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Fast becoming known for producing great music and bands, Darwin has come a long way since Yothu Yindi released ‘Treaty” in 1991 and it just keeps getting better and better.

Triple J’s Home and Hosed, Dom highlighted some of the amazing and talented musicians in the Northern Territory, dedicating an hour of his show to bring the wide variety on offer.

One of the bands GREEN STONE GARDEN are a relatively new Indie Rock band formed in 2011 have been symbolic in the Darwin music scene. The band was a Triple J Unearthed spotlight artist in May 2013 which their song ‘The Island’ gained airplay around the nation and also reached a top ten position in the AMRAP charts.

The band also won the rock category of the ‘2013 Northern Territory Song of the Year Award’ ‘The Island’ and was a finalist this year for two of their new tracks, Steam and ‘Just a Spark’.

When home in Darwin, Green Stone Garden are always happy to perform free at the Mindil Beach Sunset Market.

Green Stone Garden have supported the likes of Boy and Bear, Cat Empire and Gomez and are now embarking on their second interstate tour.

A Darwin band definitely worth seeing if they tour your state.


Mangoes are a delicious exotic fruit which remind us of summer and perhaps holidaying on a tropical island.

Their flesh is a rich yellow and orange similar to Darwin’s memorable sunsets and the skin often has a red tinge.

Mangoes are a great comfort food as they smell great and their flesh is soft and silky.

A big part of farming in Darwin, and it is great to hear the mango season is on its way. Predictions are for a successful season as conditions have been perfect this year with a lot of fruit almost ready to pick.

Darwin’s mangoes mature earlier than other parts of Australia and the main two varieties are KP’s (Kensington Pride or Bowen) and B74 (Calypso).

Each year we stock up on a few trays of mangoes which we cut the cheeks off and freeze. Nothing is wasted with the seeds also wrapped individually in glad wrap as the kids love sucking the flesh off like it’s an ice block. This way we have the luxury of mangoes all year round.

It is tradition that every year the annual Sydney Markets at Flemington auction off the first tray of 20 mangoes to raise money for charities. This year Moustapha Obeid won the bid purchasing the first tray for $26,000 or $1,300 per mango donating the money to Save our Sons.

A versatile fruit which can be used in cooking, drinks, cosmetic and medical products. Mangoes can be eaten green usually grating the flesh and using in a salad or green mango chutney is the perfect accompliment with Indian. When ripe it is great to eat fresh, with prawns and avocado or on cheese cake or pavlova. Mangoes are also common in cosmetics as they are full of anti oxidants, commonly used in body creams and hair products. Medically mangoes aid in prevention of prostate cancer and lower cholesterol due to high mounts of pectin. Rich in potassium and magnesium so are great for lowering blood pressure and the enzymes add digestion.

It is great to relax outside near the pool with frozen Mango Daiquiris, always a favourite here in Darwin; our blenders get a great work out through the Wet season.

In Darwin we are extremely lucky as the fruit is readily available as many friends’ have trees in their gardens.

So look out for Darwin’s delicious tropical mangoes from your local markets, fruit grocer or supermarket you must try them they are heaven.