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5 high heel survival tips: Lessons from Ladies Day at Fannie Bay Racecourse

Ladies, I design Slappa’s Thongs to be comfortable and fashionable but there are some times and places where we need to sacrifice comfort for glamour.

On the dance floor at the Ladies Day event in Darwin, I’m sure I caught a few expressions from other women which I read as saying, I wish it were fashionable to swap the high heels for some comfortable thongs or orthotic friendly shoes!

Sadly, I think traditions like these will change very slowly, so in the meantime I have five tips to help you get the most enjoyment and least pain from your stiletto ordeals.

  1. Line your heels with second skin to avoid blisters – it works a treat
  2. Take a neurophen or panadol 30 mins before you go, this will help numb the pain in your feet and repeat about 2-3 hours later possibly before you can feel your feet burning.
  3. Don’t drink too much champagne, this step is very hard for some
  4. Pack your thongs and hide them under the table until the end of the day
  5. If you can’t do any of these steps sit down all day.

Thankfully, one tradition does survive in my beloved Darwin. At the end of the races when the band fires up, it is now appropriate for kicking off those heels and dancing with bare feet.

Everybody did that, bar one; me.

I followed step number 4 and packed my Slappa’s Thongs for the last leg of the day. Joy!

“you’ll never want to take them off!”