditions are still allowed in little country pubs. If you want to fit in with the locals wear your thongs, preferably Slappa’s Thongs of course!

I recommend that you get out to Berry Springs Tavern yourself and check it out. I’d love to hear your thoughts ( and your Slappa count!)